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  1. I like the path you are taking! I doubt if you will choose Leipzig over Dortmund in the future tho Good luck mate.
  2. @TheLutterworthFox Hi from Turkey! You probably chosen best team possible for this challenge.Karşıyaka,actually they are in same situation as you do in game.They don't make transfers for 2 years,they are banned.So good luck with that! Looks really fun.
  3. Do you think offer to Afonso Sousa has something with your Asian connections? If that's the case,it is cool.
  4. I enjoy reading your save.Hope you keep finding interesting challenges to make the game enjoyable for you.
  5. Nice post mate.Are you going to keep possession mentality at the league higher?
  6. Okay,What about the reverse? 5-3-2 sounds so much better.Good luck mate! I agree on doubting to accomplish your goals
  7. That win at Old Trafford looks a bit tough...as they won 4 CL in 5 years.Good Luck Red Star!
  8. Congratulations for the championship! I have a feeling you are going to win CL at sixth year.But who knows, let's not put limits and pressure.Good luck.
  9. Good luck Mr Scarp.I guess you should have chosen Besiktas over Basaksehir.Maybe you can go to them just like their manager did in real life.
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