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  1. Thanks for your feedback. I've tinkered with it again a little bit (before seeing your comment) and beat top of the table Liverpool, 3-1 Went with the following: SK(D) WB(S) - BPD(C) - CD(D) - WB(S) HB(D) MEZ(A) - BWM(S) IF(S) - IW(A) DLF(A) Shorter passing, play out, low crosses, focus through the middle, lower tempo Distribute to CBs, hold shape, counter press Defender narrow, higher line of engagement, more urgent, prevent short GK kicks DLF seems to hold things up top a little better which takes some of the pressure off th
  2. I would appreciate any and all feedback to tie external ideas into my own.
  3. Positive mentality. It's worked very well up until now. Striker scoring 15+ every year. Goals from out wide and midfield. Not conceding too many goals either. I've just made some changes so it looks like this now. SK(D) FB(A) - BPD(C) - CD(D) - FB(S) DLP(D) MEZ(A) - BWM(S) IF(S) - IW(A) DLF(A)
  4. Hi everyone, I'm seven games into my fifth season with Leeds United. Promoted in the first year, a solid 12th place in season 2, 9th in season 3 and finally qualified for Europe in season 4. However, in this new season, I'm struggling immensely, despite having added a lot more quality to my side. I'm using the tactic, and variations of the tactic, that I've been using from the start. It's worked well and got my team playing the football I've been wanting them to play but that's all stopped now. My tactic is as follows. GK WB(A) - BPD(C) - CD(D) - WB(A) HB(D)
  5. This is problem Number 1. Constantly changing your tactics means your players have to constantly adapt to the new system. Big changes to tactics over and over again are never advised. How often do managers in real life do a complete overhaul of their tactics regularly? You can train three different tactics, if you have something in mind, train it up for a bit and try it out in a game that you are winning comfortably, or if you are chasing a game and want to do something different to get the result. I can assure you that I am no master tactician either. There are a lot of people o
  6. A deeper role for a striker can be an excellent opportunity for the AMC to score goals. One classic example of this is an F9/DLF coupled with a Shadow Striker. If the striker is coming deep to receive the ball, they can take a defender or DM with them which creates space for the AMC. But the roles in that scenario are absolutely key.
  7. Some great tactical points made above so I just wanted to focus on your player roles a bit more. WB(A) - I've always tended to find FB(A) more than adequate for getting forward and supporting attacks but not over committing. I would say that your opposition is probably targeting that as an area to exploit. To counter this, you could have your right CB set to 'cover' instead of 'defend' which will see then drop a little deeper and sweep up behind. Looking further forward, I'm really struggling to see where your runners are coming from. I see two potential runners in your BBM a
  8. Before getting into what has possibly been the most challenging transfer window I've ever faced on an FM game, I should probably provide a little background to the save. I'm a Leeds United fan (not sure what I did in a previous life to deserve that) and so I always do a save with them. Turns out, they're one of those teams that are quite a decent challenge on FM and it's always an enjoyable one. We finished 2nd in the Championship at the end of the first season. The title stolen from us on goal difference due to an 85th Aston Villa goal in their game. Promotion was cl
  9. Bit late to the party here but as a massive Leeds fan, and someone who has played as Leeds many, many, many times on FM, I'd be more than happy to give you some advice. I'm currently 7 seasons into my Leeds save and we have been a top 4 Prem team for 3/4 seasons now. If I had have got into this earlier I would have said that you seem to be trying to force a lot of players into positions or roles that don't necessarily suit them and this is probably why you aren't getting the best out of them. Long term, you probably have a team shape and style of play in mind, but the question you
  10. Hi guys, I have an idea for a long term save but before starting it, I was wondering how to go about building rivalries with other clubs? Specifically clubs in the same city that aren't already considered rivals. Is this something that happens naturally over a long period of time, or are there things I can do to increase the chances of it happening? Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm playing as Leeds (the club I support) and Pontus Jansson is someone I have huge respect for. I'm into my 6th season now, he's just turned 31 and probably isn't quite good enough to be a first 11 player week in week out, but I just had to use him in the Champions League. My group consisted of Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid and PSG. How could I not give him game time against those clubs after the years of service he has given us and the relationship he has with the fans? I also made lots of changes for my final game of the group stages against PSG. We had already qualified for the
  12. This is an interesting point actually. As I'm noticing that those who don't have Man U as the dominant team, have someone else who is dominant (such as Chelsea). It could be that whoever grabs that first title is looked on favourably in terms of reputation etc so it is easier for them to sign the bigger, better players. In some regards, that's realistic, however what we see in real life is that other teams will try to match spending, or even spend more, than the title winning team to try push things closer or get them the title in subsequent seasons. It's definitely an
  13. I'm planning on doing the holiday thing with my current save (on a new file obviously) and also trying it with a couple of new saves where I'm employed at clubs abroad and domestically as well as starting with no job. Will take a while but be interesting to see what the results are. I genuinely don't think it is a bug, there is just something either about Man U, or Mourinho as a manager, that lends itself to long term success. On the face of it, that's easy, Man U are a top club who have a long history of success. Mourinho is a manager who wins, it's what he does.
  14. Thank you. People keep pointing out City this year but that's one season. The past 6 years has seen 4 different winners (in real life). As you have pointed out, nobody has retained the title in 10 years, but what a lot of people are seeing in game is Man U (and possibly other clubs) dominating for years on end. And not just winning the league, but walking it every year. But this is what happens on this forum, when you question the game or point out a slight issue, everyone jumps on you and gets defensive.
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