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  1. The only difference I have noticed is that no pop-up to change kit colours/styles appears when clicking on kits in the editor...
  2. This file creates the Greenlandic national team which replaces Kazakhstan in UEFA who have returned to their rightful home of the AFC, as well as the nations real life league system. I have edited over Kiribati to create the Greenland national team, this way regens are generated as well as the national team manager picking a squad of players for internationals, both which are otherwise lacking when overwriting an extinct nation. A logo pack, kits and stadium pack are also included. All players have automatic Danish second nationality. The Greenland nat
  3. Loving the skin! Great work. Just wondering how I would go about changing the size the kits are displayed at? Can't find the usual panel.
  4. Ah I knew there would be a way, just couldn't notice what was wrong when looking at the xml. Has anyone tested this with a created European nation yet? Do the clubs take part in UEFA competitions etc as before?
  5. Is there any way to enable the UEFA coefficients tab like you can enable the continent setting of a nation? Very annoying that they've seemingly taken this feature away!
  6. Where have the euro coefficients under nation disappeared to??
  7. I downloaded the base skins but don't seem to have any panels in the skins folder, want to swap some things about on the club overview panel the panel folder is empty. Any ideas?
  8. I don't know, my database has club teams qualifying for Europe. I would expect the game would work around it somehow though. I have never experienced an issue with this before.
  9. If you open up my Greenland file, you can see a nations league at the top of the advanced rules. Here you can replace teams in that competition, which also means these teams will take part in the European Championship qualifiers. You will still need to move one team, say Kazakhstan to Asia, and then swap them with your new nation in the nations league.
  10. If you look in my Greenland file, at the top of the advanced rules there is a Uefa Nations League edit where you can replace one team with another, in this instance I put my Greenland team in the nations league and removed Kazakhstan. They subsequently take the place of Kazakhstan in all future European Championship qualifiers. Can't take credit for the Nations League edit though, that is down to the fantastic work of krlenjushka.
  11. I think I edited over Kiribati as that way the nation will still create regens. I should also mention that the file follows the real life Greenland structure with a few changes necessary to make the file work.
  12. If you're looking for a Greenland file I have one, not 100% complete but they play in the Nations League and European Competitions. Only thing it lacks are players and staff for some clubs, but most of the bigger clubs are covered. Will pick it up in 2019 maybe, but happy for others to play around and edit it. Greenland Test File 3.fmf
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