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    Hi all, I'm a late 20's Sales Advisor been playing FM and CM (still refer to it as Champ Man after all these years) since mid-late 90's. My games preferences are taking under achieving/mid table mediocrity sides up the league(s) to the title, but I seem to quickly bore of keep sides at the top (I'm no Fergie). I enjoy LLM as well. My 1st career update can be found in the careers update thread, I hope you enjoy. I've actually had a couple different user-names on this forum, but lost them due to lack of time to upkeep, but aiming to stick around and be part of the community this time (nice to meet you all)

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    Any sports bar handball - Main sports would be Football, Cricket, Cycling & Rugby

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  1. Cheers, have to sit tight then, every month they tell me the finances are ok, but predicted to get much worse!
  2. Hi, I've started a LLM touch game with Bit. Sernache and I've only ever been able to offer non-contracts to any and all players, resulting in most saying they don't want to sign because they would only move from where they were for proper contract. The club is semi pro. Does anyone know if there is a way to offer some "real" contracts? All the existing players @ the club are on "real" part time contracts - if I let some of these go, does that free up space to offer some other players? I do have spare wage budget, after getting rid of a few already, but still I cant offer anything other than a non-contract. I've already had to bump up some contracts of the non contract players due to other clubs approaching them, I'd like to get them ties down so I could at least sell the decent ones to make some money. Anyone with similar experiences of this would be great to hear from. Cheers
  3. Start @ Eastleigh..... Do not pass go?......

    a solid start to the season in august fixtures table My last game at Boreham Wodd i used philosophies more akin to those that i've used a bigger clubs, so maybe I wasn't giving the players the credit they deserved, lets see how September plays out
  4. Start @ Eastleigh..... Do not pass go?......

    ok start to the season - at leasts there is improvement game on game. I'm tweaking the tactis to try and give the guys a bit more flexibility, I went into the season thinking a rigid structure would work best as they aren't talented players, but the rigity isn't working, so I'm experimenting with giving them more fluidity and ability to express themselves, lets see how the rest of august and September goes....
  5. Start @ Eastleigh..... Do not pass go?......

    right, the staff are sorted and so is my first team, i didn't get my first choice CB as i've *****ed all my budget (and some). So the financial situation looks a little bleak - I've not many players to sell, but the captain Glen Southern is one I've identified can go and would reduce the wage bill by £900 bringing me closer to the limit - he's not happy about it though. Pre season results haven't been great, no wins yet, but I've two teams up who are lower than Eastleigh in the pyramid, so hopefully a morale boosting win. I'll update once the season is underway.....
  6. Hi all, Been a while since i posted a career update, so long in fact it seems that the forum has been updated and my old threads are not visible, anyhoo, after a few months playing around with the game I've gone for starting a save in the town I work in - Eastleigh, I drive past the ground on my way to work, but I've never been in so i know nothing of the players, but seems as good a place as any to start a save from. I've started as a Sunday league manager, but promotion is expected Sunday League is my only experience and here is my squad - no U21 or U18 players. I'm a creature of habit and my first task is always to asses the coaching staff, so I'm off to check them out - generally my assistant is a Peter Taylor to my Brian Clough (kids, ask your dads) - essentially I go for an assistant who has an eye for a good player and don't worry too much about his other stats, I do the tactics and the man management, whilst he assess the quality of the players. This is my first LLM for a while, I've been on my Southampton & Ajax saves recently so it'll be good to get back to a lower level and see if I've still got "it" + also experience more difficulty and pressure, top levels saves have gotten too easy, I'm looking forward to some hard graft. Ideally i want to get back to a top level - i've got England, Italy, France, Germany & Spain leagues - top to bottom - all loaded and every other league top to bottom is loaded as view only. I'll try to post as regular as I can (the wife is away at the moment so the next couple of weeks will be fairly regular!) - it's going to be easy to see how my double K (Kevin Keegan - again kids ask your parents) tactics work at lower levels, they have worked well higher up, but will I need to be more sophisticated lower down the leagues? My tactical philosophy is a mixture of Clough and Keegan - I try to always play my best 11 and see what formation fits around those 11 men and I believe in the you score 3, we score 4 mentality. I Like quick football, on the ground and lots of pressing - I believe pressing will work well in the lower leagues - surely the players at this level are easier to force into mistakes? As always your help, encouragement and suggestions are appreciated.
  7. My 1st career updates thread

