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  1. You will only need to update the real name fix if you are starting a new game on a new patch, Otherwise will be fine
  2. Not going to be very helpful but i am having the opposite experiance with my youngsters loaned out showing rapid growth!
  3. Does that mean the AI becomes OP if using gegenpress? May increase difficulty at least, or maybe not
  4. Click on the season and it will show all stats from all comps played in your currant save, The one thing that irks me is showing B team stats on that screen
  5. Can confirm have had rhis in my Brentford save, December played Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Last 3 games of my season will be Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea, lucky am not in a relegation scrap at the mo
  6. I have only played 2 games so far, Playing as Brentford sitting 4th, Have beat Arsenal 2-0 away and QPR 1-0 at home, Had just come off 2 straight defeats before update One thing I have noticed is that my wingers and full backs are getting their crosses in rather than hitting against player, and also more nice short passing than before
  7. Did you not offer a full pro contract when signing him, this would have him locked in until pro contract is then signed and stops losing him through frees
  8. As a general rule I just ignore the stars, It's all about the attributes as far as I am concerned as well as consistency and how professional they are
  9. I would say based on either players currant ability rating which of course is hidden to us but not to ai
  10. Can't say I have the same problem, Strikers scoring for fun in fact the whole team are smashing in the goals 97 league goals after 33 games in championship so far
  11. Hoping a bug, its only small thing but just enjoy replays sloqed, is my only real gripe with game, the more I play am enjoying it more
  12. Am I being blind? Can not for the life of me find option to slow down replay speed, Used to be in the match option on preferences
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