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  1. Hey Knap, where are the lastest BEOWULF tactics ? are they set up to download as a pack ? or all individual ? if so can you link them for me please ? thanks for your awesome work
  2. I was wondering if someone could help me, i dont know how this happened but my scouting got messed up and now i got thousands of random players offered to come play for my team, does anyone know if the scouting can be reset to default ? i tried the reset tab on that page but nothing happens, i got so many free players offering to sign for and its really taking a long time to get through them all. thanks in advance
  3. Knap where is the SUS tactic please ? i cant seem to find it, thanks
  4. link doesnt work for me, would you mind uploading it to mediafire please ? thanks in advance
  5. tried both modes but usually windowed, standard size resolution, if i used full screen i used 1920x1080 and no zoom in game on tv setting thanks
  6. i took everything i added out, even took out tactics i downloaded, everything is default, i even deleted the game and reinstalled it and still same, getting the staging error
  7. this is unreal that no one can find a fix for this, we pay good money for these games and every year it seems something is always wrong, i see ample people on here with same issue yet nothing is ever done about it. i think this will be my last purchase of the football manager series as i just dont see the point of spending hard earned money for this to keep happening. if someone could please work on finding out whats causing the problem Id appreciate it. thank you
  8. i restarted my pc and for some odd reason its worked now thanks alot for your help
  9. https://gyazo.com/627eb0e27459f57c2d84e08c9f0533ad here is the scouting page https://gyazo.com/aa77093b08e7ad8cd9d04a6486d38da3 the xml https://gyazo.com/702e7b1912c2de847628af9003101674 the interface screen thanks
  10. yeah i did switch to dark base skin and i replaced the lines then i rebooted pc and started the game, still white.
  11. i must be doing something completely wrong, i pasted that exact like you wrote but its still showing up white, i reloaded fm also still same.
  12. hello mate, would it be possible for someone to add this to the fm18 dark skin xml for me i tried a bunch of times but keeps messing up. thanks
  13. is there a way to change the white background on the scouting ? the white is so bright it hurts my eyes. thanks in advance
  14. sure thing, neil i appreciate you keep coming back to this thread and updating me on this. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.18 07.54.21).dmp
  15. ok investigating a bit more, it just crashed again 29 june 18 i was picking a team for season game in the tactics screen and it gave me a application error https://gyazo.com/4b937c3f722c4861972cc00c479b42bc
  16. yep avast premier, i disabled it and tried it and it still crashed the exact same. very odd, i never had a issue before the last issue
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