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  1. Loved the Bandits, this has the potential to be as good. Please keep updating.
  2. Don't think I've seen one saved. Not one. A couple put wide but if it's on target it's a goal.
  3. We're the matches friendlies? Have you got your assistant set to play friendlies for you?
  4. I haven't installed 2.7.5 yet (downloaded but not had chance to install) - does it fix the league table values being virtually the same colour as the background in split panel match view? Excellent skin btw. I wish I could do something like this. I'm already torn between using this and Slymlyne, don't know what I'm going to do when Steklo comes out
  5. Thanks. Read the thread twice and completely missed that somehow.
  6. Match day is broken for me. Cant access tactics and split screen panels don't show at all.
  7. Not perfect, but much better. Thanks.
  8. I'm using the excellent Nuu(rebooted) but have an issue which can be seen in the image below: The text gets lost among the stadium backgrounds. Is there a way I can add a semi-transparent filter/background so that the text becomes readable but the backgrounds remain visible? Thanks.
  9. Never mind, just found a thread where it's discussed. Why the search function didn't find that thread is simply stupid.
  10. In preferences there is an option headed Size of Text & Images which has options for 100%, 95% and 75% I'm playing on a laptop and find that both 100% and 95% mean some things don't fit on screen properly while 75% is too small. Is there a way I can change these values to maybe 85%?
  11. Could someone arrange for my account to be deleted. Pretty sure i'm going to have no use for it anymore. Thanks.
  12. But not necessarily at home or on the computer which will be used for playing FM. I can access Amazon and Play on my Android phone, but the last time I checked it wasn't able to play FM.
  13. Bad example...The 2D and Commentary Only options are still available for those who own PC that cannot handle 3D. There is no similar option for those who cannot/will not use Steam.
  14. And that's all well and good for YOU and other people who have no issues with Steam. But from my experience your post would look more like this... It seems that this is an issue that is pretty much polarising opinion to one extreme or the other - love or hate. There seems to very little middle ground.
  15. I've no intention of trying, I just thought that was the point phonmpenhandy was trying to make.
  16. But presumably if you also supply your Steam account details and they play offline...
  17. Too big, I believe. Someone said the limit is 100mb earlier in the thread iirc.
  18. I'm not getting anything twisted, I have no issue with anyone liking (or disliking) Steam. My problem comes from the Steam 'evangelists' who continually shout down people who have had bad experiences with Steam and accuse them of lying. Why would I lie? I gain nothing from it and I'm sure Wakers would gain nothing from it either. The fact is that Steam is far from infallible and to force it upon people in the manner SI/Sega have is poor imo.
  19. But Wakers, Steam is great, almost perfect even - so many satisfied users have repeatedly rammed this point home. How can you doubt the almighty Steam? Surely the issue must be your inability to follow instructions or maintain a computer appropriately. I hope all those suggesting they will boycott do so. I hope it genuinely harms sales of the game and makes SI and Sega accept that choice matters on issues like this. I don't care if this kind of system is touted as the future, or if download only sales are the next big thing. The fact is that they are not right for everyone, gaming as with almost every other aspect of life is not a one size fits all situation.
  20. Given that we're talking 18 months - 2 years ago I can't remember an exact error code or name. Suffice to say that Steam refused point blank to stay in offline mode for more than about 20 minutes at a time. As I said, it's entirely possible that it was some kind of software conflict but I'm not prepared to risk paying money for something that I may not be able to use due to another program's issues.
  21. Post #266 up above. Wouldn't function in offline mode. No-one could sort it and Steam 'resolved' the support ticket but not the actual problem.
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