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  1. HD

    New Mod

    New mod debates seem far less controversial than they used to be in here 20 years ago.
  2. I've found on my iPad Pro that when I click back in to a finished match or a match my team wasn't involved in there is a display issue. It almost looks like it's trying to display two incompatible header menus at once. There is a continue button that doesn't do anything and some flickering in the upper left corner. I can use the back arrow to leave the screen without any problem, but it presumably shouldn't be displaying this way.
  3. It's always tricky to segue from an interesting story/setup into reporting what happens in the game without losing something in the process. This is holding up pretty well in that regard. Never easy!
  4. Bit chilly. Can't complain too much! I can also confirm that PM7 remains alive, so good news there.
  5. Hello. Pleasing to see some familiar names around here. How is everyone?
  6. Hm, on review, I probably should have posted the link to the FMS challenges in here. Apologies for that. I'll take this moment to recommend the Lord of the Rings Challenge. Because I made it up. Keep up the good challenging!
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