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  1. I switched to this tactic after the 20.2 patch seemed to kill my last one (first match I used it in was the Barnsley game). Got Stoke currently up to 4th in the league (was around 7th and dropping before the change), semi-final of the FA cup, and beat Man City 6-0, solved the issue of misfiring strikers, defensively solid, and generally playing attractive football. Only times I have struggled is when using players out of position to cover injuries, but that is my problem for having a weak squad.
  2. I've been using the 442 P05 with some success at Brackley in the Vanarama North. I lost the playoff final last season and in a good battle for the league title this season. We usually score plenty by my only issue is that the high line leaves my goalkeeper very exposed at times and we concede a lot more than I would like. This may be due to the level of players involved in this system, but it means we can hit a bit of a slump when not scoring as we are always exposed. Is there a tactic a bit more solid (deeper?) defensively without sacrificing too much when attacking? My recor
  3. I am liking this tactic so far, only one problem. Having accidentally sabotaged my career game (long story!) I am stuck with non-league football, where Complete Forwards seem to be a rarity. Any recommendations as to what role to change the lone striker to that would achieve a similar effect? My first game in charge at Lincoln I switched it to an advanced forward, worked well enough but didn't feel he was involved in the game well enough.
  4. It happens. I would suggest scouring the tactical & training sections of the forum for any new ideas and inspiration. Keep plugging away and find out what works for you. Sometimes a perfectly decent manager can go to a perfectly decent club and it is a disaster. There are so many variables in football, not just tactics, but morale, player quality, opposition quality, luck etc.etc. It's only failure if you give up!
  5. The same formation I have been using for the last few FM's, 4-1-3-2. The full backs are CWBs, BWM in front of the CBs, supportive Centre-Mids either side of an advanced playmaker, and the strikers are a False-9 and an Advanced forward. Control and very fluid, switch to Counter if i'm under pressure. Always seems to work a treat once the players get used to it.
  6. Not sure this guy is really built to play centre-back.
  7. After completing Dafuge's challenge a few times I fancy something a bit different, so will be giving this a go in Ireland. Holidaying now...
  8. Thanks! It's not about the destination, it's all about the journey!
  9. Gypsum's End of season update - King's Lynn - 2033/34 - Premier league Challenge completed!! League position:1st (Position chart) Media prediction: 2nd Man City's managerial changed proved to be the window of opportunity we needed to make a charge for the top. Even the resurgence on Man Utd couldn't stop us from breaking the 15 year Manc stranglehold on the league title. Champions league: Winners! Final: King's Lynn 1-0 Man City League cup: Winners! Final: King's Lynn 2-1 West Ham Squad Transfers Finances Star players; Todd Low - Best season yet, absolutely on fire in front
  10. Yeah, I always stay on. Quite fancy trying to build an entirely home-grown team.
  11. It went down to the final game and a 1 point lead, but... Challenge completed!!
  12. His call up is especially unlikely as he has two caps for Wales.
  13. Well, at least someone enjoyed it! I'm in North Cambs, Wisbech to be precise.
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