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  1. Wow, I never actually thought about that and how composure might be better in certain situations. Always learn something new from you Cleon!
  2. Just finished the 2019/20 season and lost the chance to win three titles on the bounce on the final day to Arsenal, we needed them to drop points and for us to win. They drew 0-0 with Leicester but we lost 1-0 to Southampton at Old Trafford, who had one shot on target coming from Adnan Janujaz of all people ...I'm half tempted to buy him back and stick him in the U23's for the rest of his career for this
  3. Fantastic write-up, probably the best I've ever seen for a club thread. Had a United save running but kind of ruined it with silly transfers and have been looking for a new save, was thinking about doing one of the Milan clubs but you've convinced me to go with Dortmund.
  4. Wrapped up the second season, came in to the final day of the season behind Spurs and needed them to slip up while we beat Chelsea in order to win the league. Went 2-0 up pretty fast against them with Mahrez and Rashford scoring, thought we had it in the bag with Leicester holding Spurs 0-0 and then in the final five minutes we blew it as Chelsea came back 2-2 and missed out on winning the league by one point. Better than last season when we finished fifth but extremely annoyed that we just threw the league away at the end like that.
  5. Yeah that was why I couldn't get him in the first season, he signed a new contract and they stuck a higher release fee clause on him. How did he preform for you? Chelsea just offered 76m for Camacho (Bought him for 28.5m the season before), I think I'll go for it.
  6. How much have you guys paid to get Griezmann? He has a 124m release clause on my save and Atletico won't budge on it, I'm tempted as Zlatan is retiring soon and has dropped off considerably this season (Got 23 goals/11 assists in his first season, now he has 2 goals and 0 assists in the 2nd season)
  7. I'm finishing up my first season and Zlatan has been great for me with 21 goals and a bunch of assists - the highlight being scoring a hat trick against Man City at Old Trafford. He didn't do much in the first half of the season as he was constantly injured but after Christmas he got to play more and has been sensational for me, have extended his contract for one more season. This season has been so frustrating, we're currently fifth heading into May and we've not a hope of catching Spurs for 4th as they're six points ahead of me and they look unstoppable. We're one of the highest scorers in the league but we also concede so much that it's costing us so many points. Bought Koulbaily in the summer and he hasn't been good whatsoever and seems to be kicking him up a fuss, seems likely I'll be letting him go along with a host of players.
  8. Just wanted to comment and say your three threads have been nothing but amazing mate, absolutely fantastic reads and I love your posting style.
  9. Great game, really entertaining. Sevilla did really well to come back to come back after being 4-1 down when it looked like it was going to be more goals from Barcelona, some shambolic defending in that match
  10. For Right-Back, I bought John Stones in my 1st season and I've just completed my sixth season and he's been pretty great, cost me 23 Million but he's been one of my best players at the club, fantastic penalty taker too.
  11. Jones for 17-20 Million is a steal and very much worth, he's a great player on FM and turns into one of the best CB's in the game, along with his high determintion/influence he makes a great potential captain too.
  12. In my first season, I terminated Falcao's loan and used it to give James Wilson more game time, he turns out to be a beast of a striker
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