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  1. To be honest it may well have been a bug with that years game. Never managed it since, though now he just retires anyway.
  2. Once had a pretty good youth from Papua New Guinea. Best was a top goalie from Guatemala.
  3. Lasted ten months longer then in real life and has been unemployed ever since.
  4. Four years, 2 and a bit months. Is that a record for gravedigging?
  5. Mostly a case of trial and error. I really don't mind if it's slow to process because I do do other things while playing FM. The more leagues I can run the better.
  6. So something like the England down to level 11 would mean you wouldn't be able to run as many. Any idea what the numbers are? I know my PC is good enough.
  7. Man I hate it when people do that, didn't even notice the date unril mentioned. Typical single figure poster :/
  8. Does help get rid of the deadwood and loan players out.
  9. Almost anything really. Black metal and classical to cheesy 80's power ballads XD
  10. As Exeter on FM13, it's beating Plymouth 7-0 and getting them relegated in the process.
  11. Always start with the team I support. Though I do later start games with other random LLM teams.
  12. Ah, I've just got England down to Level 11 and extra Brazil leagues. The rest are more countries. It slows it down but then I'm always doing other things while playing FM.
  13. Because I prefer to have loads of leagues to choose from on a career game. How hard is that to understand? 283? I only managed 202 from 104 XD
  14. It seems that you can't use more that 60 league editor files. On top of that I started a new game with those 60 plus 44 non league editor files. Hasn't crashe dumped yet.
  15. Cheers man. Shame you can only load up 60 league files, would be interesting to run more XD
  16. I've found the same thing. It just doesn't excite my like it once did
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