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  1. Loved the Bandits, this has the potential to be as good. Please keep updating.
  2. Don't think I've seen one saved. Not one. A couple put wide but if it's on target it's a goal.
  3. We're the matches friendlies? Have you got your assistant set to play friendlies for you?
  4. I haven't installed 2.7.5 yet (downloaded but not had chance to install) - does it fix the league table values being virtually the same colour as the background in split panel match view? Excellent skin btw. I wish I could do something like this. I'm already torn between using this and Slymlyne, don't know what I'm going to do when Steklo comes out
  5. Thanks. Read the thread twice and completely missed that somehow.
  6. Match day is broken for me. Cant access tactics and split screen panels don't show at all.
  7. Not perfect, but much better. Thanks.
  8. I'm using the excellent Nuu(rebooted) but have an issue which can be seen in the image below: The text gets lost among the stadium backgrounds. Is there a way I can add a semi-transparent filter/background so that the text becomes readable but the backgrounds remain visible? Thanks.
  9. Never mind, just found a thread where it's discussed. Why the search function didn't find that thread is simply stupid.
  10. In preferences there is an option headed Size of Text & Images which has options for 100%, 95% and 75% I'm playing on a laptop and find that both 100% and 95% mean some things don't fit on screen properly while 75% is too small. Is there a way I can change these values to maybe 85%?
  11. They used to do that but people sent in porn images and stuff iirc. Plus as arsenal_2111 points out, the faces rarely matched the age or ethnicity of the player.
  12. I've heard that story before and I know from my experience in industry (non-graphical) that design has to be watched carefully. One of our packages for an item was rejected as it was too similar to a competitor's design. The issue? Both boxes had a diagonal line near the corner and even though both were different colours (and contained different info - their's detailed the size if the part inside, ours detailed the fitting type) it was a no go for the legal guys. Surely there's no issue with Ter creating FM10's skin in off-white (similar to the FM08 one) and having an alternate in say charcoal as long as both skins are identical in design other than panel, graphic and text colours?
  13. - Tabbed browsing; - Greater variety and more realistic pitch textures; - Two skins available on release (they could be identical in design as long as one was light and one was dark); - Clearer definition of which xml files do what to help novice skinners ('sensible' file names);
  14. Brilliant, as usual!! As mentioned in an earlier post by someone, could we have a summary of the head to head results between the clubs? Not too important yet I guess given that they've only played a handful of times but in 20 years time it would be nice to see who has the upper hand.
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