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  1. This is problem Number 1. Constantly changing your tactics means your players have to constantly adapt to the new system. Big changes to tactics over and over again are never advised. How often do managers in real life do a complete overhaul of their tactics regularly? You can train three different tactics, if you have something in mind, train it up for a bit and try it out in a game that you are winning comfortably, or if you are chasing a game and want to do something different to get the result. I can assure you that I am no master tactician either. There are a lot of people on these forums who will always be a lot better than me at the game, and that is why I come here often and read through topics like this. That being said, in my current save, I have got Leeds to a 5th placed Prem finish at the end of my third season. European football with a squad that still contains many of my Championship squad. You may think your tactics are logical, but that doesn't mean they are. And even if they are, maybe you don't have the players to pull them off. It doesn't take a master tactician, it just takes a little time, care and effort. FM would be super boring if you could just make a base tactic and do well with it, never having to change a thing or improve/tweak things, outside of tactics. This is a football management simulation, not a plug and play footy game like FIFA.
  2. A deeper role for a striker can be an excellent opportunity for the AMC to score goals. One classic example of this is an F9/DLF coupled with a Shadow Striker. If the striker is coming deep to receive the ball, they can take a defender or DM with them which creates space for the AMC. But the roles in that scenario are absolutely key.
  3. Some great tactical points made above so I just wanted to focus on your player roles a bit more. WB(A) - I've always tended to find FB(A) more than adequate for getting forward and supporting attacks but not over committing. I would say that your opposition is probably targeting that as an area to exploit. To counter this, you could have your right CB set to 'cover' instead of 'defend' which will see then drop a little deeper and sweep up behind. Looking further forward, I'm really struggling to see where your runners are coming from. I see two potential runners in your BBM and IF(A) but they are both on the same side and may well be making runs into similar areas. AM(S) - That's a pretty static role. They'll mainly sit in that hole and not venture too far from it. They won't get into the box much and mainly look to create for others. AP(S) - I've toyed with playing an AP out wide but struggled to get it to work (but I'm sure better FM players have done it effectively). What I have found is that an 'attack' duty gets more out of them. Also, on 'support' they are likely to be drifting central and occupying a similar area to the AM(S). DLF(A) - I'm still messing with lone striker roles but I've found AF(A) to be the most effective. I too am trying to play possession based football but I want my forward players to help in the creation of opportunities. I went for the usual DLF or CF roles but with the AF(A) role, they just seem to be so much more involved (and scoring more). Not saying I'm 100% right on any of this but hopefully there is something there that makes sense and gives you something to think about.
  4. Before getting into what has possibly been the most challenging transfer window I've ever faced on an FM game, I should probably provide a little background to the save. I'm a Leeds United fan (not sure what I did in a previous life to deserve that) and so I always do a save with them. Turns out, they're one of those teams that are quite a decent challenge on FM and it's always an enjoyable one. We finished 2nd in the Championship at the end of the first season. The title stolen from us on goal difference due to an 85th Aston Villa goal in their game. Promotion was clinched but it was a slightly bitter end to the season. We went into the second season full of confidence... ok I lied, I was bricking it, and somehow we managed to have a fantastic campaign, securing ourselves a solid 12th place finish. And then came the third summer window. The board were throwing money at me. £70m in my pocket and a large database of players, a shortlist compiled over two years of scouting and some decent players making their way into the Championship after teams like West Ham found themselves relegated. I started the transfer window at 6pm on Friday evening. I only just hit the first game of the new season last night at about 10:30pm. I was working on it all night Friday, most of the day Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday. We've all been there. You go in for a player you really want and then one of the big boys swoops in to steal them. Or their current club wants a ludicrous amount of money or the player just has no interest in signing for you (but apparently newly promoted Stoke City are more appealing than mid table Prem side Leeds United). This happened time and time again. Disappointment after disappointment. Hours and hours of scouting, transfer negotiations and contract talks all coming to absolutely nothing. In the end I spent just over £50m which included £18m for a 21 year old winger I've never heard of but my scouts were foaming at the mouth about and hey, a couple of the top Prem teams were interested too. I'm paying him a ludicrous £71k a week (more than £20k above anyone else at the club, the greedy little git). It's a gamble... he assisted and scored in his first friendly. I'm trying not to get excited. And so now I'm heading into the new season wondering if what I've brought in will improve us at all. Whether we'll be able to consolidate that mid table finish or if we'll find ourselves in a relegation scrap. Or maybe I've done some magic in amongst all the disappointment and we'll push for a European spot. I guess it's all just part of the tumultuous journey that is FM.
