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  1. In ME, Defenders go deep into their own box, leading to many shots on goal from outside the box. Defenders don't push hard. The team led by the CPU does not change tactics to try to overcome the game. And if you do it's too late
  2. It would be nice if at the end of the video I put ..... Available now
  3. The game is too easy. It is not normal for a coach to take a second division team and make it European champion. Solution? .. Set difficulty level. 1) The usual difficulty and 2) Real Level that would be what happens in real life.
  4. I have tried different drivers for my card, I have also tried with low resolution, I have tried in window mode and my computer is still freezing. The problem resides in the last update of the game not in our drivers, because I have spent 3 hours playing Splinter Cell and I had no problem. Thank you
  5. I don't have any patch installed and it happens to me with games started and with new games. It seems strange to me, because before I was doing perfectly and now I am not.
  6. Since updating to 20.4 I have not played an entire game ... I play a game in 3D and after a while my computer freezes ... and I have to restart. I have the latest drivers, and I have tried different games, I have reinstalled it and nothing keeps doing the same to me. It doesn't give me any error messages, it just freezes and I have to restart. I have AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB Do you know anything about it? Thank you
  7. The fault is ours for buying the game in advance, and I include myself! Never more.
  8. so .... you who sincerely recommend me? .... to start a new game or wait for a new update. Is that having to wait for March for an update ..... Thanks....
  9. No more beta updates?....So we have no way of knowing if the ME improved or not!!
  10. Is that the problem of the ME is that it is governed mainly by the statistics and not by the attributes and preparation that you did ...... Start the game, the ME says .... your team at most will score two goals, then you arrive 30 times even if they are 1 vs 1, then your team will fail 28 times ....
  11. On December 20, Neil opened a post sayingMatch Engine Info and Holiday PlansAlmost a month ago, and we still don't have an update of the ME. They will say until they have no bugs they will not do the update, yes, like all the previous updates, without bugs! Painful. Last time I bought the game ahead of time.
  12. we have to wait until February to have an update of the ME, this is embarrassing!
  13. Unless they get an update, because if they have 15 revisions, then take them out until revision 10, to say something. And make a playable ME, because now there is nowhere to catch it. You tell the defenders short passes and they only give long passes, too many shots on goal, the defenders allow too many scoring chances ... an update to continue with our games. Thank you!
  14. It would be good if they said, what they are going to do, if they are going to get an update of the ME or not, and if they are not going to take it out until the game is over, they say so and we can dedicate our time to other things .
  15. SI, this makes no sense. We are giving feedback from an ME from 10 days ago. I really do not understand.
  16. I understand you. I also have the game stopped until there is an update of the ME!
  17. The idea that the style of play is varied is good. But this is the worst ME in years. We need an important update in the ME, because it is totally unplayable
  18. Well, I think you could take advantage of updating the ME with this hotfix, and have the latest version of the ME, because it needs some important tweaks.
  19. Can you tell me where is the guide that refers to this, please?
  20. What needs to be done to put the attributes in colored boxes?. Thank you
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