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  1. Hi everyone, I was thinking a tactic which will be effective with short and quick passes.I'm not sure about formation.Maybe 4-2-3-1 with a wall striker who will make assists to wingers and Attacking Midfielder or without a striker 4-6-0.I think in midfield short and quick passes can be very effective.Rarely run with ball to midfielders (because I want that they make a lot of passes).It will be a possession tactic but I want much more quicker tempo.Moves Into Channels and Run From Deep-Often to wingers ( they will make forward runs when midfielders passing and when we find space they will take through balls) If you can help me to create this tactic,I will be happy. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks. :o:)
  2. I was just wondering,If I want forward runs (from wingers)(like in the pic) I should use which instructions? Thanks.
  3. I'm using like this: AP Sup - BWM Def - AP Sup AF Att - T Att - TM Att