  5. Bit late to the party here but as a massive Leeds fan, and someone who has played as Leeds many, many, many times on FM, I'd be more than happy to give you some advice. I'm currently 7 seasons into my Leeds save and we have been a top 4 Prem team for 3/4 seasons now. If I had have got into this earlier I would have said that you seem to be trying to force a lot of players into positions or roles that don't necessarily suit them and this is probably why you aren't getting the best out of them. Long term, you probably have a team shape and style of play in mind, but the question you always need to ask yourself at the start of any save is "Do my current squad of players fulfil all of the factors to make my formation/tactics work?" If the answer is no, then you're better off creating something that suits them best. Saiz is an incredibly gifted play maker, he can be the catalyst for anything good you do in the final third, it genuinely pained me to see you sticking him out wide or in a striker position haha. You may not want to play with a #10 type role, but in the short term, you had one of the best in the league, utilise that. The Premier League is a lot less forgiving with stuff like this, so try to sign players that suit the roles you want them to play. The summer window is going to be huge for you. It's so easy to go "Ooooh look at all of this money, I'm going to sign loads of players" but you need to be clever with your spending, that £20-30m really isn't going to go that far. Again, really think about how you want to play, the roles, shape and TIs you need for that and recruit around that. You've already said you don't feel like you have good strikers, and they don't come cheap. Spend some real time scouting (both yourself and your staff). I got promoted after my first season and spent almost half my transfer funds (£12.5m) on Kay Sierhuis from Ajax. He went on to score 15+ goals every season for the next 4 years (even hitting 30 in one season). He fit my style and the role I wanted perfectly. Enjoy it mate, get it right and it's a really enjoyable save with Leeds.
  6. Hi guys, I have an idea for a long term save but before starting it, I was wondering how to go about building rivalries with other clubs? Specifically clubs in the same city that aren't already considered rivals. Is this something that happens naturally over a long period of time, or are there things I can do to increase the chances of it happening? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm playing as Leeds (the club I support) and Pontus Jansson is someone I have huge respect for. I'm into my 6th season now, he's just turned 31 and probably isn't quite good enough to be a first 11 player week in week out, but I just had to use him in the Champions League. My group consisted of Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid and PSG. How could I not give him game time against those clubs after the years of service he has given us and the relationship he has with the fans? I also made lots of changes for my final game of the group stages against PSG. We had already qualified for the next round and I just had to give games to some of my talented youngsters as well as a few others who had been at the club for a number of years.
  8. As a Leeds fan, this put a smile on my face.
  9. This is an interesting point actually. As I'm noticing that those who don't have Man U as the dominant team, have someone else who is dominant (such as Chelsea). It could be that whoever grabs that first title is looked on favourably in terms of reputation etc so it is easier for them to sign the bigger, better players. In some regards, that's realistic, however what we see in real life is that other teams will try to match spending, or even spend more, than the title winning team to try push things closer or get them the title in subsequent seasons. It's definitely an interesting take on what I am seeing in my save and others in theirs.
  10. I'm planning on doing the holiday thing with my current save (on a new file obviously) and also trying it with a couple of new saves where I'm employed at clubs abroad and domestically as well as starting with no job. Will take a while but be interesting to see what the results are. I genuinely don't think it is a bug, there is just something either about Man U, or Mourinho as a manager, that lends itself to long term success. On the face of it, that's easy, Man U are a top club who have a long history of success. Mourinho is a manager who wins, it's what he does. It just feels as though that's amplified in game somehow. It's possible that it's more of an issue of the other teams not matching Man U, rather than them being overly successful.
  11. Thank you. People keep pointing out City this year but that's one season. The past 6 years has seen 4 different winners (in real life). As you have pointed out, nobody has retained the title in 10 years, but what a lot of people are seeing in game is Man U (and possibly other clubs) dominating for years on end. And not just winning the league, but walking it every year. But this is what happens on this forum, when you question the game or point out a slight issue, everyone jumps on you and gets defensive.
  12. I'm sorry but are you seriously saying that clubs like City can't rival the spending of Man U? Or that the likes of Chelsea can rival it? In real life, if clubs saw Man U investing heavily, they would invest to match, thus making for a competitive league. Yes Man City have done it THIS year. That's ONE season. What we are seeing is Man U doing it in game season after season after season. That's my point. Why is this happening? Why are Man U dominating a lot of people saves? What is it about them, because it isn't money, there are a couple of clubs that can rival the spending of Man U. So what is it?
  13. The question I posed was not "do Man U win a lot." You're massively oversimplifying my initial comments. Are you honestly saying that Man U winning the league by 15-20 points almost every season, in many people's saves is something that absolutely should be happening? And not just the league, but domestic cups and in Europe too. I don't buy the "they have loads of money" argument, City are just as rich, if not richer, so why aren't they capable of building a squad to rival Man U? The fact that a lot of people I'm speaking to are experiencing the same thing in their saves means there must be something to it. I highly doubt it's deliberate, I'm simply wondering why it's happening.
