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  1. Default skin with stadium picture on overview

    Brilliant mate, thanks very much!
  2. As the title suggests, has anyone created or edited the default skin to contain the stadium overview panel rather than the graph?
  3. FM17 Greenland League and National Team

    Sorry about the previous file being removed, this is much later than planned and still incomplete but here is an updated version of the file alongside all graphics. More players, managers and team chairmen are added as well as media sources and some other features. As said the file is still incomplete but should be more comprehensive than the original release. Plan to release a full version at some point before the summer's end and carry it on for FM18. Oh and you can now start the game in 2017 rather than 2016 as with the previous release. https://www.sendspace.com/file/clxwd2
  4. It appears the latest release of this file messes up the Champions League a little, I guess it's nothing major, but the Champions League first round qualifiers do not seem to get played.
  5. Is there any way of having a league contain more teams for one season, for example the Premier League having 22 teams incorporating the Old Firm for 16/17, to drop back to 20 teams in 17/18; with relegations for that one season set up like the 94/95 Premier League season when the league initially dropped to 20 teams.
  6. FM17 Greenland League and National Team

    Yep, no problem at all. There are a few but most have very little info, I usually try and find Greenlandic newspaper sources which are written in Danish for my information. Should be releasing another version of this shortly, this time with all kits, stadium pics and with over 150 real players added to the database.
  7. I'm creating a file for Greenland, their season runs from say January - September in the same year. I've set up the competition like this, but what I wondering is whether or not I can get the season to start in January 2017 rather than January 16. Whatever I change, the database will always start in 2016.
  8. Specific Stadium in Cup Group Stage (Advanced Editor)

    Wokred it out. Please close or delete! Thanks.
  9. As the title suggests, can you select specific stadiums for group stage matches in the advanced editor? For example say I want to create a national cup competition with a group stage, where each group has a host stadium. Is it possible?
  10. Transfer activity

    If you want say England to buy Cornish players, click on England and go to 'National transfer preferences' add Cornwall to that list with a 'rating' of 'most players' and a 'scouting knowledge of 'full', do this for all nations that you want to sign Cornish players. And I would also add all these nationals under Cornwall's national transfer preferences too.
  11. I released one for FM17, and hope to release a second final version in January.
  12. Several parent competitions at same competition level. Possible?

    Oh yeah it was always my plan to convert to advanced rules once I had the framework in place, however basic rules doesn't allow me to place several parent comps on the same competition level, I get an error message saying I must set the other parent comp at a level below. If that makes any sense at all haha!
  13. Several parent competitions at same competition level. Possible?

    Good news! So it's more than possible in the advanced rules? Shame it's not possible in the basic rules as I like to get the main basework done there before transferring it all over to the advanced rules.
  14. As the title suggests is it possible to do this in the advanced editor? It doesn't appear to be possible in the basic editor. Basically I'm trying to complete a Scandinavian Super League and am now trying to add the 5th tiers, the 5th tiers will have to include the Swedish Division Ett, Danish 2. Division and the Norwegian equivalent. However these divisions all include sub-divisions, for example in Sweden Division 1 Norra and Division 1 Södra fall under one parent competition, Denmark is the same with east and west regional leagues falling under the 2. Division. The basic editor will only allow me to include these under 1 parent division, but I would like to have each parent division a separate entity but at the same level on the pyramid! Is this possible with the advanced editor? And if so how?!
  15. FM17 Greenland League and National Team

    Exactly, an improvement from last year mind, but far from ideal.