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  1. Adding Leagues

    issue has been fixed
  2. Giviing this a go with west ham only had a few games so far but looking nice and scoring goals and on average around 65% poss
  3. i have been using this tactic in fm12 and its working fine all i changed was the rcm to attack as i like to have an extra attacking option in season 2 with Anji in Russia won the league easily first season now in second on course for a double
  4. Fonts

    when i keep both the default folder and my new font it in the fonts folder it now seems to be working have reloaded the skin 5 times in a row and it is showing, has just thrown up a new problem in that the numbers are all squashed
  5. Fonts

    just tried it again in game it didnt change this time and when i reload the game the actual message i get is did not find font resource: fonts/main menu
  6. Fonts

    the font i am trying to change to is arial narrow which is in the windows fonts file when i rename the file to HelveticaNeueOTS and then reload skin with the game loaded it does change but when i shut down the game and reload it i get a message that says can not find HelveticaNeueOTS font main menu
  7. Fonts

    i am also having problems have changed the font name to the default one and when i do this and start a new game i get a message saying can not find main menu fonts, when i then start again this time changing the names in the XML folders with the font name i get a message saying can not find font. i am trying to put in a ttf file font could that be the problem?
  8. Strangest Managerial appointment

    Gary Neville taking his first managers job at bristol city had been a coach for a year at ipswich
  9. playing in the polish first division have gone to relegation zone to 2nd and polish cup semi final was really having a bad time before your tactics undefeated in 16 now and beaten the 2 biggest teams in poland in the cup very impressed well done on your effort
  10. was looking forward to a tactics creator and so am very unhappy with what has been introduced thought it would be a lot closer to cm in terms of freedom, oh well heres hoping to next year apart from that the game is looking really good love the manager bio!
  11. in my experiance they are very good i have always got pre ordered games a day before they ship out early to make sure u get it by release date at the latest
  12. Just pre ordered mine from play.com at £29.99 get a free fm mouse with purchase!!!
  13. I Have the same problem have no idea on how to fix it
  14. Have had a similar problem played 2 full seasons fully patched up and then i got to august season 3 and 3 crash dums during games am now not playing until patch is out to fix is very annoying
  15. Great effort will enjoy trying to get uxbridge to pro status superb job