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  1. Is this topic still live? I am at the beginning of a Villa save and want to try to emulate the Mourinho method to stay up and build the team into a contender. I would love to read more!
  2. I'm looking to start a Championship save with OPR and wonder if there are any players with Premier League potential who would be willing to sign with the club. Championship managers: please post your top 5 recommendations for the first season.
  3. Wonderkid lists are no different than the press reports any manger can see in the sports pages in real life. Wonderkids don't always pan out.
  4. Someone from the QA team please respond. Is no one else having this problem?
  5. Once the main screen comes up my mouse starts drifting down and to the right. It does that on different screens. I have verified the cash and reinstalled but the problem persists. Today, My Steam settings call for automatic updates. July 15, is the first day this has happened. I didn't install any graphics or workshop items since the last update. Why is this happening now?
  6. That's a great question. What the blindside doesn't take into account is hearing. A teammate in the blindside would call out, if possible. Great avatar, by the way!
  7. What are you doing? I've pre-purchased the game on Steam before the beta on Steam every year since 2009. It's three weeks before release and you've cancelled our bonus already? So I need to pay full price AND pay for my mobile version? It seems you are disrespecting some of your most loyal customers. Very disappointed in SI's policy this year. I think I'll wait for the Christmas sale.
  8. I'm also interested in this topic. The information provided is very specific, with mentality and formation preferences. For example, would a 4-1-4-1 tactics coach help my team learn that formation? Would an attacking tactics coach with high closing down be more likely to get my forwards counter pressing?
  9. Thanks. Higher D-line moves the defense closer to midfield, but not the midfield closer to attackers. This is useful info.
  10. I was sure some of you tactical gurus would have an answer to this quesiton.
  11. I understand that a fluid of very fluid system will decrease the distance between the lines. Would coupling a fluid system with a higher than usual for the team shape increase the compactness, or would it simply make the team as a whole play higher up the pitch? For example, if I set my team shape to Standard in a very fluid system would my team be more compact, or simply more likely to close down well ( with the more closing down instruction)? I want as little space between the lines as possible. Will a higher or much higher d-line make that happen?
  12. OMG, this is just what I need. THANKS!
  13. Can't answer your question, but I'd like to try MLS. Does anyone know a good thread the outlines how to manager there?
  14. Problem solved. I did a search of the hard drive and deleted everything labeled sports interactive. After another reinstall everything was fine.
  15. Facepack/Workshop items disappeared after a crash. My PC hung up while I was checking my workshop items so I had to restart. When I went back into FM16 all of the player faces and uniforms I installed were unseen. I checked my workshop downloads and they all were gone. I reloaded the skin. That didn't work. I moved, then reinstalled all the graphics folder (with all its facepacks, etc.). That didn't work. I uninstalled/reinstalled the game. That didn't work. I uninstalled/reinstalled again - this time I deleted the Sports Interactive folder in My Documents folder, to no avail. I reinstalled a workshop file and that works, but none of my old subscriptions are there. And I just discovered the my FM in-game editor isn't available. I think I need to do a complete reinstall of the game program. How do I do it?
  16. Wow. I have to ask: why would having WMs set to the team mentailty (au) be pointless? Changing the mentality with a click only means I have to click to change the mentailty when what I want is the position to match the team. Why the extra click, if it's not necessary to achieve my tactical goal? Bringing anything else into the conversation could be considered "pointless". The temperature seems to be unnecessarily high in this exchange.
  17. That's logical, but I bet anticipation is more important in-game.
  18. I have a similar problem. I'm hoping the new patch will help.
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