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  1. Can the desired effect be achieved using a libero in a back 3? That might be the exact opposite of the HB, but maybe he'll stay a little deeper in possession.
  2. Anybody have ideas for budget options? I'd like to employ a shadow striker teamed with a TM(S) in a 4-4-1-1 DM formation in a counter attacking system.
  3. If you could have anyone to play in the shadow striker role, who would your top 5 choices be? Who would you buy if you had to do it on a budget? What prospects would you try to buy who could grow into excellent shadow strikers?
  4. Is this topic still live? I am at the beginning of a Villa save and want to try to emulate the Mourinho method to stay up and build the team into a contender. I would love to read more!
  5. I'm looking to start a Championship save with OPR and wonder if there are any players with Premier League potential who would be willing to sign with the club. Championship managers: please post your top 5 recommendations for the first season.
  6. Wonderkid lists are no different than the press reports any manger can see in the sports pages in real life. Wonderkids don't always pan out.
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