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  1. I would like to have more random events in the game. I don't know whether some of things are implemented already in the game or not but, e.g.: - player not playing because of his child being born - quite ususal situation, eventually leading into 1 %ish chance of the child appearing in the regens later? - more conflicts with unsettled players like being drunk in a bar - I know it is there now, but the occurences are too rare for me compared to reality. - Postponing the matched due to natural disasters, whole team flu pandemia, etc. - you can think of similar random events...
  2. Hello, from some time - dont know exactly, steam stopped to acknowledge my achivements. And I would like it to work. I have sold and bought a player for more than 30 000 000 EURO this transfer window, and no achievement counted. I realised it too late, so I dont have the save from before, so I probably have to wait for another trade like this. I wanted to have an achievement of 20 seasons with one club, but I am afraid, the game will not acknowledge it. I still play in online mode, even tho that I am not still online - travelling by train, etc. Do you have any suggestions? I dont want to start new save...
  3. Well, Every start of a season I get about 35 in my A team, then I relaize that it is gonna end bad, so I send like 6 - 8 players on loan, and it still ends bad because of lack of rotation, I am giving myself promises that the next year will be different... but it never was.
  4. Somebody correct me if I am worng, but: pot 1 - 8 teams that are currently the highest ranked by the european coefficient, therefore Bayern in 1st pot is ok I think. Coefficient is calculated from the results of last 5 years of their appearance in CL. Playing on Tuesdaz/Wednesday is determined by the group letter at least in my game: e.g. groups A-D are on Tuesday, E-H are played the next day. Therefore all english clubs can play on one eveing even.
  5. Scouting, searching for new players. Scouting and scouting. And after that buying excessive amount of players, which I will not play, who will disrupt my team harmony. After that thinking about why I did that. And doing it again next year.
  6. I do not have su much time to replay the game if it craches until I get satisfying (similar as before crash) result. I usually tend to simulate the result until it is the same as before crash.
  7. And I am not sure, I think if they are OOC, anybody can offer them contract without the option to negotiate price from your side.
  8. sign them. in that case if anybody buys them will pay you money
  9. Just beaten Juventus in EL Semis final 5-1. maybe there is no need for big names after all...
  10. Smiley indicated that I understood that week and a year are different measures. Anyway, thanks for the advice.
  11. 500k a year would not be a problem So as I thought, no gamebreaker yet, just loads of scouting. And free players are usually 32 + old, and I like young players more Thanks folks
  12. Eh, sometimes average players go to China, why not Czechia? Money would be the same, even more exotic than China.
  13. Hello, I have struggled with this many times. My czech league side was just overtaken and invested in transfer budget. Team rep is national - 3,5 stars. Last 4 seasons I played in CL group stage, once in EL play off. Still no decent player over 10 M does not want to join. And I mean I would like to buy someone better than anything in my team = 25 M for czech team is a load of money, right? So I want to spend it. e.g I searched for players with few attributes like 15 passing, technique, determination, flair, pace. Still finds me like 2 players which are mediocre in other attributes. Any help on attracting better players? Or is it just reputation thing? I guess I will buy out u19 national teams and grow my own stars...
  14. My favourite is to give the player the bonus clause if playing for national team. Somehow getting to manage the national team and nominate the player. Boom! There goes 1 million...
  15. John Fleck definitely. Silviu Lung Jr. And of all - Romelu Lukaku
  16. This year I felt the same way. Starting the season over and over and over, because I did not want to abandon my team. Starting journeyman save as unemployed. Tried all kinds of tactics. Always getting just average results. No thrill from first Euro league start with underdog teams, etc. I always started my reputation to lowest to have it more realistic. maybe this was the problem I stopped playing it. Tried playing FM 12, 14. No fun. Stopped playing it. After this I started playing Pro Evo on Xbox to see football from different perspective. After few days I told to myself that maybe I am not so good manager and should just give up. I gave it last shot. Set my reputation and coaching badges to automatic adjusted to my team rep. Read somewhere on the forum, that gegenpress tactic just works. Tried it. Now I am in my second season of that save and enjoying it as hell. Gegenpress with little tweaks works as a charm, even with 10 game unbeaten runs without many alterations. I was never into micormanagement, and thought that this might be the fault. But second season of overachieving proves that maybe I was just using wrong tactic? I dont know. Still it seems to me, that it needed to step away a little and look at a game from a different angle again. Hopefully my save will not get wrong But I feel you man
  17. Isn´t stays offside a PPM that Inzaghi had???
  18. Well, won´t this have any further effects? Like erm... longer injury recovery times?
  19. So... I started a journeyman save a week ago (if thats what you call it). Unemployed, with few nations from central europe loaded until the lowest tier, no coaching badges, minimal player experiences, to have it more realistic. This is my first time, but it is really interesting like this. I have a few questions tho. I guess I can speak of LLM when average attributes are around 8 - 10 per best attribute? If so, I guess at this level it does not really matter about player instructions fit to the player attributes, rather than overall tactic? Of course I will paly CB as CB, but if I take that passing attribute of 11 states the probability that the player performs his pass about 55 percent of the time correctly, the lower the attribute, the lower is the chance. Therefore tried to just set the countering tactic with long passing, and it somehow works out well. Ok, I was fired twice, but in my opinion I did pretty well in those teams - Once I got fired because I was relegated only by score, there were 4 teams being relegated, and I have risen from the last position to the 12th, Now I have taken the team over at the start of the season, set my tactic, and it seems to be more of a tactic thing, rather than micormanaging all the players instructions. Is this the right opinion? When I started the full season, the results are pretty good for me, I am at the 8th place - was being predicted for relegation from the last place.
  20. So I was kicked out of my team, and suddenly got a job in Partizan Belgrade - Serbian league. Wow. How am I supposed to remember the names of the players when every name ends with -vic ? I even have two players named Nemanja Miletic. One is LB and one is RB. I guess I start giving them nicnames.
  21. heh I am on the opposite this year - too unsuccessful. No moaning, unluckily I was not able to find any sustained tactic for FM 19 until now.
  22. Managing both national and league team - offering a bonus to player with International appearances Nominated the player to the national and playing him to raise his value. Instant wage rise triggered
  23. Today I subbed in (by mistake) my CB as a LW - he scored two goals - one with header. We won 2 - 1.
  24. So it does not occur in the full game? I have it ordered, but could not wait for the game to arrive, so I downloaded demo, and this apppened to me also
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