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  1. When i played with Bilbao last year, i did everything. Because no matter how much they talk about advanced AI, i always end up doing things myself. Can't trust a machine. Basically, take two or three hours at the beginning of the season and go through every single player you have. All teams included. And grade them. Move them between teams. Make a teams with 22-25 players. If they're looking good, give them 3 year contract. If they're great with potential, give them 4 year contract. If they're useful, 2. Just drop the rest. There is a lot of deadwood and you'll almost for sure get better players in intake than you have in C team.
  2. Because in FM they're much stronger than in RL. With few lucky results and Juventus slips, you could practically win the league in first season. After that, Inter's domination begins...
  3. You know you can reject their bids?? Yes, they'll throw tantrums, maybe disrupt your team morale a bit. But as soon as transfer windows closes and you win two or three games, they'll come to you as nothing happened and declare themselves pleased to be at Old Trafford...
  4. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Wolfsburg is a good shout.
  5. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    Marseille. They've got rich history and squad rebuilding is required. It's gonna be funnier to play
  6. FM16: What Team Should I Be?

    If you don't mind taking a trip to Serbia... Cukaricki is a team you're looking for.
  7. Started again with Leeds, which will arguably be my last FM17 save. And first season went quite well... Got promoted to Prem, behind Newcastle. Was on top for quite a while but bad form hit us nearing final few games. Still, delighted with work done so far. Taylor went to Watford in january, 5 mill upfront, rest over 12 months. Hernandez annoyed me with his non-stop complaining so he had to go. Love Dallas so much, from last year FM, when he was a fantastic for me. But sadly, i don't play with wingers and he went on loan to Cardiff. Gonna try to offload him when transfer window open in summer. Tarin and Palencia got in for rotation and Martinez was decent replacement for CT. In preparation for return to PL, we signed Bartley for 2m, Michael Santos, striker from Malaga, as i wasn't pleased with Antonsson and Roofe. Last, but not least important, we've brought Jordan Ayew from Swansey, 2.4 mill. Pontuss Jansson is coming too, of course. And still got 5m in transfer kitty. Our job is not yet done. Still looking for backup GK for Silvestri, perhaps better wingbacks, quality CD, good box2box midfielder and maybe another striker, if i can sell Anton/Roofe to someone. Surely not gonna hit all those targets since we have such little money available but i'm gonna get what i can. Player of the season?? Can't believe i'm saying this... Bloody Souleymane Doukara. Played great as a supporting striker and when he hit a dry run in the last few games, we started to struggle. Don't like him IRL, always sold him in previous Leeds saves. But after great season like this, i've decided to keep him. To see what he can do in Premier League.
  8. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    Create a save with any league you want to play in. When is game created, go to Add/remove leagues, untick league you want to play and the date that is shown there is that reset date you want.
  9. Sure mate, post it. I might also start with Leeds tonight, plan on trying infamous chinese strikerless so i would like to see how you lined team up.
  10. FM17: Arsenal

    C'mon guys, again with this... What you do when you don't want to sell a player?? Set some ridiculous price. And that's what AI does. What do you think, if you want any player, that clubs are obligated to sell them to you?!
  11. Own goal, i guess...
  12. Nice squad you got there mate. Don't like Cahill, but otherwise, top notch. How are you doing so far?
  13. FM17 - Huddersfield Town

    Started my unemployed save couple of weeks ago. My career began at Dover, whom i managed for nearly 2 years. Won promotion to L2 in first season, was cruising towards second promotion in two years then i noticed that Huddersfield was without manager, rock bottom in CH, 6 games before season end. Applied for job as a joke, didn't actually think they would call me for interview. And they did. Then the job offer came. Of course, it was one i could not say no to. Managed to keep them in Championship after a series of good results, 4 wins in last 5 games. Now, my first full season in charge, we're on the way to PL. Got in a few nice new players and we currently sit at no.1 place in league. But the true hero of our campaign so far is Nahki Wells. Bloody brilliant player. Had a bad start of the season, but when he got used to the partnership with James Wilson, goals just keeps coming.
  14. FM17: Arsenal

    If i'm not wrong, when you take over Arsenal, game automatically transfer Wenger to DoF position.
  15. Struggling to find a long term save

    If you don't mind stepping down few steps, FC United of Manchester was a fun save for me last year.