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  1. I was very sceptical of this, so I decided to have a look through my fixtures. These are all my +3 victories this season and there's definitely a theme... Won 4-1 +2 mins Won 6-0 +2 mins Won 4-0 +2 mins Won 3-0 +2 mins Won 6-1 +2 mins Won 7-0 +2 mins
  2. We're the matches friendlies? Have you got your assistant set to play friendlies for you?
  3. Excellent. Hate those bloody circles. Thank you.
  4. I haven't installed 2.7.5 yet (downloaded but not had chance to install) - does it fix the league table values being virtually the same colour as the background in split panel match view? Excellent skin btw. I wish I could do something like this. I'm already torn between using this and Slymlyne, don't know what I'm going to do when Steklo comes out
  5. Thanks. Read the thread twice and completely missed that somehow.
  6. Match day is broken for me. Cant access tactics and split screen panels don't show at all.
  7. Not perfect, but much better. Thanks.
  8. I'm using the excellent Nuu(rebooted) but have an issue which can be seen in the image below: The text gets lost among the stadium backgrounds. Is there a way I can add a semi-transparent filter/background so that the text becomes readable but the backgrounds remain visible? Thanks.
  9. Isn't Devante Cole the son of Andy Cole?
  10. Never mind, just found a thread where it's discussed. Why the search function didn't find that thread is simply stupid.
  11. In preferences there is an option headed Size of Text & Images which has options for 100%, 95% and 75% I'm playing on a laptop and find that both 100% and 95% mean some things don't fit on screen properly while 75% is too small. Is there a way I can change these values to maybe 85%?
  12. Do you have a screen shot of these in action?
  13. Could someone arrange for my account to be deleted. Pretty sure i'm going to have no use for it anymore. Thanks.
  14. But not necessarily at home or on the computer which will be used for playing FM. I can access Amazon and Play on my Android phone, but the last time I checked it wasn't able to play FM.