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  1. Still playing as Montpellier, still a mid table team which is the best I can hope for but a takeover may take place soon so hoping for some big money to buy some good players. I will post at the end of my current season
  2. I have to laugh at the screen when I see some of my defenders mistakes that lead to goals
  3. Have you tried updating your drivers, I use AVG and have no probs as it does it for me
  4. I like windows 10 and let AVG update my drivers so had no problems at all
  5. How do you find all this info out, would certainly help me in the French League
  6. Did you give him a contract as assistant manager or just move him to that postion
  7. Birmingham city - no money and average squad, I got them promoted first season thanks to some shroud loan signings after christmas
  8. Hi everyone, so glad I found this thread. My story started with managing the club I support Birmingham City and after getting them up first season, we only survived 2 seasons before relegation and after being thumped 5-0 at home to Huddersfield, I resigned feeling I had done all I could and waited for a job offer. Out of nowhere Montpellier contacted me for a interview and low and behold I was managing in the French League(never managed there before), well it was hard work for my first half season but we managed to finish 15th with the club in debt,no money for transfers etc but during the pre-season my DOF made some good loan signings, I promoted some very promising youngsters and we are having a good season so far(highlight was a 1-1 draw with PSG). The debt has come down even thou the board keep going on about it, we have some money for shroud signings but my highlight was getting Gary Cahill on a free for wages of £11,000 per week. The downsides was being knocked out of both cups early on but we did reach 5th at one stage. Its mid season now and I am sure we can reach the top 10 or better. I will post the entire season once this season has finished as I enjoying the ups and down at my club.
  9. Was some of the debt cleared when they were sold recently
  10. I took Birmingham up in my first season and decided to sign players from European leagues who were 3-4 stars for 2-4 million from average teams (meaning not the top teams in their leagues), I also kept my better core players that were there already and so far we are 9th half way though the season.
  11. My director of football is great, the one and only Steve Coppell
  12. I employ a director of football and let him sign my players and I only pick players based on their form from their last 5 games regardless of who they are.
  13. Hi all, just dropped in to say anyone playing as Birmingham city, you can get promoted in the first season, I did via the play-offs and now sit 8th in the prem. Good luck to all you bluenoses
  14. I manage Birmingham and got them promoted to the prem 1st season via the play=offs
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