  14. City did it in one year. Not 5 years in a row. Man U have won 13 of the 25 Prem seasons and in the last 6 years, there has been 4 different winners. That's very different from what I'm experiencing and what many others I'm talking to are experiencing. I love this forum but I feel like if you say anything that is slightly critical of the game, everyone gets defensive. There is nothing in real life from the start of the 2017/18 season that suggests Man U should go on and dominate for the next 20 years in game. I'm just wondering what it is about them that is making them so consistent in many people's saves.
  15. When I said 'most people' I was referring to all of those that I have spoken to about it. You are absolutely right that it's a small sample, I'm not denying that, but isn't it a little odd that in the FM communities I'm part of and the YouTubers I am watching, many of those people are experiencing the same thing? I don't believe that any one team, Man U or otherwise, should be dominating anyone's saves over a 30 year period. There should be some variety with a few of the top teams fighting it out for the top spot each season. There also shouldn't be one team running away with the league every year, how often does the winning team have 20 points more than 2nd place and lose just one game all season across four competitions in real life? There must be something about the way Man U are set up on the game which means they are dominating a lot of people's saves. There must be something about the way that Liverpool and City are set up that means they are often slipping down the table and seeing Pep/Klopp sacked within a couple of years (something else that multiple people have seen happening in their saves). Again, I'm not saying it's a bug, I'm not even necessarily complaining about it, it's just interesting to see it happening with such regularity.
  16. Agreed, they are a top club with great wealth but so are City, Arsenal etc. It doesn't really explain why they seem to be so dominant in most people's saves. There shouldn't really be that kind of pattern. We aren't just talking about consistently winning things but winning league titles by 15-20 quite regularly. What is it that Man U are doing in a lot of these saves that clubs like City aren't? Surely there should be some more variety, as there is in real life. The save becomes a little tiring when one team dominates every single year.
  17. Hi everyone, So I am four and a half seasons into my save and I've noticed that Man U have been totally dominant throughout the entire save. They've won every league title since I started, most of the domestic cups and are consistent in Europe too. In my current season, I've lost just 4 games 27 and yet I'm 16 points behind them, I'm not the only one, 2nd placed Arsenal are 14 points behind them. I went back and looked at the previous season, Man U have walked the league every year, 10-20 points ahead every time. In my current season they have been beaten just once in all competitions (league, Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Champions League), it's February. I then noticed that the same was happening on the saves that some of the YouTubers I watch are doing. So I took this to a Facebook forum and see what other people were experiencing. The vast majority on there were seeing the exact same thing. One said he was in the year 2040 and that there was only 3 seasons in the past 23 that Man U didn't win. I'm just wondering what people here have experienced with regards to Man U? Is this something that is happening regularly across most people's saves? It's got to the point where I'm wondering whether I'll ever be able to win a league title or even a cup because they are just that dominant. I didn't want to take this to the 'bugs' section of the forum because I'm not entirely sure it is a bug, just strange that so many of us are experiencing the same thing with the same team being dominant. (As a side note, Man City, Liverpool and Spurs seem to struggle in most people's saves).
  18. 1) Who should I sign? --- Are you happy with your formation, player roles and overall tactic? Does it work? If so, then look for players that can fit into those roles well while keeping an eye on your club finances. It's all well and good getting a world class striker with a big transfer fee but does this leave you short in other areas? As has been mentioned above, you want to have a solid first team player for each position and then adequate back up in case of injury or suspension. This could be in the form of youth but could also be an older, more experienced player coming to the end of their career. It depends on what you are looking for in any given position. 2) Who should I be scouting? --- Again, are you happy with your current tactical set up? If so, then you want to be scouting for players that fit into that system and the roles you have chosen. Are you in European competitions? Do you need players from a certain country with homegrown status? (For example English players for Premier League teams in the Champions League). As a general rule I will always be using at least one or two scouts to search for talented youngsters. It's good to have a long term vision. 3) What kind of contract should I offer? --- That entirely depends on the player and what you want from them. If it is a very talented young player with a bright future ahead of them, you probably want them on a long term deal. If it is an older player coming to the end of their career then a 1-2 year deal would be best. I always try to avoid release clauses (especially for my really quality players) even if it means paying them a little more than I would like per week. I also make sure there is no appearance fees in there as I don't want to be paying my players a bonus every single time they play a match. Try to keep signing up fees and agent fees down where possible as well, these can take a big chunk out of your transfer budget without you realising. Basically, these are all decisions that only you can make on a player to player, deal to deal basis. For me personally, the transfer window is always the bit I enjoy the most. Take your time, make sure that you are happy with the player you are about to sign and what they will bring to your team and then think about whether the transfer cost, as well as the contract cost, fit into the finances of your club. With regards to finances, this can also be a personal choice. I'm playing as Leeds, got them promoted in my first season, saved them from relegation in the second. At the end of the second season I was given £62m to spend and a £300k wage budget. I can afford to pay some big fees and wages but I've put in place a self imposed wage cap of £60k per week. If a player wants more than that, I won't sign them, no matter how good they are. I've done this because it will allow me sign the number of players I need across all of the positions I need covering and in the hope that it will stop some of the lower earners complaining about their current contracts (I don't know if this works, I just thought I would try it). I also don't believe that anyone playing for a relegation threatened team like mine should be earning more than that and I don't want to find myself in serious financial difficulty if the worst case scenario of relegation happens. Hope this helps.
