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  1. IMO until 2018 each version brought some major improvement, so it was worth buying. 2018 did not seem to me as such a huge step forward so I waited for 19. And until SI does not announce something really interesting this year I think I will pass on this year also, everything is just a minor update for me yet. So to speak - I don't think that odd versions are better or worse, just the quality of improvements is not so big for me over the time.
  2. Well I managed Man City, Juventus, Bayern, Dortmund, even if for just a short amount of time - everytime it was after some time in game when they were reallly mediocre, so not a big club for few years anymore. I never managed Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico, Real Madrid, Barcelona. I just do not like spanish league.
  3. Well, I guess maybe IRL you would be able to that like once in a lifetime or twice, after that the pissed of manager spreads the word and that will be a game stopper for you.
  4. I played FM too many hours. That sums it up I think. Usually I look at the reviews of some other games and they are like 90 + hours of gameplay, outstanding! And I always take this as too short.
  5. This has happened to me a few times, however I would like to welcome e.g. options to protest the referee at all, to see the referee suspended for wrong calls, even to be able to protest some other decisions like 7 minutes of added time or so.
  6. Money well spent It's like: Hello, what a nice club you have here... I think I have enough of football now, bye.
  7. Well I never thought it is possible, but this season There was CL quarter finals against weaker team, their manager was mocking me, I won the first match 2-1. And the press mocking continued before 2nd match and I won tha one 6-2 - I guess that such a big win in CL can be consequence of this.
  8. I already posted it somewhere but once I accidentally subbed my CB as left winger. I was down 1 goal. He scored two screamers with his head obviously, his heading was better than anyone else's on the pitch... what a coincidence
  9. I am thinking of masking all the attributes next save just as somebody here posted - to mask every attribute even of my own players. Unmask only physical attributes as those can be assessed by some tests on treadmills etc, but no manager can look at the plazer and say that he has a 12 passing ability. This will make me watch whole matches to asses players based on how they play instead of the attributes.
  10. Too many Gr*ic guys in my team... Thinking of some alphabetical collection maybe from Graic to Grzic?
  11. I do use it after I play unimportant match with whole different starting 11 and am lazy to click. It sets up some positions correctly, and I do some edits afterwards.
  12. Even tho it is a first time I do not see a reason why a player would not be injured on holiday. I think that holiday is not obligatory and some players might do e.g. jogging on holiday, step on dead rabbit and dislocate their knee or so...
  13. Well, and this just came to my mind - if there was an option of tabs, just like in browsers, or multiple screens, I would definitely think of buying the second monitor.
  14. Hello, sorry if this has already been asked, but in my current save I developed under average team to the top 20 in Europe - regular CL contender, strong academy etc. As post tile says - PSG does every year and every transfer window try to unsettle my players with ridiculous transfer offers. Like 3 - 5 players every transfer window. Mostly wonderkids. I have accepted some / negotiated really high prices over years, so now there is like 6-ish players in PSG squad developed by my team. But the pressure and urge from them to buy everything with a little spark of talent from my team gets annoying. In my save no other team does this. Do you have similar experiences? Is there anything I can do about this? Or try to get a bad relationship with their manager? Thanks
  15. more random events. Player dies. Player is off the game because of son is born.
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