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  1. My first job in the morning was to try it and I can say that the most efficient tactic in was. As someone who has used beowolf for a long time (12 seasons) I can say that this tactic is great. I love it! What I like most is that we take a lot of positions, we have few fouls and the opponent can see too many cards. I'm a little offended to leave beowulf but my new favorite is definitely TEA FOR ONE 4321 OXFORD Hey @knap thank you for this great tactic. I was getting bored with the game. With this tactic, my dreams came to life again.
  2. https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=308164
  3. #1442 (BEOWULF 442 SP VOL 2 P105) Same to #1371 but 1442 set pieces changed.
  4. I don't know what you did, but it really worked for "at least me." Total fouls in my last 6 games 19 my foul average is 3.1 . Edit: Thank u @knap
  5. @knap I was using 1371. What are the differences between 1442 and never won a cup like TEA FOR ONE 4321 OXFORD P105 ALL CUPS?
  6. Oh my God 229 goals - 2,2,9 - two hundred twenty nine goals in all matches
  7. which one is better you have to find but for me the best ones are; #1371 (great for home matches you are favorite) Definitely for the tough away games #1435
  8. I definitely recommend using this tactic for the toughest and strongest away matches in LEGEND!
  9. an almost invincible match tactic. Incredible for challenging and big away matches. #1437 !!!!FM20.4.0TequilasunriseKnaplassRDFP93ALLCUPSCASTLE BIG AWAY.fmf The tactic I had not tried was almost over. this tactic is legend!
  10. first photo, our favorite match at home, we crush the opponent. there is no problem in this anyway. our foul number is less than our opponent. but the problem is in important away games. second photo from our liverpool away game. we got five yellow cards and two red cards (reds from the second yellow card) i love this tactic but i get amazing bad results this season.
  11. I am starting to use these 4 tactics from the 5 friendly games I registered. I play 1 league matches and 1 European match and write the results for each.
  12. I always used beowolf tactics until March. it was very successful. but I see a lot of cards in I am the team with the highest foul in 5 league matches. and again we are the team with the most yellow cards.
  13. I'm in season 12 in my current career. I can say my team is elite. I have no players below potential 150
  14. I passed a short summary as I cannot tell you about pages. and first you are the answer to my comment. The reason I tell you my age is to understand how long I've been playing this game. I guess you don't understand again, it's okay. I mentioned that there was a foul problem in tactics. and you call me a yellow card no problem! You don't understand the subject and what i say. please don't reply to my more comments.
  15. Brother, I don't know how old you are but I am 36 years old. I have played cm, fm and all the manager games you can think of since 1996. I know very well how the tactics work, the harmony, what the players do, and how they work. Foul issue in plug and play tactics that I want to explain here. I like to help him here because I like the tactics of knap. this is a forum and I write the results of the tactics I have used and tried. I cannot discard the statistics of 10 matches here individually. disrespect to other users. I just share the statistic that I got and shouldn't have been in an important game. I hope you understand.
  16. I have been using your tactics for 12 seasons. but in fm2020 i have this problem in all your tactics beowolf 10 season went very well but i see excessive card. i am trying other tactics for 3 important matches in front of me and i could not do 3 in 3. I am the away team
  17. I also used this tactic. More successful than 442. but there are still a lot of foul and card issues. I am the away team
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