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  1. +1 This is extremely annoying.
  2. I believe Wan-Bissaka should have Dives into tackles as a favourite move.
  3. Not sure if it falls into that category ... I have a must respond message in inbox for registering the 25 man squad of the B team. However, when I press respond, it goes to standard squad screen. No menu for registering, no way to continue, except for go on holiday. All responsibilities for B/U19 team selection are set to assistants.
  4. Before posting in the feature request forum, I would like to know if this has ever been discussed and maybe already reached a conclusion since it's not in the game yet. Thoughts on a headless FM server? Sort of like a no-interface/no-graphics FM server. It would run only a config file (for number of leagues, game settings, etc) and accept connections from other players. This basically means I can create the server on any Internet connected hardware (say a Windows/OSX server in a datacenter or whatever compatible platform) and have it always online. Not that I couldn't do it right now as well, but I was thinking less GPU usage and greater flexibility.
  5. What do you mean by going back to the start? Sorry, but I don't get it and it kind of sounds important :)
  6. In online games it would greatly help to have a quicker way of forcing continue without timeout (timeout 0 is important) on all managers. Ways of implementing I can think of: - a second button left/next to "Continue" - a dropdown click menu on the Continue button - or at least have the posibility to configure a shortcut for it
  7. I guess in a network game it would make much more sense to have the option "Use Saturdays and Wednesdays as Martchdays" set as default instead of moving matches. Usability over realism I would assume, especially when the number of players exceeds 2.
  8. Thanks, though so sad Anyway, for anybody else running into this, I switched the setting to "Wednesdays and Saturdays matchdays" and simulated until the end of the season and it looks like: - there is a second batch of fixture generation (as in real life) after the Champions League draw and all the matches (including CL/EL) have subsequently been drawn on Wed-Sat schedule - cups (FA, Carabao) matches seem to be generated very close to the round in question so no real damage here - next season's fixtures are fully Wed-Sat Just a reminder that we play in England (Premier League). It might be different elsewhere.
  9. Started an online game in FM20 with the setting "Online Game Preferences -> Allow matches to be moved for TV -> ON" by mistake. We are now 4 people and it seems the fixtures have been generated throughout the whole year (Premier League wise). It's really frustrating because we are losing a lot of time between us, each of us plays at different times. I have tried loading the oldest save game file we have but it is already at a date when fixtures had already been scheduled. I have no other ideas to try Is there any way of reseting or regenerating the fixtures? Do you guys, SI, have maybe a tool for that if I give you the save game It would mean so much to us. Moreso because we don't want to lose transfers and all. Many thanks!
  10. I wans't trying to question SI internal workings. Nor was I trying to say I know better, I don't. I was pointing out the outcome of this year's game as a personal opinion - how it makes me feel and think about it. If this makes sense for SI, glad to help out. This being a topic in the "Football Manager General Discussion" forum. If this is whining to some people then frustration is really eating them up. On the other hand, another general personal opinion. This forum, the same as the one in my country, has its people who know it all and dismiss any other different views, calling out whiners.
  11. Right. Assume I did and explain it differently. A post in telling me to read again another is not helping. So it gets tested, testers provide PKMs to devs, devs look under the hood, identify a cause, adjust, rebuild. Testers test, notice (maybe the word notice doesn't do justice. Sorry, English is not my mother tongue) issues, provide PKMs, devs look under the hood, etc. After some iterations, the ME is released (to BETA wherever) in one of two conditions: 1/ the shooting from angles is a known issue 2/ the shooting from angles is not noticeable. Did I understand correctly?
  12. Well, this is where it doesn't make sense to me. Watching a single match would bring that issue to front in a minute. I really cannot understand how that kind of issue slips through. I cannot help but further think that there were higher priority issues being worked on before this. That makes me think the time devs have is not enough which in turn makes me think of the constant need to market new features every year. If this takes its toll on the quality of the ME then it makes me point it out.
