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  1. As a QPR fan would never dream of managing Chelski, However this version do not think i would be able to help myself, As a player that likes to develop youths is a perfect choice
  2. In my experience you can be surprised by players whose stats on first look do not look that great, They may have hidden attributes that help them excel, or just fit into your system perfectly.
  3. Exactly the same position as you guys! My days of 6 hour plus sessions are over! May get around 3 hours a week in total, so am finding it can take up to 2 months to get through a season. The funny thing is theses long breaks between saves make the game more enjoyable in a weird way and plus get plenty of time to think over decisions in between!!
  4. Thanks Mons, A very comprehensive reply, Never thought about loading all players as thought it would give major slowdown. I had an idea that maybe the view only leagues may of repopulated their squads with players left in database over time. Quite happy with the outcome as you have explained though.
  5. Have set up a new game at the start of the week, all europe leagues playable, and then the rest on view only. As i have not had a minute to even continue from the setup due to work commitments and not likely to for a while! Am wondering do the view only leagues engage in transfer activity and squad building? as at the start are minimal if any players in their squads
  6. Giviing this a go with west ham only had a few games so far but looking nice and scoring goals and on average around 65% poss
  7. How about a history screen similar to the club history screen for the manager so you can see in one easy screen what you have won / finished runners up in etc after playing 20+ seasons you kinda forget what you have achieved and is a bit tiresome going through the long winded achievements Also showing sub appearences in brackets in the player history so you can see straight off games started / came on as sub
  8. Have made slight adjustments but then conceded so just went with kimz instructions 4 clean sheets in a row
  9. Ac milan played 22 wins 18 4 draws scored 46 conceded 17 very impressed so far just waiting for the ai to cotton on and leave me frustrated again!!!
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