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  1. Sorry for the lack of activity in this thread, this past couple of months I have been busy moving back to the UK from Scandinavia an tying up some ends after a couple of years away, so I have been pretty damn busy with all of that. I am now going to complete the next release for FM17 instead,hopefully this will give me time to collate the data I need and also complete a kit pack to go along with the other graphics I have made so far. Apologise for those who had been waiting!
  2. Hi mate could you make me a Gib stadium pack please or a team background please ??

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    2. cel1234


      Do you have a template kit ??

    3. The Good Rebel

      The Good Rebel

      Hello mate, sorry I haven't been on here really, working away on my Greenland database which is taking far more time than I imagined it would! But I will get to your stadium pack as soon as possible. As for kits I just use templates and create them myself in PS, haven't seen this app before. Does it make the process easier when making kits? 

    4. cel1234


      Yes it does but the templates aren't up to date i don't think

  3. Sorry for the late update on this, I've been away for a short while. However I have started to work on the features that were missing and have also now completed a logo pack and stadium pack for the database. Hopefully will have a more complete release out shortly in the coming days!
  4. I just googled them then created them in the metallic logo style.
  5. Screenshots:
  6. So after ironing out some issues I have finally managed to get a Greenlandic league system working correctly and realistically (with some creative freedom). This file contains the Greenlandic national team which replaces Kazakhstan in UEFA who have returned to their rightful home of the AFC. I have edited over Kiribati to create the Greenland national team, this way regens are generated as well as the national team manager picking a squad of players for internationals, both which are otherwise lacking when overwriting an extinct nation. All players have automatic Danish second nationality. The Greenland national team have moved into a brand new (fake) domed national stadium. This was created due to the real stadia with Greenland being far from capable of holding international football. So far the file includes: The Coca-Cola GM - The top level of domestic competition in Greenland, 30 teams are drawn into regional groups of 6 (North, Central, Disco Bay, East and South) with the top 2 from each regional group progressing to the national group stage. The national group stage is split into 2 groups of 5 teams, with the top 2 from each group progressing into the champions play-off a straight knockout to crown the champions of Greenland! Though the format represents real life, I have allowed myself some creative freedom, mainly having 6 teams in each regional group which actually differs year to year and usually contains a maximum of 5 or in East Greenlands case 2 or 3! However due to editor capabilities and wanting to have every region of Greenland represented equally I have decided to include 6 teams from each region. Secondly in real life only 8 teams progress into the national group stage, however I felt having 10 split into groups of 5 would allow for more games and a better experience. The league is played between Late June and the middle of August when weather permits outdoor football. Winner qualifies for Champions League first qualifying round with the beaten finalist and semi finalists qualifying for the Europa League first qualifying round. The Greenland Indoor Football Championship - The Greenland indoor football championship is played within 5 regional sub divisions (North, Central, Disco Bay, East and South), with between 6 to 8 teams competing in the 5 divisions. At the end of the sub divisions the regional champions are crowned and progress, along with the three best runners up, into the Greenland Indoor Football Championship a straight knockout to crown Greenland's best indoor football team. The season is played between March and May when conditions are still too harsh to play outside. In game the league will be represented by domes stadiums with old style hard synthetic pitches and still will be played 11 a-side. This is purely down to editor limitations rather than an oversight. Know Issues: Although Greenland enter Euro 2016 qualifying, they do not enter World Cup 2018 qualifying with Kazakhstan forcing themselves back into UEFA for one last campaign. I think this is because WC 2018 qualifying groups are hardcoded, however this rectifies itself for the Euro 2020 qualifiers and foreseeable tournaments. As I edited over Kiribati regen managers and staff are generated as black, however they retain Scandinavian sounding names. If anyone knows a way of correcting this issue though, please let me know. Population is almost double that of Greenland's in real life; again this is due to overwriting Kiribati and unfortunately cannot be edited. To Do: Create more indoor stadiums, currently only a few teams have indoor stadiums set. Add more international and top league players and hopefully, therefore, more authentic Greenlandic names to go alongside the Danish sounding names. Add media Add awards Add competition history Add reserves (or U18s as in real life) Possibly add minor tournaments like the Nuuk mini league. BETA File:
  7. Playing around further and it seems that a 25 team league with teams placed in correct groups seems to work, but as soon as I add the extra 26th team it breaks the competition history.
  8. So I have began creating a full Greenlandic football league system that attempts to mirror the real football structure in the nation. However I have ran into a problem setting the main domestic league which is split up into 5 regional groups of a varying number of teams, 26 teams in total. To keep it realistic I have tried to group the teams in their correct regional groups, however when doing this although the file runs fine, at the end of the league no competition history is recorded, neither on the leagues history page nor on the winning teams competition history page. Strangely when I allow the groups to be drawn at random the competition history records just fine. I'm absolutely at a loss how to fix this issue and any help would be much appreciated. I've attached the file at the bottom of the page if anyone would care to take a look.
  9. Another annoyance I have just discovered is when trying to verify my advanced rules, I keep getting a message saying 'wrong number of teams found at stage 3 of competition'. So I am unable to verify the leagues. What makes it more frustrating is that the competition in question only has one stage, a 5 team group competition played out as a league, so there is no stage 3 and the same amount of teams throughout. Any ideass guys? And another question to add to this, apologies, so I am creating the Greenlandic league system, which has a regional group stage leading onto a national group stage followed by a knockout stage, all seems to be in working order accept for one thing, I cannot for the life of me seem to get the competition to save the league history record, so even though the league plays out and European qualifiers are chosen from the knockout round, absolutely no past winners are recorded. Starting to think it's the league system I'm trying to create which is a bit bugged...
  10. Changed it to 100% and now everything is in order. Thanks for the help!
  11. As you can see where it says preferences, credits etc it appears in red, it's the same in the main game too, however on your screenshots it appears as black/grey.
  12. I downloaded the skin and for some reason the border around team the team name or player profile name appears to be red rather than black/grey. Any idea how I can revert it to the original colour as it looks much better that way.
  13. Thanks very much, works perfectly!
  14. Probably quite an easy question, but when setting up a group stage how do I go about placing teams in specified groups rather than having it drawn at random? I don't want to regionalise or seed the draws, just purely place specific teams in specific groups, for example team A in Group B, and have these groups stay the same every year.