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    Worth a mention nonetheless.
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    Just to add a little more immersion into the match engine experience could SI implement a verbal commentary that names players making passes to one another. Could evolve into keeper saves, last ditch tackles, through balls and shots on goal for later FM editions.
  3. Started up a new save, selected club and the game crashed on its own when I was looking at the PPM's of the first team. Did not press continue or push any buttons. Just hovered over the icon button for one of the players in the first team and it decided to crash. Not using any skins, any mods, using default medium database. Only selected the five top divisions in England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain. Crash occurred within a minute of starting a new game. FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.03 16.22.39).dmp
  4. Even if I change my screen brightness and/or contrast to max, I cannot view passes made by opposition in my pre-match analysis. This data is only unreadable when the text is in dark blue against a black background. Why dark blue and black? Hardly contrasting colours.
  5. I have learnt a lot regarding your explanations to the 4-2-3-1 tactic. Thanks Cleon. Really good stuff & well written to boot.
  6. Crashes are random. Never the same date, nor the same screen. DxDiag.txt
  7. No skins, mods, face-packs or pre-editor amendments. Just more crashes from FM games. Year in, year out. FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.12.04 12.36.41).dmp
  8. SI: you are driving me insane with your new design changes in FM18. The loan format looks great, but lacks useful content like the squad status. Sure it is available, just have to click on EVERY loan offer to determine whether your player will be playing a rotation, first team or key role. When you have more than 20 offers for one player, this repetitive clicking becomes irritating and tiring. Especially as FM17 had this information visible. What was your damn logic with this? You have been making FM games since 2005 and championship manager years before that. FM18 is two steps back to FM17, just because the interface is a ****ing nightmare to use. SO MUCH UNECESSARY CLICKING.
  9. I don't know whether this has been recorded previously, but praising and warning players within team analysis could be made less time consuming. Firstly, before praising or warning my players, I would like to identify what they did particularly well or poorly. E.g. Did they pass well, create several assists, score many goals or was their defensive performances worth applauding or berating. The file-path seems far more protracted than previous FM's. Click on recent game, analysis, match stats, click on team stats then interact with player. No problem thus far. Now after interacting with one player, the game returns to the analysis screen. So now I need to re-click on match stats, team stats before I can interact with player. I don't understand why SI implemented the interface to respond this way. The user interface was great in FM17, smoother and more intuitive. While SI has gone to great lengths to resolve many problems within the beta, the user interface is not as good as FM17. The interaction is more tedious and it didn't need be.
  10. Pre-order FM18 26/09/17 and received notification full game now available on Steam, but I cannot locate the pre-game editor under steam/library/tools. I have logged in and out of Steam, after notification.
  11. Processing part feels a bit laggy. Doesn't feel that smooth, if that makes sense. Most screens are slow to respond.
  12. Pressing continue feels laggy. Works alright, just isn't particularly smooth. Only in first week.
  13. If I make editor changes to the league, for example, all clubs in England must play a minimum of 5 home grown players from their youth academies, will future Brexit outcomes over-ride these changes? Example: FM save opt for soft Brexit, will this void my home grown changes?
  14. If I make editor changes to the league, for example, all clubs in England must play a minimum of 5 home grown players from their youth academies, will future Brexit outcomes over-ride these changes? Example: FM save opt for soft Brexit, will this void my home grown changes?
  15. I am running free agent mods made by Imadinnerjacket but nothing else, other than the aforementioned YACS2 skin.
  16. On holiday mode for 1 week and game consistently performs crash dump. I have followed forum instructions relating to this matter. 1. Deleted cache folder in-game preferences. 2. Deleted preference folder. 3. Verified game cache via Steam. 4. Changed GPU Rendering to Software. Up to now, the only time game crashes occur, is when I select holiday mode to bypass a couple of games. FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.07.27 18.18.27).dmp FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.07.27 17.59.15).dmp FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.07.27 17.45.12).dmp FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.07.27 17.34.06).dmp ps. I am running FM with YACS2 skin. After performing above tasks, ran game for 1 week on holiday mode using FM default skin. Crash dump still occurred.
  17. How do you apply opposition instructions to opposing players without having to manually select each game? I have setup opposition instructions against position role but none of these are shown during the match. In-game select "Make substitution"; "Target Opposition Player" and none are selected. Yet click on "Tactics" in-game then select "Opposition" and the instructions are set against position. How are these instructions transferred to players without having to manually apply each game?
  18. FM14 is disappointing. Match play is jerky and drags, while presentation of interface is bland in comparison to FM13.
  19. Does making editorial changes to the official FM database, makes the user ineligible on steam leader-board? I have played over 600 games in my current save, however only the last (approx) 100 games are played online.
  20. Season 8 - 2019/20 Unbeaten run 104 matches Away to Man City - Lose 3-1 Has anyone had match preparation not available week before match? Never happened before. Week leading up to Man City, match preparation wasn't there. Schedule bar set at 20% and checked boxes to allow rest before and after match. Wish I took a screen shot. Must be Sheik Mohammed paying off my disloyal coaches...*******
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