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  1. Definitely +1 for enhancing shortcut functions. I almost have the entire keyboard mapped with shortcuts. Would love to have a more in-depth way of shortcutting like "Add to development list" from a player view context or "Clear selection", "Pick 1st saved team selection" from tactics vew, etc. Mouse gestures is another thing that I think would add value to usability.
  2. I know at least 4 persons who would love the possibility of playing a network/multiplayer game on the same LOCAL area network. I mean no Internet connection, no intermediary Steam servers. Just an offline, multiplayer game, all traffic between the machines running on the local network. How about it?
  3. +1 for 2D, most likely forever. Leaves room for the user to imagine the footbal his team is playing. Thus making it closer to the feeling that your team is playing the footbal you envision. 3D makes it robotic looking.
  4. So, if I understand correctly there are no: - saved tactics - saved team selections - custom views - custom player shortlists - player/staff search filters - shortcut keys or custom settings for that matter?
  5. Is there any "list" of features available or shall I say UNavailable on Stadia compared to the full PC version? I was researching Stadia+FM all day today and this news is a real blocker In the sense that there may be a lot of things that would be missing. Thanks!
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