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  1. Thank you for your quick reply knap Backs (DL-DR) - CWB Stopers (DC's) - CD Forwards (ST's) - CF I have no worries about them. the roles of players in the midfield, where I can't decide. Because, as if midfield players, CM run as if it is better. what do you think? (photo below) in fact, I can't decide what type of training should be run by wing players. Is it better to use iw or wm or continue using wm?
  2. Hi Knap, thanks for amazing tactic. Q; What should be the player roles in individual training? (all roles)
  3. @knap ¬FM18.3.3KnapWOF343P101.fmf what individual training is recommended to players for this sequence GK = ? DCL / DCR = ? DC = ? WB's = ? MCR = ? MCL = ? STC = ? STR / STL = ? Like this Individual Training Focus: STCL/STC/STCR : Individual Training Focus = "Trequartista" MCL/MCR : Individual Training Focus = "Deep Lying Playmaker"; CDL/CD/CDR : Individual Training Focus = "Ball Playing Defender" Training Focus WBL/WBR : Individual Training Focus = "Complete Wing Back"; GK : Individual Training Focus = "Goalkeeper"
  4. i think best small club tactic is !!FM18MMVOLANTE442KnapP103.fmf and ¬FM18.2.1KnapARGUS343P102.fmf I'm using volante it very very good
  5. Which one is GOODBYE VOL 2? You have 442, 451,4231. I am confused
  6. Congratulations master, defensive has been a very strong tactic.
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