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  1. Just had a second shootout and it happened again. This time the ref stayed in the centre circle. It appears that he stays where he finished the match.
  2. PKM upload Referee_Position_Error.pkm
  3. Why is the referee stood in the wrong half of the pitch and is the furthest person from the action? Assistant referees' positions appear correct but referee is definitely wrong.
  4. This issue was reported earlier. I can't find the thread right now but I found that when I changed skin from the default to the Dark version the manager portrait changed back to what it should be. I'm guessing it's a caching issue. *Edit Found it...
  5. I've changed from the default skin to the Dark skin and now my hair has reappeared. Maybe it's a skin caching issue?
  6. Similar issue here. My manager has lost his hair.
  7. I was very sceptical of this, so I decided to have a look through my fixtures. These are all my +3 victories this season and there's definitely a theme... Won 4-1 +2 mins Won 6-0 +2 mins Won 4-0 +2 mins Won 3-0 +2 mins Won 6-1 +2 mins Won 7-0 +2 mins
  8. We're the matches friendlies? Have you got your assistant set to play friendlies for you?
  9. Excellent. Hate those bloody circles. Thank you.
  10. I haven't installed 2.7.5 yet (downloaded but not had chance to install) - does it fix the league table values being virtually the same colour as the background in split panel match view? Excellent skin btw. I wish I could do something like this. I'm already torn between using this and Slymlyne, don't know what I'm going to do when Steklo comes out
  11. Thanks. Read the thread twice and completely missed that somehow.
  12. Match day is broken for me. Cant access tactics and split screen panels don't show at all.
  13. Not perfect, but much better. Thanks.
  14. I'm using the excellent Nuu(rebooted) but have an issue which can be seen in the image below: The text gets lost among the stadium backgrounds. Is there a way I can add a semi-transparent filter/background so that the text becomes readable but the backgrounds remain visible? Thanks.