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  1. Thanks a lot for your magnificent and monumental work! It's unfair to complain for some imperfections. There will be surely less in your next update. In the meantime I'd like to know if and how if it's possible to modify your files, for my personal use. Thanks again.
  2. Marco

    Age profile of FM players

    About 64 (December 1950). I enjoy it since long and more and more. Good for little grey brain cells after a cetain age. Good for retired people who have more time to dedicate.
  3. Marco

    FMHi2011 / the Japan disaster

    I’m glad and proud to be part of a Community where there’s also space for this kind of gesture. Since tragic events are always followed with emotion and participation in the first few weeks but, after some weeks, they are, little by little, forgotten or maybe sadly replaced by other events, I would like to propose to add another future gesture by our Community. I just think that the cost of FM12, next edition of our game, might be increased by a certain sum (let’s say: from 50p to £ 1) and this extra should go to a Japanese disaster relief fund. Of course I might expect that S.I. and Sega would complement the risen sum, considering their commercial benefits from this gesture. A poll might be promoted on this Forum in order to know what people here think about it. In my opinion, if there will be more than 80% “Yes”, this thing might be done and playing FM12 would have an extra meaning. Thanks for your attention.
  4. Marco

    [Release] Madeira Leagues and National Team...

    That’s very interesting. Congratulations! I have a couple of questions. When you create a new nation that is part of an existing real nation, how do you select the players that were born in that area? That seems quite hard since you should check all players who were born in Portugal – in this case – sorting out the ones who were born in a Madera town. Is this your method? Then, how do you change the flag, assuming that you create these new nations starting from an existing one? Thanks a lot.
  5. Thanks for feedbacks. My point was only that if someone wins EPL with a less strong team the first season, I tend to give more credit to the effectiveness of the tactic that has been used. On the other side, if someone wins with a top team, I start thinking that tactic has been less important.
  6. My suggestion is to use some “predefined” teams (or kind of teams) when someone wants to propose his tested tactic in this forum. I always noticed that a large part of the tactics proposed here is tested while playing with big teams. Sometimes their financial power is also used to buy some of the “usual ones” in order to make them even stronger. Everyone obviously plays the game as he likes and with the team he likes but my assumption is that, if I win La Liga with Barcelona (just for example), I cannot reasonably argue that it depends on a great tactic that I have found. I mean that, if you have good players, they might be good enough to do great things with most of the tactics and if results don’t come, it probably depends on other factors. What I suggest is to find a team where the effectiveness of a tactic is more evident. I’m thinking – just for instance - about a team that plays in one of the big leagues and is expected to finish around mid table. Just for example, I’d rather choose Bolton than Chelsea in the Premiership or Real Sociedad instead of Real Madrid in la Liga or Udinese instead of Inter in Serie A. Of course it’s easily arguable that a tactic that allows a team to be promoted from League 2 to League 1 isn't necessarily ithe right one to win Champions League with a very strong team. Anyway, my personal opinion is that proposing a winning tactic playing with a team that already has in itself enough quality to win is less useful to the ones who want to share their experiences, compare them and receive feedbacks and also to the ones who want to learn something new.
  7. I've been admiring your tactics since FM09. They seemed to me realistic, simple, useful and intelligent. Now I can only encourage you to go on with your theories. In some way, it’s normal that SI examines the best tactics in order to find “antidotes” for the most successful ones but it would be silly to create advantages to AI teams, ‘though I have to admit that it just seem to be the case: the opposing club simply finds easier to do things that are more difficult to human players, without considering personal and team skills. This moment of lack of good tactics has stimulated me to develop one of mine. It’s mostly based on 4-2-3-1 asym, but, contrary to your theory, I am experimenting short passing. It seems to work nicely but not extraordinarily. It’s wise that you’ll not propose a new tactic before it’s more reliable. If you want, I can send you my tactic privately. I’m also available to help you testing your new one while it’s in progress, if you might find it useful. Season greetings.
  8. I just wanted to see if it was working with a “smaller” club in a less important league. I took FC Haka in Finnish Premiership. One of the best in the league but not the best one. Not enough money or appeal to attract new players. It means that I almost played the original team. I won quite easily (more than 10 points rto the second one, mostly because of defense. It probably cannot turn a relegation candidate into a champion but it can allow the forth/fifth into a successful one. Being Portuguese, you might see if Braga, for instance, might win L Sagres instead of one of the “Big 3”. Anyway it can surely work in most cases, even if you can’t get the right players in any position. It looks good to see and very realistic. Surely not a “Diablo”: it just makes the strikers do what they do in real life. Maybe this “ultra defensive strikers” genial intuition might work also with other tactics. I think it’s surely the last great tactic for FM09 and maybe the first one for FM10. Congratulations and thanks a lot.
  9. Marco

    A tool I wish someone could create...

    It might be "enough" if the content of a database could be exported into another program (let's say Excel) and reimported again after doing all desired changes. I'm not expert at all but I imagine that it might not be impossible to extract data but it would be much more difficult to do the opposite. It's should be an option of the official editor in order to avoid problems but there might be commercial problems rather than technical ones. It would be interesting for many reasons: main one is the one you said. For instance, I was going to prepare an Austrian update for the new season but I'd need to do all the job again when there will be final updates, at the beginning of september. In this sense, the problem is that most of seasonal updates cannot be as much accurate for every nation as they are for the updater nation.
  10. It seems good and I'll surely give it a try. I'm always intrigued by the "no stikers" theory. One problem is to offload all strikers since it's never easy to sell them at a right price and then you risk to be without strikers in case you'd need to change your tactic in the future. Maybe this is the reason why you started with a new club, in order to build it according to your needs: CD Cova da Piedade should IRL be in a lower league (3rd div, I think). So you had to swap it into Liga Vitalis and you surely had to boost the club in order to attract some free Brazilians and other ones. It's not to criticize (just the opposite) and everyone plays the game the way he likes better. It's just to better define your experiment. I'm personally quite doubtful when someone says he has found a great tactic, just testing it with one of those big teams that might probably win anyway anyhow. In this sense, I find very interesting your idea of testing with CDCP. Which skin is that one? Thanks
  11. Thanks. Your answer finally makes everything clear.
  12. Isn't there any Turkish friend who could easily answer this? I have the same doubt. Thanks
  13. I was not talking about assigning numbers to each player as it's usually done at the beginning of the season. Sorry if I was not clear. If you play with national team (or any team in friendlies), numbers are usually given from right to left (except fullbacks) and from defense to attack. They appear in the same order on "tactics/players - position". Since it was possible to change this in previous FMs, it would be nice to be allowed to do it IN FM09 as well. At least, if there's a way, I couldn't find it....
  14. This things might be different in different countries. Holding midfielder - for instance - is number 5 in Brazil. Anyway, it seems there's no answer to my question...
  15. Of course you are right: thanks. But it was more "friendly" before, as you surely remember.