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  1. For me this edition is 9/10. I need to say that this is the first edition where I did not switch to 2d classic match after few games. I have played two seasons and still enjoying it. ME looks acceptable this year for me, which is a huge step forward. Also thanks for the revamp of player interactions, team talks and press conferences. Yes, the options and principle is still the same, but with the changed layout it feels more realistic and I don§t feel the urge to skip conferences. All of this leads to almost real feeling when going to actual match. I was a bit confused with dugout view dur
  2. Hello, got my FM 20 from epic games, and very often when I wake my PC from sleep, FM window is just closed. NO crash dump, nothing. I was looking in system event log, and no trace or evidence of any fail. I am running windows 10. Can you please help me if this has been reported or so? Thanks
  3. Yes, I know this has been here many times. I have just figured out a way on how to imagine this in game. I somehow noticed that there is Oceania Natios Cup so I clicked to watch and went to watch Oceania vs. Fiji match. There was some coverage in media ofc. And I imagined that I just spent my money on the trip to Fiji. Seems pretty immersive to me
  4. Eh, tough question. 1. Cutrone - no cheating for me. 2. - maybe not a cheat if you consider that this is realistic for you. However I wouldn't do it. because for me like 90 % of unsettled players tend to go back to nromal after some time, so I would just let it fade away.
  5. Maybe it would be interesting to create some "mod" with players from 2010 and all regens for next 10 years already predefined, so you get realistic newgens. Like 15 years old Mbappe etc? Coming in to youth system when appropriate. And PA will be fixed let's say when they reach 18 years?
  6. Well, when I find 5 star potential with good stats - I just sign it if possible budget - wise. I usually sell 90 % of those, as they just do not develop, but still I get to have plenty of 140 - 170 PA regens in my team. Not using genie scout, PA stats are just my assessment.
  7. Thriller ended, silverware is home! And sorry for misinformation, it has not been 30 years yet.
  8. Well, I always wonder in a situations like this, and usually unless it is not really a journeyman save I stick to my former club.
  9. This seems more like there has been some telenovela cheating affair on the pitch rather than a friendly match...
  10. Well, yes. It has And just before semifinals club owner announced that he is selling the club to consortium. So now we are in middle of ownership transfer. Which makes me wonder that if I win if I should not continue further, as maybe there will be even more money and just make my team best club in Europe's history. Until now I was only developing wonderkids and rarely buying some star player. Star players did not want to join anyways.
  11. Well, not really a question - more of a joy sharing , After 30+ seasons with one team from Czech league I managed to get to the CL final and I am just... pretty excited. Have to wait until the evening when I will have time to play the match. Thinking of playing it on 90 minutes with 3d match. End of report. Just wanted to let other people know that if you find the right tactic, it is possible to get from 0 to hero. Hopefully.
  12. Speaking of numbers - When I have 5 star PA regen, I give him some exotic number from 50+ range, like 66, 81 or so, so he stands out for me.
  13. I remember buying young Giorgio Chielini - not sure if we was wonderkid though. Aaaand Marco Verratti.
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