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  1. Well, when I find 5 star potential with good stats - I just sign it if possible budget - wise. I usually sell 90 % of those, as they just do not develop, but still I get to have plenty of 140 - 170 PA regens in my team. Not using genie scout, PA stats are just my assessment.
  2. Thriller ended, silverware is home! And sorry for misinformation, it has not been 30 years yet.
  3. Well, I always wonder in a situations like this, and usually unless it is not really a journeyman save I stick to my former club.
  4. This seems more like there has been some telenovela cheating affair on the pitch rather than a friendly match...
  5. Well, yes. It has And just before semifinals club owner announced that he is selling the club to consortium. So now we are in middle of ownership transfer. Which makes me wonder that if I win if I should not continue further, as maybe there will be even more money and just make my team best club in Europe's history. Until now I was only developing wonderkids and rarely buying some star player. Star players did not want to join anyways.
  6. Well, not really a question - more of a joy sharing , After 30+ seasons with one team from Czech league I managed to get to the CL final and I am just... pretty excited. Have to wait until the evening when I will have time to play the match. Thinking of playing it on 90 minutes with 3d match. End of report. Just wanted to let other people know that if you find the right tactic, it is possible to get from 0 to hero. Hopefully.
  7. Speaking of numbers - When I have 5 star PA regen, I give him some exotic number from 50+ range, like 66, 81 or so, so he stands out for me.
  8. I remember buying young Giorgio Chielini - not sure if we was wonderkid though. Aaaand Marco Verratti.
  9. Back to the OP: I experienced this once. Losing 1:0 on half time, LW tired and low rating, so I subbed him. I found out later that accidentally I subbed him for my CB with high heading and aerial reach attribute. Somehow he managed to make a run into the box and there he jumped higher than anybody... guess what? I won 2:1 on full time. Both goals scored by headers of my CB on left wing. I did not try to do that again, but it is possible.
  10. I just realised that I usually pick one team at the start of the game, play with it until I find god formation and tactic. It varies from year to year. And after that I just buy players to accomodate this system on and on forever. If I start another save with different team, I just try to use the old but gold tactic that worked on previous team, because IT WORKED BEFORE.
  11. Eh, some kind of resolution thing? maybe compare resolution setting between old and new PC?
  12. Less important matches 2d. CL and important matches in 3D to have more realistic feeling.
  13. good practice fr steam achievements is to have steam in online mode. Also for me it sometimes did not count achievements when I left FM open and put PC to sleep mode and/or disconnected wifi. Also I don't know whether there has not been a thread about invincible achievement being broken somewhere? Anyways, I would try load older save - ideally before last match of the season and sim it until you win - this with steam in online mode. If it counts as achivement fulfilled just close the game
  14. Yes, as far as I know the target carries over to next 5 league games.
  15. Yes, I would make a backup of save file if it mattered to me
  16. Nevertheless, if you did go to the Qatar alone... I would be pissed of also
  17. Well, IRL you still would go and tell them that sorry I was drunk as hell, all of you will go to Qatar, pack your things and tomorrow is the flight but... you would look a little dumb.
  18. erm, this is not really true Mine is a bit stupid - When I find a tactic successful in one match I always try to play it in all the other saves without any valid ground. Because it worked once, it must be a miracle tactic. Also I tend to sub 1 player from defense, midfield and attack in every match. Despite not being necessary and reasonable. I save my game even after only 1 minor change has been made from the last save when I quit the game, because... just because.
  19. This is basically what I was looking for. I know there is set of pretty complex calculations, but there has to be some sort of RNG which I do not understand but there is.
  20. Reply to the first post - if you do not speak mother language of the club, they usually ask me on how do I deal with language barrier at the job interview, so this is probably one of the factors based pn which does the club decide whether to hire you or not
  21. Ok but should not in that case be all the results the same on reload if ALL the prerequisites are exactly the same? shouts, everything. Only thing I can think of that there are things in the background we do not see and can change from hour to hour like really really slight morale changes or so.
  22. Ok, I understand all the things you say. But is there any kind of random number generator involved, please? Like I don't know - Player has passing 11that means with all given aspects his pass is calculated on scale from 8 to 12, and this number is random? If so, I get that every reloaded match is different. I guess there must be some degree of randomisation, right? Even if like 5 - 10 & of attrobutes range.
  23. Not really. But I guess that SI rocks so much with FM, that other companies just given up?
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