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  1. In my player search section the scout recommendation has disappeared. I can't even find it in the customize current view? It's still there when I go into my shortlist. Anyone have any idea how to get it back? Thanks.
  2. I'm managing Arsenal in season 3 currently and mostly everything is fine. I'm happy with my tactic 90% of the time. The only thing I struggle to understand is that sometimes a ball will be played down the channel in the space the full back has left open, the centre back on that side will move across to start closing down which is exactly what you'd want but then the other centre back comes rushing over too leaving complete space in the middle which the player moving onto the ball will pass it into for a clear one on one. The entire situation would be fine if the other centre back just stayed put. We'd still be liable to concede if their attackers simply outplayed our defenders but I'd live with that, it's the brainless 2 centre backs closing down 1 player out wide that's insane to me. I play attacking with more urgent closing down which I assume is what's causing it but I still would have thought both centre backs wouldn't rush one player out wide. Would setting individual player instruction for the centre backs to close down less have the desired effect or will my teams urgent closing down still cause them both the abandon the middle?
  3. Rather than sell Lacca liked I planned I ended up selling Auba to Real. I would have liked to keep him but it was his dream to go there and 100 million for a 31 year old seemed tough to refuse. I've replaced him with Icardi for 85 million.
  4. That's pretty much exactly the same for me (I have a Center Midfielder-Attack role instead). Ozil has been great there, Maitland Niles a very decent fill in for a couple positions, he's first back up in both the Box to Box and Center Midfielder-Attack roles and even third choice right back. Willock has filled in for both roles in European and Cup games and shown promise, I'll certainly keep him long term as he's home grown though I'm not sure he'll ever be more than a squad player. Nketiah has been the best of the youth for me. Welbeck got a bad injury early in my first season so had to bring him up and he scored freely in the Europa which led to chances in the League and he did well there too. I'd often play a Lacca on the right, Auba on the left with Eddie up top. Nearly finished season 2 now and it's been much the same from him, he's even just scored late on in Anfield for a 1 nil win. I'm possibly gonna look to sell Lacca in the summer. He's played for me mostly on the left, he's still got plenty of games up front and a few on the right. He's done well but considering he's basically my left winger and I prefer Auba and Eddie up front I'd like to get a more natural left sided player.
  5. I started a game with the date set to late December (via Brazil) as I like to take over an under performing club in one of the big leagues. Having now completed the first season no newgens have come through in any of the big five leagues and as I remember most of them don't appear till February so I'm unsure how starting in December of 2018 is infringing on this. Thanks
  6. Brilliant, thanks. I was trying to figure out what I'd seen last on the huge threads like an idiot.
  7. Is there an option of jump to the first unread posts on threads? I swear there used to be before the site got a new look. Thanks
  8. Is it possible to remove brexit without having access to the editor? Thanks.
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