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  1. same thing for me really, have a few games where they just can't score. i try to have 2 squads and swap them a lot to keep form as best as possible.
  2. can't remember the download but this is the file... FM20.4.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysSKEWWSSVOL2RDFTweak Search the google doc for 4231 and it'll show up
  3. typically i can run the same tactic most of the season. then the last 10-15 games the AI works it out so i change slightly. usually same formation, just a different roles.
  4. my wingbacks were a weakness for sure with that squad. I had good forwards and left wingers with a couple of decent center backs as well. This season I will get some good wingbacks
  5. I got the the Champions League final with Blackburn but had some incosistant games. probably my players wern't good though. using squad rotation every game. For example, i draw to Birmingham who are 18th. Beat Man City who are 2nd..
  6. thanks. realised I already asked this but thanks for the response!!! Just loaded ID 1316 and scored after 13 seconds hopefully can keep this up!
  7. just swapped to this as 4222 wasn't working for me, decent results but conceeding too many goals. First game with 442 venom beat Man City 3-0 away. (i'm 9th in Prem and City were 3rd)
  8. FM 20.3.0 TEA FOR ONE 4222 VOL2 P100 ALL CUPS This has been doing me ok so far, making a few edits from other more current tactics, i think... Just in begining of premier league season with blackburn, i took over their team and got promoted to Premier. However my team is predicted to finish last Although I shouldn't probably go attacking against a top team !
  9. Any changes to this for 20.4.1 ? Testing out some changes I've noticed from 1380 SICILIAN 442 (4222) P98 EC FA. *shrug* :))
  10. Currently want to run this tactic but a flat 3 in CM. You think anything needs adjusting? (like change some PL to sit deeper for DLP?) Edit, what is the Karlo tweak too?
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