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  1. Hi Neil, Sorry for the delay. It looks like following the steps in the FAQ has resolved this problem. Thanks for your assistance.
  2. I have followed the steps in the FAQ, but have not had a chance to play at length since doing so. I will let you know if the problem persists moving forward. Thank you for your help.
  3. Apologies I did not see this. Thank you for directing my attention to it.
  4. When I return to desktop via the windows button on my keyboard the game has been crashing in recent days. I have attached the three crash dumps generated for your reference. FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.03.22 14.41.27).dmp FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.03.22 18.26.43).dmp FM 2017 v17.3.1.939048 (2017.03.24 21.19.03).dmp
  5. Hi Neil, I've sent the information via email. Please let me know if further information is required.
  6. I am continuing to experience this problem in 17.3.1. As soon as I click "accept" on the youtube terms and conditions, my computer freezes. I have never experienced other system disruptions on this system. The fact that clicking accept consistently freezes my computer is to me indicative that the problem is with the prompt rather than my system. Any feedback would be appreciated. Edit: The issue may be with the encoding process. I attempted to export highlights rather than upload to youtube, as a means of bypassing the "accept" prompt, but encountered the same freeze.
  7. Yes, it should be in the game, based on the exceptionally high chance of it occurring in the future.
  8. Do you anticipate there being further substantive updates to the game, or barring any major issues are you now starting work on FM18?
  9. Canaries Fan

    [RELEASED] Stadium Backgrounds - MyPack

    Wonderful work. Thank you for this.
  10. I have been able to successfully upload several match highlights videos to youtube throughout this years version of the game. However on my two most recent attempts, my computer has frozen at the point in which accepting youtube's terms and conditions is prompted (after I click "accept" my sytem freezes immediately). I am not uploading particularly extensive highlight packages (one crash occurred on a 2-0 result, the other on a 3-0 result), nor am I uploading at high resolution (480p). The fact that I have never before experienced a system disruption on this computer, and the fact that both occurred within half an hour of each other while attempting the same task in game suggests to me that the problem may be with the uploading rather than my system. I have not been able to generate crash reports since my computer is freezing for lengthy periods of time and I am having to manually reboot.
  11. Hi Julius, I have uploaded as "Canaries_Fan Pre Hooper Interaction.fm". Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
  12. Hi Ant, Sorry for the delay. I have an autosave from September 28, the day before Hooper's first interaction triggered in my initial playthrough. I have played forward from there and he did not request the interaction until early October this time. I have a save from right after his request for an interaction has been triggered but before I have responded to it. I have uploaded it as "Canaries_Fan Pre Hooper Interaction (Request Triggered))". I can also provide you with the save from the 28th if you want. You will just have to go through a couple other player interactions before Hooper's triggers in 3-4 days.
  13. Hi Ant, I have uploaded the save as "Canaries_Fan post Hooper interaction".