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  1. TBF if you're wanting a contract extension there are options to request it and I'd suggest it would be remiss of someone hoping for an extension to go on holiday.
  2. Perhaps not a bug as such but certainly unwanted behaviour by the game. I haven't signed a new contract with my club because I'm not 100% happy due to limitations imposed on the club by the board (I understand why they've done so, but disagree with their actions). However, I'm happy to stay on a rolling contract and see how things pan out in the short term. Mid-season break comes around and I holiday for a couple of weeks to get past some of the dead time only to find when the game comes back to my control that I've signed a new, 2 year contract, on reduced wages with a massive relegation wage cut. Seriously? The game should not renew my contract while I'm on holiday.
  3. Loved the Bandits, this has the potential to be as good. Please keep updating.
  4. That's right. Is this a one time thing or will it happen everything there's a relegation play off? I'm guessing the latter. Might have to start afresh ? *Edit Does it only apply to this division, just Norway or is it all relegation play offs? Thanks.
  5. Playing in Norway, finished 14/16 in OBOS-ligaen which is the relegation play-off position. Two teams from the division below faced off for the right to play my team as expected and we met the winners. We lost the first leg 2-0 and drew the second 2-2 meaning we should have been relegated. I actually resigned because of this. Only the club (Forde) haven't been relegated and are still among the clubs listed as playing in the OBOS for the coming season. File attached as 'forde not relegated'
  6. Don't think I've seen one saved. Not one. A couple put wide but if it's on target it's a goal.
  7. Just had a second shootout and it happened again. This time the ref stayed in the centre circle. It appears that he stays where he finished the match.
  8. Why is the referee stood in the wrong half of the pitch and is the furthest person from the action? Assistant referees' positions appear correct but referee is definitely wrong.
  9. We're the matches friendlies? Have you got your assistant set to play friendlies for you?
  10. Excellent. Hate those bloody circles. Thank you.
  11. I haven't installed 2.7.5 yet (downloaded but not had chance to install) - does it fix the league table values being virtually the same colour as the background in split panel match view? Excellent skin btw. I wish I could do something like this. I'm already torn between using this and Slymlyne, don't know what I'm going to do when Steklo comes out
  12. [FM15][SKIN] Venia

    Thanks. Read the thread twice and completely missed that somehow.