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  1. Thank God for that. Thought my GPU was on the fritz lol
  2. Is the second image in the OP from the game itself?
  3. Enjoying the game so far albeit only been playing just shy of an hour. Training looks incredibly complex this year. Might take a while to get used to that.
  4. That's strange. Wouldn't let me pay with Debit card
  5. Balls. I take it the site does not accept debit cards. Won't let me pay with visa debit
  6. Sorry but do you get access to the BETA via Voidu?
  7. Thanks Neil. Already updated my graphics drivers to the latest version. What's strange though is it never occurred really until a few weeks ago when a new update for Windows came out
  8. Hi. I'm on latest version of FM and have latest AMD drivers installed. On exit from FM, I get an FM has stopped working message in RH. Nothing comes up in a dialog box on exit and gameplay etc is fine but in RH near enough everyone on exit I get the FM has stopped working error and it says ntl.dll is the fault module Anybody else getting this?
  9. Nah I don't think so. He would have had the same issue that Southgate had. No midfield.
  10. VAR is going to be responsible for 90 minutes added time soon.
  11. Trippier has been class since he set foot in the Prem. The Bury Beckham!
  12. Must be a long time since you've had sex to cry happy tears
  13. Feel really sorry for Sterling. He's been chastised by people who think you have to score a goal to have a good/great game. (Not this forum by the way just generally) I've never liked Ali to be honest always thought he is/was too slow and one dimensional but it's obvious he has been carrying an injury most of the tournament. Did well Vs Sweden and deserved his goal.
  14. That RMSalih guy is a notorious Britain hater.
  15. Yeah. I remember the days of yore after a **** up on a Saturday night, heading into an IKEA during normal business hours causing mayhem and scaring front line staff.
  16. You've just answered your own statement Obviously other people give a ****. So the insinuation people shouldn't or won't is incorrect.
  17. Quite a lot were watching in communal gatherings, pubs, open air events etc.
  18. If Raheem Sterling shot Tupac, he'd be 47 today.
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