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  1. Determination is the only visible stat affected by tutoring, the rest are the hidden attributes that make up the personality (Professionalism, Ambition, etc.) The difference between the two options is that first option has a chance to transfer PPM's. They both have the same affect on the personality attributes.
  2. That is simply outstanding! My favorite part is that when the AI does that to the player, it's either cheating or a bug.
  3. Just took a look at the new blog Cleon. Looks great.
  4. I kinda feel for SRL on this one. I met my wife during college in Michigan. It was understood before we started the relationship that I was moving back to Alaska after college and that being with me meant moving 3,000 miles away from her family after college. It was her choice to be with me because she knew what my plans and goals were after college.
  5. Some of the play between Coutinho and Sturridge was really impressive, though I thought Sturridge was a little selfish a couple times, but I suppose that comes with the territory when you're a confident striker.
  6. So, I know that Newcastle didn't play particularly well, but it really has to be said....Luis who?
  7. Watched Parental Guidance last night. Reasonably funny movie, laughed quite a few times.
  8. After that performance, hard to see anyone but Bayern winning the whole thing.
  9. Yeah, really hope that Suarez doesn't play the rest of the season. Completely inexcusable what he did.
  10. I was kinda rooting for Galatasaray to pull off the miracle. The back heel goal by Drogba was really impressive. I was on the phone and almost yelled out loud, which I'm sure the person on the other end would've thought extremely weird.
  11. Saw this a couple days ago and thought about trying it. Probably won't now.
  12. And closed, just when I had a smart, witty response to post
  13. Simply awesomeness! I shouldn't be, but I'm still amazed at how gullible people are...
  14. So Tom when are you uploading your ultimate comeback tactic?
  15. Two thumbs for Tom and his deliberately inflammatory thread!
  16. As funny as that is, some people have way too much time on their hands!
  17. Alright, now I gotta go read your thread and see if it's one those "better reads."
  18. Watched them against Everton over the weekend, and it was uninspiring, to say the least. Speaking of overworked and underpaid...
  19. Cleon, your tactical threads will be missed. However, it might be more entertaining to see what you actually think when you respond to idiots now!
  20. Ah, thank you very much. I figured it was something done prematch, but I couldn't find it.
  21. I realize I am probably missing something painfully obvious, but for the life of me I can't find the Specific Man Marking option on either the Player Instructions page, or the OI page prematch. For example, to achieve getting my wingers to mark opposition fullbacks, it can't be as simple as just switching them from zonal to man marking, but I don't see a specific option anywhere. What am I missing?
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