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  1. So I was kicked out of my team, and suddenly got a job in Partizan Belgrade - Serbian league. Wow. How am I supposed to remember the names of the players when every name ends with -vic ? I even have two players named Nemanja Miletic. One is LB and one is RB. I guess I start giving them nicnames.
  2. heh I am on the opposite this year - too unsuccessful. No moaning, unluckily I was not able to find any sustained tactic for FM 19 until now.
  3. Managing both national and league team - offering a bonus to player with International appearances Nominated the player to the national and playing him to raise his value. Instant wage rise triggered
  4. Today I subbed in (by mistake) my CB as a LW - he scored two goals - one with header. We won 2 - 1.
  5. So it does not occur in the full game? I have it ordered, but could not wait for the game to arrive, so I downloaded demo, and this apppened to me also
  6. Hi, I stillt think he is the same player
  7. I know about star rating system. And everyting you have written makes sense. As a Liverpool I should count on that it will not be so easy to atracct top players. However I feel that my former question was not answered. Does more nations/players mean more top flight newgens? Or is a number of Wordl class players and wonderkids somehow limited?
  8. Hello, I have taken liverpool, and I think I am unable to find good regens for cheap prices - I have some 3 - 4 stars, but nothing bombastic. Transfer budget about 50 mil is not gonna help me in this case, as all the clubs ask at least 80 mil per wonderkid. Would it be better if I added like 17 - 20 nations to full simulation? Would there be more wonderkids?
  9. I had the same feeling with FM 2018 After that I managed to create one tacic which wins most of the games. Now I enjoy the game. Maybe it is really about trying.
  10. Hello, managing Leverkusen in FM 2018 - year about 2028 or so. Finally I got to the stage where I am able to enter Champions league, but finance screen still warns me about Failing FFP- I have sold few unwanted players. After two or three weeks I got the bundesliga price money, which helped me, but after few weeks I again got into the red numbers. However - last day before FFP closing management donated 25 M EUR to avoid relegation due to FFP. Is this the usual way this happens? Is there any way for me actively to dodge FFP relegation? Last season I was not allowed to enter EURO league maybe due to FFP, but management did not donate anything.
  11. It indeed is cool! I have it like 6 years - it is pretty worn out but still... cool
  12. What abour RL Mousa and Moussas Dembeles? However I would nickname them Devlin 1,2 up to Devlin 5. According to who is my favourite Devlin.
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