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  1. The only difference I have noticed is that no pop-up to change kit colours/styles appears when clicking on kits in the editor...
  2. This file creates the Greenlandic national team which replaces Kazakhstan in UEFA who have returned to their rightful home of the AFC, as well as the nations real life league system. I have edited over Kiribati to create the Greenland national team, this way regens are generated as well as the national team manager picking a squad of players for internationals, both which are otherwise lacking when overwriting an extinct nation. A logo pack, kits and stadium pack are also included. All players have automatic Danish second nationality. The Greenland national team have moved into a brand new (planned) domed national stadium. This was created due to the real stadia within Greenland being far from capable of holding international football. There is large graphics pack included, containing - kits, logos and a full stadium pack. Competitions Included: The Coca-Cola GM The top level of domestic competition in Greenland, 30 teams are drawn into regional groups of 6 (North, Central, Disco Bay, East and South) with the top 2 from each regional group progressing to the national group stage. The national group stage is split into 2 groups of 5 teams, with the top 2 from each group progressing into the champions play-off a straight knockout to crown the champions of Greenland! Though the format represents real life, I have allowed myself some creative freedom, mainly having 6 teams in each regional group which actually differs year to year and usually contains a maximum of 5 or in East Greenlands case 2 or 3! However due to editor capabilities and wanting to have every region of Greenland represented equally I have decided to include 6 teams from each region. Secondly in real life only 8 teams progress into the national group stage, however I felt having 10 split into groups of 5 would allow for more games and a better experience. The league is played between Late June and the middle of August when weather permits outdoor football. Winner qualifies for Champions League first qualifying round with the beaten finalist and semi finalists qualifying for the Europa League first qualifying round. The Greenland Indoor Football Championship The Greenland indoor football championship is played within 5 regional sub divisions (North, Central, Disco Bay, East and South), with between 6 to 8 teams competing in the 5 divisions. At the end of the sub divisions the regional champions are crowned and progress, along with the three best runners up, into the Greenland Indoor Football Championship a straight knockout to crown Greenland's best indoor football team. The season is played between March and May when conditions are still too harsh to play outside. In game the league will be represented by domed stadiums with old style hard synthetic pitches and still will be played 11 a-side. This is purely down to editor limitations rather than an oversight. National Team The national team now enters the UEFA Nations League and all World Cup and European Championship Qualifiers run correctly, thanks to some excellent editing work from Krlenjushka. Also Included: Over 160 real players and staff. Some clubs have full squads Awards Media sources Rivalries and Derby Games Ethnic Greenlandic clubs playing in Denmark (currently not playable) U18 Regional Leages Known Issues: Population is almost double that of Greenland's in real life; again this is due to overwriting Kiribati and unfortunately cannot be edited. Staff regens all appear as black or mixed race, I assume this is because I edited over Kiribati. However regen players do not seem to follow suit. Database Please insert both the Greenland league file and Nations League file into the editor date folder, for the database to work correctly.
  3. Loving the skin! Great work. Just wondering how I would go about changing the size the kits are displayed at? Can't find the usual panel.
  4. Ah I knew there would be a way, just couldn't notice what was wrong when looking at the xml. Has anyone tested this with a created European nation yet? Do the clubs take part in UEFA competitions etc as before?
  5. Is there any way to enable the UEFA coefficients tab like you can enable the continent setting of a nation? Very annoying that they've seemingly taken this feature away!
  6. Where have the euro coefficients under nation disappeared to??
  7. I downloaded the base skins but don't seem to have any panels in the skins folder, want to swap some things about on the club overview panel the panel folder is empty. Any ideas?
  8. I don't know, my database has club teams qualifying for Europe. I would expect the game would work around it somehow though. I have never experienced an issue with this before.
  9. If you open up my Greenland file, you can see a nations league at the top of the advanced rules. Here you can replace teams in that competition, which also means these teams will take part in the European Championship qualifiers. You will still need to move one team, say Kazakhstan to Asia, and then swap them with your new nation in the nations league.
  10. If you look in my Greenland file, at the top of the advanced rules there is a Uefa Nations League edit where you can replace one team with another, in this instance I put my Greenland team in the nations league and removed Kazakhstan. They subsequently take the place of Kazakhstan in all future European Championship qualifiers. Can't take credit for the Nations League edit though, that is down to the fantastic work of krlenjushka.
  11. I think I edited over Kiribati as that way the nation will still create regens. I should also mention that the file follows the real life Greenland structure with a few changes necessary to make the file work.
  12. If you're looking for a Greenland file I have one, not 100% complete but they play in the Nations League and European Competitions. Only thing it lacks are players and staff for some clubs, but most of the bigger clubs are covered. Will pick it up in 2019 maybe, but happy for others to play around and edit it. Greenland Test File 3.fmf
  13. There's a quick workaround, that although not ideal still works well. South Melbourne as an example here's what you can do. Basically duplicate the city of Melbourne, now leave it's nation as Australia, however under the local region tab, change that to a Greek region, any will do! Now set South Melbourne's city to the new duplicated Melbourne. Now all players coming through the youth ranks should have Greek sounding names, as well as Greek second nationality. I believe for some reason they are only able to represent Australia though.
  14. I am actually creating a very similar league to this, in fact it is almost complete. What I have done however is create 'Scandinavia' over an extinct nation and placed them in Europe, this team does not take part in qualifiers or have any players, though they do play friendlies every now and again. This allows me to keep all nations domestic history, though only the new Scandinavian Super league shows up in the graph, under the competition history tab, honours tab their former domestic championships appear and in biography it mentions the fact that a team has 'won the Swedish first division 10 times' etc etc. TV money and prize money also seems to work as normal for all teams as far as I can see. But then in my league I have teams set up like this for example: Nation: Scandinavia Based Nation: Sweden Continental Cup Nation: Scandinavia Maybe this has something to do with it? As for your last issue I have exactly the same issue, not sure why but I've never been able to get this to work!
  15. In the advanced rules I can see that you are able to get last winners of a competition to enter say a super cup or whatever; however I am wondering if you can get teams from previous years to enter? Say winners of the Champions League 2016 and 2017 playing off against each other or entering an expanded Club World Cup?
  16. Can confirm this still works! Used it in my Greenland file. Basically clone the Swiss city, leave that city in Switzerland but in an Albanian region and all players will be born with albanien second nationality and Albanian sounding names.
  17. Add the created cities to a region of another nation. So for example all my Greenlandic cities are based in regions that are in Denmark.
  18. Is there any way of arranging an international team to move stadiums in the future? For example it appears that Gibraltar play their games in Portugal and never seem to move to a new stadium in Gibraltar. Is there a way to potentially set this up? Can't seem to find the setting for international teams.
  19. I have set that for all cities, however players and staff were generated as black/mixed race. Now I've managed a workaround which makes all Greenlandic players have Danish second nationality players appear as white/Scandinavian looking, which again isn't ideal, but probably more realistic than the alternative! I think it's because I wrote over Kiribati who have their regens hardcoded to appear that way.
  20. Here's the panels I'm using mate. club overview stadium panel.xml club overview panel.xml
  21. Unfortunately it appears I cannot upload this file to steam, the option is greyed out to publish it there. So I'm afraid the direct link will have to suffice for now! Sorry! Indeed all is working correctly for Greenland and Greenlandic clubs. Kazakhstan enter AFC international Competitions, however the clubs do not seem to appear in the AFC Champions League. Pretty sure the competition is hard-coded unfortunately!
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