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  1. Is there any way of having a league contain more teams for one season, for example the Premier League having 22 teams incorporating the Old Firm for 16/17, to drop back to 20 teams in 17/18; with relegations for that one season set up like the 94/95 Premier League season when the league initially dropped to 20 teams.
  2. Yep, no problem at all. There are a few but most have very little info, I usually try and find Greenlandic newspaper sources which are written in Danish for my information. Should be releasing another version of this shortly, this time with all kits, stadium pics and with over 150 real players added to the database.
  3. I'm creating a file for Greenland, their season runs from say January - September in the same year. I've set up the competition like this, but what I wondering is whether or not I can get the season to start in January 2017 rather than January 16. Whatever I change, the database will always start in 2016.
  4. Wokred it out. Please close or delete! Thanks.
  5. As the title suggests, can you select specific stadiums for group stage matches in the advanced editor? For example say I want to create a national cup competition with a group stage, where each group has a host stadium. Is it possible?
  6. If you want say England to buy Cornish players, click on England and go to 'National transfer preferences' add Cornwall to that list with a 'rating' of 'most players' and a 'scouting knowledge of 'full', do this for all nations that you want to sign Cornish players. And I would also add all these nationals under Cornwall's national transfer preferences too.
  7. I released one for FM17, and hope to release a second final version in January.
  8. Oh yeah it was always my plan to convert to advanced rules once I had the framework in place, however basic rules doesn't allow me to place several parent comps on the same competition level, I get an error message saying I must set the other parent comp at a level below. If that makes any sense at all haha!
  9. Good news! So it's more than possible in the advanced rules? Shame it's not possible in the basic rules as I like to get the main basework done there before transferring it all over to the advanced rules.
  10. As the title suggests is it possible to do this in the advanced editor? It doesn't appear to be possible in the basic editor. Basically I'm trying to complete a Scandinavian Super League and am now trying to add the 5th tiers, the 5th tiers will have to include the Swedish Division Ett, Danish 2. Division and the Norwegian equivalent. However these divisions all include sub-divisions, for example in Sweden Division 1 Norra and Division 1 Södra fall under one parent competition, Denmark is the same with east and west regional leagues falling under the 2. Division. The basic editor will only allow me to include these under 1 parent division, but I would like to have each parent division a separate entity but at the same level on the pyramid! Is this possible with the advanced editor? And if so how?!
  11. Exactly, an improvement from last year mind, but far from ideal.
  12. Sorted out the stadiums, so they will be included in the next release. As for the Kazakhstan I feel they're the better candidates to move to AFC given that they are a central Asian nation and formerly played in AFC. I too like to keep the likes of San Marino and Gibraltar in UEFA, especially given there is no other continent suitable for them to join. Unfortunately keeping Kazakhstan in UEFA resulted in Montenegro being booted out of the Euro 2020 qualifiers for whatever strange reason! As for the file placements Dax, just stick the database in the editor data folder and the logos, kits etc within the graphics folder of your football manager directory!
  13. This file is a continuation of of my FM16 Greenland database database and contains the Greenlandic national team which replaces Kazakhstan in UEFA who have returned to their rightful home of the AFC. I have edited over Kiribati to create the Greenland national team, this way regens are generated as well as the national team manager picking a squad of players for internationals, both which are otherwise lacking when overwriting an extinct nation. A logo pack and national team kits are also included. All players have automatic Danish second nationality. The Greenland national team have moved into a brand new (fake) domed national stadium. This was created due to the real stadia within Greenland being far from capable of holding international football. So far the file includes: The Coca-Cola GM - The top level of domestic competition in Greenland, 30 teams are drawn into regional groups of 6 (North, Central, Disco Bay, East and South) with the top 2 from each regional group progressing to the national group stage. The national group stage is split into 2 groups of 5 teams, with the top 2 from each group progressing into the champions play-off a straight knockout to crown the champions of Greenland! Though the format represents real life, I have allowed myself some creative freedom, mainly having 6 teams in each regional group which actually differs year to year and usually contains a maximum of 5 or in East Greenlands case 2 or 3! However due to editor capabilities and wanting to have every region of Greenland represented equally I have decided to include 6 teams from each region. Secondly in real life only 8 teams progress into the national group stage, however I felt having 10 split into groups of 5 would allow for more games and a better experience. The league is played between Late June and the middle of August when weather permits outdoor football. Winner qualifies for Champions League first qualifying round with the beaten finalist and semi finalists qualifying for the Europa League first qualifying round. The Greenland Indoor Football Championship - The Greenland indoor football championship is played within 5 regional sub divisions (North, Central, Disco Bay, East and South), with between 6 to 8 teams competing in the 5 divisions. At the end of the sub divisions the regional champions are crowned and progress, along with the three best runners up, into the Greenland Indoor Football Championship a straight knockout to crown Greenland's best indoor football team. The season is played between March and May when conditions are still too harsh to play outside. In game the league will be represented by domes stadiums with old style hard synthetic pitches and still will be played 11 a-side. This is purely down to editor limitations rather than an oversight. Know Issues: Greenland do not enter World Cup 2018 qualifying, I think this is because WC 2018 qualifying groups are hardcoded, however this rectifies itself for the Euro 2020 qualifiers and foreseeable tournaments. Population is almost double that of Greenland's in real life; again this is due to overwriting Kiribati and unfortunately cannot be edited. The file cannot be verified, I would assume this is because of the leagues complexity, however the file runs perfectly with no crashes, tested over several seasons. To Do: Add more Greenlandic footballers, therefore, more authentic Greenlandic names to go alongside the Danish sounding names; thus far the file mainly contains only those playing within Denmark and the national team players. If I can find more data though I hope to expand this Possibly add minor tournaments like the Nuuk mini league if I can get it to work, which so far has proved difficult. A stadium pack will be uploaded alongside the next release, this is because the stadium ID's have changed since FM16 and I need to redo the XML. Add more weather to represent the vastness of Greenland and varying climates. Kit pack for club teams Greenland Database
  14. Fantastic work, would be great if you could share once complete.