  19. I'm playing as Leeds. Pablo Hernandez is my corner taker and he has a stat of 15 for those. Should be more than capable of putting balls into the box from a corner. It's possible that it isn't showing me those, but there must be some highlights right? Over the course of my first season I could probably count on my fingers how many highlights of corners I've seen where the ball has been put on the penalty spot, or even played into the penalty area rather than put the man on the edge of the box.
  20. I have a CB stationed at the front and back post. As for the penalty spot, I have a tall striker there. Other positions are filled by players from various areas of the field. It just seems strange that all I'm seeing is balls played to the man outside the box. Also, the player outside of the box is almost never marked. That could be why the corners are going there, but why wouldn't the AI have someone stationed there? I will try aiming at a different place and see what happens (something I was going to try anyhow). Thanks for replying.
  21. Hi there, I've put this here because I don't necessarily think it's a tactical problem and I'm unsure if it is a bug or not. Just thought I would see if anyone is experiencing the same thing. I've recently noticed that almost all of my corners are being aimed for the midfielder outside of the box, which in turn leads to a high number of long shots and/or opposition counter attacks. I've set up an attacking set piece instruction which has all of the players I want in the positions I want them and I have the kicker set to aim for the penalty spot. However, I would say that a good 90% of my corners are hit to the midfielder camped on the edge of the box regardless of what instructions I put in place. I wondered if it was because of my possession heavy tactic/match instructions and the corner taker was making the least risky pass but I'm not sure why this would override my set piece settings. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? (Admin feel free to move this/direct me to another area of the forum if this is in the wrong place).
  22. I'm definitely feeling that the front 4 are a bit samey and are maybe occupying the same spaces or making the same runs. I tried a winger but we seemed to waste a lot of crosses and I guess that's because we just don't have that many people running into the box. My chance creation is probably going to rely on opening space for the attacking players and pulling off riskier passes rather than relying on crosses due to the nature of the players and the set up. Do you think the DF (S) is hampering this a little bit? I like the idea that he would be putting pressure on the defence but I realise that his primary aim isn't going to be scoring but helping to link up the play. Maybe an AF (A) would achieve the pressure but be more of an attacking presence? I tried a T (A) in the attacking mid slot and then an AP (S) out wide but this seem to lower the effectiveness of my attacking mid player and my AP was coming far too narrow which saw him occupy the same space as the T (A).
  23. That's kind of what I've been doing with the pre-season. First game of the actual season I drew with Bolton (I'm playing as Leeds). Not a disaster by any means but my concerns over the lack of any real creativity/movement in the final third was evident. I guess I'm just asking for any suggestions in that final third particularly that might see a bit better fluidity and movement rather than static lines of attacking runs that seem to be easy to defend against. And whether anyone has ever employed something similar with any real success
  24. DLP is definitely something I was thinking about just for that extra creativity and as you say, they will sit a little deeper.
  25. I'm starting my first save on FM18 and I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve I'm just not entirely sure whether it is a plausible set up for success or how exactly to implement it. I've trialed and tinkered during pre-season with some success but I'm not entirely happy and not convinced it's going to work in competitive matches. I'm opting for a 4-2-3-1 formation with the two midfielders occupying CM spots rather than DM spots (it looks as follows) GK (SK) WB (S) CB (D) CB (D) WB(S) CM (D) BWM (D) IF (A) AP (S) IF (A) DF (S) The purpose of this set up is to try and win the ball back quickly and the utilise the creativity and movement of that front four to create goal scoring chances. I want the two midfielders to hold their position (for the most part) and stop any would be counter attacks but lay the ball off quickly to my front four. I want my wing backs to get up and support but I don't want to leave myself open. I have found this set up so far to be defensively strong and while I have scored some goals, by and large it has been frustrating watching that front four. I know people are going to say "where are you midfield runners" etc and I guess that is my question. Can a tactic work that has two midfielders who basically hold their position and relies on that attacking four to go and create chances? Is that plausible? I'm also not sure whether it would be bets to opt for a patient passing approach to chance creation or if I would be better off going for something fast. I don't feel like I'm getting much movement out of that front four either, it all seems a bit static. Any advice on roles, team and player instructions would be much appreciated. Thanks
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