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  1. Dear all, Can you please share your experience on hosting the online game? what would be the requirement for the host to play FM smoothly? My laptop is on medium specs, Win 7, 8GB ram, and using Fibre broadband 1Gbps. while my friend is on Mac, 4 GB, with internet connection 8Mbps. Ideally i would be the host, but with the advantage of having higher specs and fast connection, would it be better if my friend create a game as Host? thanks!
  2. Guys, i noticed that most of Italy's team are using 3-5-2 as a base tactic? it is pretty solid tactic and hard to defeat.. what formation can counter this 3-5-2 effectively? Thks.
  3. Hi Everyone, Not sure whether this topic has been asked before, but i couldn't find it elsewhere. Can anyone advise me, If i manage a team that has transfer budget £20m, and i'm decided not to use it for this season. Will my transfer budget next season would be 20m + new transfer budget(let's say £20m), so total i'll receive £40m? or actually my board will see that i have plenty money to spent then he won't throw in new transfer budget? If this is really the case, then might as well spend it every money give during that season? How actually the transfer budget calculated ? Thanks for the a
  4. Hi Marcelo, How do you set the opp instructions for this tweaked tactic? won few games without conceding, and suddenly defeated by Chelsea 4-2 and swansea 4-1, all the goals made were like my def just stand still there and do nothing to prevent the opponent to scores Thanks.
  5. oo, i see.. does it mean that the BWM(s) plays an important role from what you mentioned above? since he will sit in the middle, break the attack and try to get the ball asap, then start the attack? i have a lot of DLP(s) in that position, can i use this role to replace BWM ? The 2 IFs are play narrower in this tactic, my idea of playing the IF is more on the touchline side, a skillful pacey type of IF, more dribble, and eventually cut inside. What PI shld i apply to play like that? and will it fit to this type of tactic? Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks for explaining T.H.O.G, - but sorry, but i don't understand with 'medium block with aggressive forward pressing' and 'two wide forwards get forward and hang on the shoulder of the opposition fullbacks'.. - and i also confused what's the impact of play narrower.. does it mean the AML & AMR will not use the wide area side to play the ball and move a bit to the center? - i want to make use of my AML/AMR as a goal scorer as well. shld i change the IF(s) to IF(a)? and what would be the best PI for it? Thanks!
  7. i've been playing FM series few years back, and usually what i did was just get plug-and-play tactic or creating a basic tactic, without adding any PI or TI because i dont understand how they really works. Well in FM14 i really tried my best to explore more about the team instructions and player instructions, and how they used in the tactic. Few days ago i got 1 tactic from other forum and try how it works.. my team was able to finish at the 4th position (prediction is around 14-18) and play a really attractive football. i really like how it works but honestly i'm quite confused when i read
  8. JDownie, just wondering you used 'much higher def line' in TI. wouldn't it make your team up work very high in the pitch and vulnerable to counter-attack or with high pace opposition? in addition your DL is FB(A) which means it will goes even higher and leave a lot of space behind? how many goals hav you conceded in 1 season? mind to share your defender TIs as well? Thks!
  9. i saw that using WB(S) will make my player position is quite high in the field.. and it makes vulnerable to counter-attack. using FB(S) is more stable? but they have less-attacking mind? do you mind to share your tactic? Hi bababooey, can you help take a look on my tactic above? my ST isn't really productive.. i'm quite dissapointed with my tactic currently. can you advise on how to improve it? thks
  10. so which one better to reduce the 'hassle opp' effects? change to balanced/Rigid + "Be More Disciplined" or "Close Down less" on certain players?
  11. YES! i'm using the same tactic and having problem with scoring as well! I already used CF(S) role but my stiker(domenico berardi) only scores 12 in 1 season I even tried TQ and F9 but no improvement. below is my current tactic. Team Instructions : Shorter passing, pass into space, work ball into box, exploit the flanks, Hassle opponents, Higher Tempo. ANY suggestions please... perhaps i need to change my TIs ?
  12. Hi Cleon, I really want to learn how to changing my tactic based on learning the analysis tab. checking the half-time performance, tweak it and eventually full-time, learn the mistake. I give it a try so many times but i always get lost on how should i react correctly on some situation. e.g. shot and scoring chances-what shld i check and how to improve it, interceptions-what shld i conclude from what i see, movement-how to maximize it, etc, and so on. Do you have a guide on how to read the analysis performance in more details? and what can be done to fix the situation? or perhaps any refe
  13. i think that's why my team plays kinda boring game. they will just sit and wait until opportunity opens up. i have many games ended with not really attractive game and had scrappy win 1-0.. 'greater burden on my front 3 to actually get the ball into attacking position' - does it mean if my front 3 skills are not good enough (e.g. decent dribbling/technique/etc) it will be very difficult to penetrate? OK, so i have 2 options now : 1. fast-paced attacking style - change the mentality to attacking, should i remove 'shorter passing' and change it to 'more direct passing' and 'run at defence'
  14. so the option is either 1. change my FB(S) to WB(A) ? but i'm afraid it will be vulnerable to opp attack.. the reason i used FB is because they will tend to keep lurking around his area without moving forward (CMIIW) Or 2. remove 'exploit the flanks' TI. but how to tell my team to focus the attack on my two IFs ? Thks.
  15. OMG.. T.H.O.G u r truly genius. mind blowing! btw, this is how i setup my tactic currently. ----------------GK(D)---------------- ------------------------------------- FB(S)------CD(D)------CD(D)----FB(A) ------------------------------------- -----------------A(D)---------------- ----------DLP(S)------AP(A)---------- ------------------------------------- IF(A)---------------------------IF(S) ------------------------------------- -----------------CF(S)--------------- 4-1-2-2-1 Counter/Balance No specific player instructions. My direction of playing is attack from both flanks, wi
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