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  1. same thing for me really, have a few games where they just can't score. i try to have 2 squads and swap them a lot to keep form as best as possible.
  2. can't remember the download but this is the file... FM20.4.0-4231KnapPar1s-ParisienneWalkwaysSKEWWSSVOL2RDFTweak Search the google doc for 4231 and it'll show up
  3. typically i can run the same tactic most of the season. then the last 10-15 games the AI works it out so i change slightly. usually same formation, just a different roles.
  4. my wingbacks were a weakness for sure with that squad. I had good forwards and left wingers with a couple of decent center backs as well. This season I will get some good wingbacks
  5. I got the the Champions League final with Blackburn but had some incosistant games. probably my players wern't good though. using squad rotation every game. For example, i draw to Birmingham who are 18th. Beat Man City who are 2nd..
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