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  1. Yeaa, guess since it's the first time it's been done this way there will be glitches as different XML files made be different people are used together. Still it's not too much of a problem, at least it doesn't make the player a ref any more Good work on this by the way
  2. How's this for a strange problem. I created a player and put him as starting with no club and when I started a game it put him as a referee despite being fine on my previous saves. After some trial and error I've found it was the Cyprus XML. Updated to v0.4 now and he's still a player thankfully but instead of being a striker he's now a goalie and starting the game at Achyronas Liopetri, having apparently signed just six days before the ingame start date. Have you come across this problem?
  3. Sometimes I get bored of a save, start a new one and come back to it later.
  4. Yep Made the chairwoman a bit better, interesting to see if she's any different to normal
  5. Starting a new game with a lot of leagues, might take all night to load up
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