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  1. Unless they get an update, because if they have 15 revisions, then take them out until revision 10, to say something. And make a playable ME, because now there is nowhere to catch it. You tell the defenders short passes and they only give long passes, too many shots on goal, the defenders allow too many scoring chances ... an update to continue with our games. Thank you!
  2. It would be good if they said, what they are going to do, if they are going to get an update of the ME or not, and if they are not going to take it out until the game is over, they say so and we can dedicate our time to other things .
  3. and all this 7 days after the official exit of the game, and we do not have an update of the ME, or are very sure to fix it internally or it will arrive on day 19 they release the game with their updated ME and see if the bugs are corrected .... I think they are risking too much.
  4. The defenses must be stronger, they cannot grant as many scoring chances. This is one of the main problems that the ME has, which generate too many scoring chances. And another big problem is the AI, the teams have to try to counter the tactics of the rival much more.
  5. SI, this makes no sense. We are giving feedback from an ME from 10 days ago. I really do not understand.
  6. Yes, it is an option. But if I set the default speed the long game is made, I move a notch alone, but it becomes very fast, a medium term would be perfect.
  7. I dont think it takes a pkm. It happens in every game, from minute 0 to minute 90. The rhythm is very fast, frenetic. It looks like a tennis match!
  8. The ME needs a much more leisurely style of play, the rhythm is frenetic.
  9. I understand you. I also have the game stopped until there is an update of the ME!
  10. Too many long passes, too many shots to goal, too much allowance of defenders.
  11. The idea that the style of play is varied is good. But this is the worst ME in years. We need an important update in the ME, because it is totally unplayable
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