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  1. Am lucky if I can get any cm to hit 10 in all comps, unless of course they are taking free kicks and pens
  2. Have done this myself plenty of times, dont understand why we have to have reserve and b teams history on player history
  3. I did this a few months back and worked fine, still playing the stadia file through steam to this day, Am not sure if would work still now though as I believe a save may now be split into separate files, give it a go. Hope it works for you
  4. That would be the ingame editor, for full editing you would need the pre game editor, not sure if that came with pass version as never even looked for it when first had fm on game pass
  5. What exactly are you trying to do?
  6. Keep away from FM on stadia, is a currant bug ongoing since start of year where your save game will break at some point due to a save bug, look on stadia specific forum is well documented there
  7. That particular save springs to mind because around 3 seasons in I had a decent yth intake, it was 5 years later when the CL ws won so around 8 seasons, 4 members of that yth intake were first team regulars, have not had a comparable intake in any version since
  8. Won the CL with Rangers back in fm12 If I remember correctly, Why not start off in third tier of scottish leagues, also had a very fun Queens Park save also on FM12 . As for sticking Celtic in England, each to his own but for me would just be to unrealistic
  9. Seeing as I play a 442 wouldn't touch either of them, As I understand it players coming through your youth intake will be based around Hoyd preferred formation, My Hoyd must always have 442 as preferred formation
  10. My laptop would blow up long before any such limit!
  11. All we can do is wait and see if a fix appears, if 21 is to come to Stadia I am pretty sure this problem will not exist
  12. My steam version is keeping me going for now, just seems incredibly slow compared to stadia with not even half the amount of leagues loaded
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