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  1. Another annoyance I have just discovered is when trying to verify my advanced rules, I keep getting a message saying 'wrong number of teams found at stage 3 of competition'. So I am unable to verify the leagues. What makes it more frustrating is that the competition in question only has one stage, a 5 team group competition played out as a league, so there is no stage 3 and the same amount of teams throughout. Any ideass guys? And another question to add to this, apologies, so I am creating the Greenlandic league system, which has a regional group stage leading onto a national group stage followed by a knockout stage, all seems to be in working order accept for one thing, I cannot for the life of me seem to get the competition to save the league history record, so even though the league plays out and European qualifiers are chosen from the knockout round, absolutely no past winners are recorded. Starting to think it's the league system I'm trying to create which is a bit bugged...
  2. Changed it to 100% and now everything is in order. Thanks for the help!
  3. As you can see where it says preferences, credits etc it appears in red, it's the same in the main game too, however on your screenshots it appears as black/grey.
  4. I downloaded the skin and for some reason the border around team the team name or player profile name appears to be red rather than black/grey. Any idea how I can revert it to the original colour as it looks much better that way.
  5. Thanks very much, works perfectly!
  6. Probably quite an easy question, but when setting up a group stage how do I go about placing teams in specified groups rather than having it drawn at random? I don't want to regionalise or seed the draws, just purely place specific teams in specific groups, for example team A in Group B, and have these groups stay the same every year.
  7. Need More Info

    Any updates on these issues?
  8. I did indeed, even tried forcing all regens to have Swedish or Finnish second nationality, by placing the new cities in either a Swedish of Finnish region. Managed to make some regens appear/sound Scandinavian however all generated staff and managers as well as some players were still Andorran sounding and looking. Also I'm currently creating a Greenland database using Upper Volta as the defunct nation, everything actually seems to be working ok (though not completely sure on youth intake yet), yet one other error I've noticed is that no or very few national team players get called up into the Greenland squad.
  9. Trouble with overwriting current nations, for example, Andorra is that regen names will tend to be in the language of the overwritten nation. So for example say you create the Åland Islands over Andorra, regen names will be Spanish rather than Scandinavian plus regens will also look Hispanic.
  10. SI messed it up on this years version of the game, previously you could add a new team to UEFA and then move a team like Israel of Kazakhstan to Asia then the new team would take their place. However on this years game it appears not to work in the same way, at least after the first qualifiers.
  11. I guess it works similar to the state championships in Brazil, taking a look how those teams are set up in the editor might help.
  12. What about rather than selecting registered teams, instead getting the tournament to draw teams from the qualification tournaments, so for example under the teams tab have the winner, second place, third from the U21 European Championships as well as England/GB as a specific team etc.
  13. Let me know how you get on mate, hope you can solve the issue. Yeah not sure if getting them in every tournament can be done; would be great if so mind. I assume the Olympics in the game pulls the European teams from the U21 tournament as in real life?
  14. Select England rather than Great Britain, I'm pretty sure a few years into the game England was chosen as host of the Olympics and therefore their under 23 team was represented by GB rather than England. I think if you use England it will have the desired effect, I happen to remember someone making a Commonwealth games file and attempting to make an under 23 tournament but had an issue where England was always represented by GB. Also is there a way of making GB qualify for every tournament? I hope you get this working and will upload it, have always wanted a file similar to this!
  15. Has anyone got a copy of the original player database, would like to take a look at it!