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  1. Takeover, Thought it may of been more comical lol
  2. 10 minutes? What got to him? did they not have his favorite coffee!
  3. I have had a bit of a play with Brentford in this version, Initially when I saw the B team had no fixtures was concerned that I would have players that would just stagnate. To my surprise through playing friendlies and some first team games here and there the progression rate was still pretty good, Completed 4 seasons with them.
  4. Doesn't it also depend on rhe players personalitys that you are bringing in? To many diffrent ones can't be good
  5. What can ypu do? Tempting to use in game editor to remove such things
  6. I have all leagues added but not on full detail Am finding the same with managers losing their jobs, I am only 4 seasons in though, Actually find it quite refreshing compared to previous fm's
  7. Man, I would never spend that on any player, Still far to easy to get excellent youth at pretty decent prices, As to answer the question the most I have spent on one player in 21, 44 million on Dwight McNeil 3 seasons in. On 20 it was 63 million on Ansu Fati again 3 seasons in with Ajax
  8. You will only need to update the real name fix if you are starting a new game on a new patch, Otherwise will be fine
  9. Not going to be very helpful but i am having the opposite experiance with my youngsters loaned out showing rapid growth!
  10. Does that mean the AI becomes OP if using gegenpress? May increase difficulty at least, or maybe not
  11. Click on the season and it will show all stats from all comps played in your currant save, The one thing that irks me is showing B team stats on that screen
  12. Can confirm have had rhis in my Brentford save, December played Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Last 3 games of my season will be Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea, lucky am not in a relegation scrap at the mo
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