  13. Aren't those the same questions you can ask Rockstar? Yes, RDR and FM are not the same genre or whatever, but I refuse to believe in terms of development are incomparable.
  14. I guess you could explain how software development works instead of telling me what I don't know.
  15. I would take a 7 year brake from a new FM, let them develop their eyes out and pay 50 EUR on a future version. At least for the fun of it. I buy FM because I enjoy it. And by it I mean some (not all) of its features that create a unique fictional, virtual story for me. As are of course persons that enjoy FM for a different set of features which is only natural. However, I do think there are a few core elements that play a big part in everybody's FM world. One of those elements is the look and feel of the resulting matches. Call it match engine, call it graphics, call it whatever, in the end the cool thing (subjective to everybody) will be how your team plays on the football pitch. If we take a step back to the point of this discussion, I think it started along the lines of "FM match engine is not so much more exciting than it used to be some 7 years ago". Of course it has been redesigned, recoded, revamped, added a ton of new features, graphics, etc. All of those things cost time, money, whatever, I don't think anybody is arguing with that. At the same time, the look and feel (of the matches) is not at all clearly superior to older versions. I choose to express my opinion firstly because I like the game so much. Secondly because it seems SI wants to know my opinion with the presence of the forums. If not, they could just run their Steam stats and develop the features people use the most and not bother with all this. As a final example of dissapointing outcome of the look and feel is the "shots from impossible angles" thing. This is not subjective, nor fictional. Me and three of my friends playing together needed 2 (just two and the second was to make sure) games to get really frustrated at this issue, it occuring at least 5-6 times per match. I cannot but imagine the process of releasing the game inside SI. While the forum was full of posts with this issue, PKMs were asked for and further details needed. I mean ... how many matches anybody at the studio watched before releasing the version and not noticing this thing? This is such an obvious thing that it needed no mode info, just an acknowledgement, or even better, a fix before the release. My personal opinion as said in another post, I believe the game is slowly burying itself into its own complexity. All the in-depth mesh of features that influence the match are like a Jenga tower.
  16. And I am sure there are songs you listen to 100 times more than others, yet still pay 3 EUR or whatever. Cars that you drive 10 thousand km in your life and others 1 milion, yet they cost the same. I mostly see the same car every year being modified here and there and being charged as if it were new. The argument "if you don't like it, don't buy it" doesn't stick here in my opinion because of the lack of real competitors.
  17. I might be ignorant, but I am not aware of real alternatives to FM. It's less of a force than it is monopoly. I see it not an attitude but a suggestion/request of a paying recurring customer.
  18. I have played FM20 all versions so far, including minor versions and BETA via Steam & Proton 4.11-8. I have also played network games. Only minor issue is when using Alt+Tab the screen freezes for ~5 seconds, but playing full screen has no problem. My specs: DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=19.10 DISTRIB_CODENAME=eoan DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Pop!_OS 19.10"
  19. So basically I am paying the same amount for a game with an N times bigger budget. Although I have no sustainable financial arguments for this, from a user's point of view I see FM as subscription based with rolling updates for a game that is constantly improving, adding features, not reinventing itself every 4-5 years.
  20. Cool, thanks, didn't know that. Neither how many use 3D, nor the difference between 2D and 2D classic. I expected more people to watch 2D to be honest As for me, I wouldn't really care for the under the hood works, I just want to be able to watch 2D matches
  21. Is there any chance of a statistical breakdown of how much a feature is used in FM (let's say 19)? Is this something that could be made public? I, for one, would be curious to know how many watch 2D versus 3D, among other things.
  22. My take on this is that from 2012 onwards I have paid SI/SEGA ~300 EUR for 9 versions. Basically for added shiny, sparkling, side features. 8 years later the complexity of their thousand features results in a mediocre match engine, at best. In comparison, Read Dead Redemption 2 costs just as much as one FM copy and you have a much better experience than its predecessor from 2010.
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