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  1. So I have always (FM08 to FM19) used the key "F4" to read my inbox. And if I hold F4 down all the unread message change from unread to read message. If I now in FM 20 hold down F4 it just go to the first unread message, and wont fast read rest of the inbox. So if I have 10 unread message I need to tap F4 10 times now. Is this a bug, or have they change the shortcuts?
  2. How can I get splittscreen like inn fm 17? When I play I can see the match in 2d on right side and matchstats on left side?
  3. I cant save my tactic and shortlist... What do I do wrong? When I save my shortlist, and try to import it in a other save, I cant find it.
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