    Hi, I apologise for the lack of recent updates, what with one thing and another (moving house) i've only been able to get on FM for short periods (maybe I'm the person they are thinking of foe this FMC thing?) so no time to update. So here is a condensed view Here is the fixtures from the 2nd half of last season, and here is the final table - solid mid table I'm happy with that. Only one major sale in the Summer GK Hineman off to Levante for 500k, 300k is spent on a few players, Ross Perry CB from Rangers being half of that total. Most of the recent we free or small fees - these two screenshots show my 25 this season. Here is the fixtures so far and the table. I'm perusing the same strategy of getting free or cheap players and and making a decent profit on one or two of them, I've got nearly 1 million in transfer funds - but my thinking at the moment is to save up all the money and then in a couple more seasons buy a few top quality players and really try to challenge? But I'm also getting itchy feet, this is my 4th season here, I've put my name forward for a few jobs and not been laughed at in the media, but not got the jobs either. i fancy a new challenge, but i'll persevere with Poli. Key player this season is Sahin, although a talented player he is already causing problems I've modified my tactics to better fit him in and often playing a 4-4-1-1, I'm trying to play a bit more expansive than last seasons route one football, i think it'll be another mid table season, can't see us pulling up any trees, but we have enough about us to stay up - I'll try and keep you better updated!
  8. My 1st career updates thread

    Cheers delta, we also had a surprising last minute sale of a belgian youngster who has not played a game for the first team, i picked him up at start of season on advice from scouts and 6 months later sold him for close to 500k. I'd been getting good reviews from the coaches and was planning to use him next season, but when this bid came in it was too hard to turn down, so thats nearly 2m brought in from transfers this season, so the financial outlook is a little brighter with over a million in the bank.
  9. My 1st career updates thread

    Just back from the winter break and looks like our young starlet Hamidi is on his way to Arsenal or Napoli for around £1.2m, the board stepping in and accepting the bid of many days haggling with Arsenal. He was previously our highest purchase at 16k (I missed the fact we had to pay compensation!) Good for the bank balance, not so good for the team, he's our second top goal scorer, but always seemed destined for better things after making his début at 15. I'm hoping our big Russian starts to step up his game to replace Hamidi. I'm not sure if we can hang on to the play-off places but after my recent job offers I'm feeling better about my position here, a few under performing older players I'm going to let go at the end of the season, and I think another few younger players are going to replace them. Definitely the way to go for me is to bring through more youngsters, I've been looking at Bosman players, but the wages are too high for us, we have the lowest wage budget in the division and 4th lowest average attendance, but a surprising thing for one of my teams is the joint lowest conceded total. I guess going for a Hodgson ish rigid approach is working well, especially as on the league team comparison my defence is lowest in a number of categories. So my scatter-gun youth recruitment policy (i.e. picking up unattached 15/16 year olds). Fixtures - Table
  10. My 1st career updates thread

    Another approach by Swindon, this time, who are one place above MK Dons - so I think I now have an idea of the level of jobs i could get. I think after making up my mind of MK Dons my mind is made up on this approach as well, even though Swindon was one of the first teams I saw live, but i think to stay here at Ejido is the best policy for now and hope for a bigger club to come in for me. There have been a few sackings at the larger clubs ion this division who are under performing, but thus far my name hasn't been mentioned.
  11. My 1st career updates thread

    i think you are right delta, reckon mk dons would be a step backwards, if it was a club i had more sympathy for i may have moved but situation they are in vs situation we are in reckon staying is the best option
  12. My 1st career updates thread

    Cheers DeltaBlue, we are sitting amazingly in the play-off places, although if i'm honest i've not been paying too much attenition to the table, as i cant see us staying there, teams seem to be figuring us out and i'm slightly regretting my change to less expansive play - our games are a little more boring - the other side dominates and we hit on the break with long balls - but its effective. However out of the blue I've had an approach from MK Dons - squad - table. Looks a tough ask to turn around a demoralised side, but i have been getting itchy feet, although i envisaged my next move to be a larger Spanish side. Any advice on if i should move or stay where i am? myt houghts are to sit and wait for a better op, but what do you guys think?
  13. My 1st career updates thread

    Nearly got to the end of October without a defeat A good solid start, in the league. When trying to stay up I work on a point a game (for winning the league I'm looking at 2 points per game), so we are ahead of my target so far, I think our shock factor (route one football) will help us for a while (can't be standard Spanish tactics) so we need to make the most of the 1st half of the season before we get worked out! But after this beginning I'm far more confident that I was prior to the season.
  14. My 1st career updates thread

    Thanks Deltablue, its been a decent pre-season and a pleasant start against our old friends Cartegena, who we beat twice and drew with twice last season. Not sure if there will be any movement before the window closes, I'll keep my eye out but my thinking is only to buy if i need to replace a player.
  15. [FM11]Deltablue Rising II: Delta's Darlings.

    great read, looking good again this season