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  1. Is trequartista a ball magnet like a playmaker or target man? If the role is different, how?
  2. The topic is related to inside forward but I just want to get your opinions. What happens if I use traquarista instead of inside forward? Does it work and can traquarista be a main goalscorer outlet from wings? @Cleon
  3. Your winger will be high up on the pitch because he plays at AM strata with attack role. His aim is to get to the byline and cross the ball. But I think there is no one in the box because F9 drops deeper and your IF has support role which means he starts his run later and deeper than IFa.
  4. He may but you need to see how your players defend when the opposition starts a counter attack. I see you like your wingbacks to attack so, using a half back at DM position may be more useful. Again you need to watch carefully what is happening.
  5. You can find spaces against bigger teams. But smaller teams sit deep and they don’t leave spaces. So you need to crack them. RMD IF DF and CMa attacks same area. I think centre of the opposition third will be overcrowded and you dont have any space creater here. I dont know how exactly play the defensive forward but changing the role to DLF can create space for RMD and IF. Also instead of using CMa you can use B2B. B2B can be a late runner to crack opposition defence. Finally, your left wing is open to attacks cause you have 2 attacking players there and no cover. When you camp on the opposition half, you are open to counter attacks through your left wing. You can try some role changes and see what happens.
  6. You used same front three when you created the possession tactic. It was different of course but you managed to be champion with Stoke and F9 supplied the IFs really good if Im not mistaken. Anything changed?
  7. I thought it is CA RCA related as a researcher but there are some attributes which have more weight than decisions. The weights are related to the positions and I dont know what happens to the weights if every single positions ranked as 20. If there are attributes weighter than decisions, probably there are, should not they be worse than decisions.
  8. It can be a good thing as you said but if you want to create a tactic which represents Guardiola, the role for the AMs should not be wingers. Wingers contradict the way Guardiola plays.
  9. I wonder why did you use winger roles for AML and AMR. I think they are more likely inside forwards. They receive the ball close to the touchline like you mentioned. So, stay wider can be a good PI for them. Main purpose of the wingers support the play by crosses. That’s not the Guardiola way I think.
  10. Just for the clarifacation, apart from what you've written above, does mentality affect the transition? I mean players with higher mentality don't do defence part like the players with lower mentalities. (I assumed both player role same) Let’s assume a winger with support duty. And for one tactic he has mentality of 15 out of 20 and for other tactic he has 10. On which case he react faster when his team losts possession. As far as I know players do the transition phase faster than the players who has higher mentalities. Even if they have the same role. If I am right, players dont track back fast enough and this can be resulted open spaces behind the players for contra attacks. It just a possibility. We should count other factors also like you said.
  11. I see your point. Thanks. I will look into it. One last question though. Your shape looks like more agressive than mine and you use one playmaker and two MCs. You don’t have an agressive role like SV to force the centre but do your three MCs force your team to play though the middle and do they overcrowd the area with your forwards.
  12. I think I misslead you regarding my intention. I dont want to be one dimensional. So the wingbacks are important for the width. The outside of the penalty area is generally over crowded. The opponents four defenders and 2 DM/MCs occupying this space. As a result my two forwards dont have space to run into. That’s why I choose SV role. And the wingbacks will stretch the opposition to create space in the middle.
  13. As I said the opponents sit deep and they are crowded on the centre. So, late runners from deep is very important as well as wing backs pushing opponents out of their solid positioning. That’s why I choose SVa. The reason why I choose DLPs is that when I have the possession near opponent's penalty box area he will be a supporting pass option. So the only change that I can do with the 3 central players is I can change the position or the role of MCs . Moving him to AMC spot will only overcrowd that area I think? So maybe A role change to MCa or APa will work? If I look at my wingbacks, WBs can also work and they can maintain possession better but they are not agressive as CWBa like you said. I thought that I need to push hard with wing backs. Am I close to solution? Finally, you were underdog when you begin your career. But now you are better than the others so maybe you need to make some minor changes to the tactic?
  14. This topic is not like your 4231 topic. But I want to ask you about my 352 tactic. First matches showed me that as a result of my squad's strenght (not the strongest), my opponents sit deep so I can not crack them easily. I expected that before making this tactic so I used two DMC for late support especially SV(a) role. My wingbacks will be responsible to create width. My MC also connect my midfield with forward. DLF creates chances for AF and AF is the main goalscorer for me. I also expect my DLF, SV and MC to score. After a few games in the game, I see that my players rush the game. They play direct balls to AF or DLF. As a result my two strikers try to score alone. Generally possession is around %40-%45. To prevent this I use play out of defence TI. I want my DMCs and MC to pass the ball between them and bring ball to forward. But they are very close on the field so I can not see this. Maybe changing MC(s) to MC(a) can be an option. Do you anything odd or any big problem with my tactic? Im not asking you to which roles should I use, I just want to know what I am missing here?
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