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  1. So many great stories to read! I'll never keep up! Great stuff, looking forward to more, especially since I was born just outside Minneapolis, and my parents are from the Duluth/Superior area.
  2. Right click on the player, and then under scouting select a longer length of time, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc. You can either choose a scout or select scouting pool, and let the chief scout decide who does it.
  3. To add to this, if you want to be able to choose who to assign to scout next opposition, you need to make sure that you are the one responsible for setting scouting assignments on the Staff Responsibilities page, not your Chief Scout or whomever.
  4. Great comeback there to save a point!
  5. Another excellent story, sir. I'll be following along.
  6. The summer of 2017 shall henceforth and hitherto be referred to as the Summer of the Great Sparta Praha Raid. Let it be said and let it be so!
  7. Well, I'd say the dribbling make sense, since he's not as quick with his feet anymore at 33, but free kick taking I'd expect to be able to remain at high level.
  8. Looking forward to reading along with this. I usually do something similar with Ajax. One of my favorite clubs to manage.
  9. Well done sir! Although I was aware of what happened because of twitter I hadn't actually read the thread yet. Congratulations on a brilliant career both to you and to Joao!
  10. Happens to me most often with players who are bad at crossing. They're trying to cross to the far post, but it doesn't have enough curl and it goes right into the top corner on the far post. Kinda had the same thing happen with direct corners too. They're going to the near post, and the GK is poorly positioned and no one touches the ball and it goes right in.
  11. After watching Netherlands at the World Cup and reading ZonalMarking's article about them, I came up with this tactic. I haven't watched any of the highlights from the friendly, but from what I'e read it seems like he's setting Man Utd up in a similar fashion. In terms of FM, this has been my favorite tactic I've created myself. The front 3 have produced some simply breathtaking passing combinations for goals. I didn't use any PI's, just the TI's you can see in the screenshot. Based on some of RT's observations from what he watched, having Hassle Opponents has led to some easy goals from the front 3 pressing hard and causing a defensive mistake. The WB's only rarely cut inside, most of the time they provide width, and an easy outball if the center of the pitch gets congested and the play needs to be recycled. In my version, the AP/a also does a very good job of this, and has, in some instances, actually been the 2nd leading goal scorer only behind the AF. I've noticed the AF pushing high, as expected, and the CF/s drifts wider, creating triangles out wide with the DLP and RWB, while the AP pushes forward, all happening frequently, and leading to some pretty easy goals for the AP.
  12. Already made a couple changes. Found the AP/s and the RGA were basically on top of each other in the attacking third, so I moved the SS to the AMCL spot and the AMCR role is now AM/s. Theoretically, should still act as a bit of creator without being 2 steps from the Regista all the time. I switched about 20 minutes into the first friendly and after the change, the spacing from the players was much better.
  13. Alright, so I was a bit surprised when I clicked on the default 3-6-1 tactic. It wasn't the formation I was expecting, but it I can see some potential there. Here's what I'm going to start with for roles and TI's. I have the GK with "Distribute to Defenders" and the RGA with "More Direct Passes" as the only two PI's to start with. I also have a slightly different Counter and Attack variant of the formation too.
  14. Finally have some time to work on the 3-6-1. First couple friendlies have gone pretty well and I should have something to post either tonight or tomorrow.
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