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  1. League table | League stats | Season review Fantastic first season in Dorchester! At the beginning of the season we were struggeling to find a style of play and the best starting XI, actually losing all of the friendlies, but little after little we picked up the pace and never looked back. The controlled 4-2-3-1 tactic, with high possession and a lot of very pretty football, paid of with a playoff giving 3. place after 42 matches. We smashed Brackley 2x2-0 in the semis and went into the playoff finals with a team full of confidence. A flying start gave us a quick lead of 2-1 after 36 minutes, but even though they pressed on and we went down to 10 men after 52', we still managed to control the match and run out as winners! Some notable stats were that we managed to get Matt Busby second on the topscorer list, but more important to me, was the fact that we managed to get most clean sheets with Harvey Rivers - which absolutely was one of the biggest factors of us going up. In the 2017/2018 season I'll be trying to set up a 4-4-1-1, with focus on killing time and frustrating the opponent, with us lurking to pick up our chances. We'll see how that goes. Season League Position FA cup FA Trophy League cup Europe Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Vanarama South 3rd 4th Qf Rd 3rd Rd N/A N/A Promotion via playoff
  2. I'm giving this a go. Manager Profile Personal Info
  3. After I reinstalled my Windows 7 platform, it seems to work.. Don't know what caused the problem in the first place, but thought I should let you know. Thanks for the support. Hope I never get a reason to come back here again
  4. FM - Game Crash If you tick off "last modified" it's number 6 from the top - uploaded 18-02-2014 19:49:55
  5. I actually looked for it and couldn't find it. Should be there now though, - same name
  6. No, not sure at all. This is all new to me. You can't find it? Or did I make a mistake? Should I try uploading it again?
  7. Hi. I really hope you can help me with this problem. My game gets crashdumps - when i get to 27-08-2027 and then press continue the game crashes. I've tried removing the graphics, deleting the preferences, verifying the cache and then changing the rendering - no luck I've uploaded the crashdump file and the save game. The crashdump - fm2014 v14.2.2.457794 (2014.02.18 17.07.34).dmp Save game - Eastleigh (v02).fm Hope this is enough for you to localise the error. - Druck
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