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  1. As for Djuricic he just was not willing to stay so had to sell him but with Boga I’ve had no offers but his wage demands are far too high so can’t see how I keep him behind this season
  2. Yeah I would definitely say currently I’m more likely to win 4-3 than 1-0. I’ve actually found so far that it’s mainly counter attacks that I struggle with and have toyed with the idea of replacing the dlp with a halfback but then I think of lose a lot of what I’m looking for with the tactic. Some of the football im seeing is really good and seems to be when I’m on it they really play well. Id be interested in how you would look to add solidity without losing what currently is a decent attacking and possession output
  3. I have loved reading your work from last year and into this so wanted to say thankyou. Also I am attempting a similar philosophy with Sassuolo and have taken alot of ideas I had in FM20 and moved them into FM21 and am having some really good success so far with the results but almost as importantly the style, which I must say the ME is a pleasure to watch at times. I have added some screenshots to show what I am attempting and so far achieving, which is for me exciting that I am seeing some form of 'total football' which ive been searching for in the last few editions.
  4. Hi everyone. Long time game player but terrible with technology really but it’s first time I’ve pre purchased the game. ive literally just bought the game and was given option to install and now have been able to open and create a new career. Am I in the proper game or in the beta I’ve no idea cos I haven’t done anything it says to do to play the beta?
  5. Yes sorry for the late reply I will post 2moro when I’m at my computer If I remember correctly the wide left player is quite high and relatively wide and the wide right player is more central The mezzala in my team gets into so many goal scoring positions just doesn’t take them all that much so I think the role works but maybe a better suited player would have more effect
  6. Hi Depending on opposition I sometimes tweak the ball playing defenders PI’s but in the main the rest are pretty much as they are I have also found if I tightly Mark and strong tackle every striker or best player of the opposition it works really well although I’ve recently started to leave that I finished the season 3rd with the highest amount of goals scored in the league and Danny Ings top goal scorer so the tactic is still working well for me
  7. The 4-1-4-1. I haven’t managed to get the 3 defenders working as I lose defensive stability and somehow just keep the ball without any real attacking intent The 4-1-4-1 works really well tho and after struggling for ages to find a tactic that looks good to watch as well as efficient I would really recommend anyone dropping their wide forwards down a strata to the midfield and use instructions from there as since I did that my wide players have been unplayable at times
  8. Well an update of sorts on the tactic. I finished 3rd in the league with Southampton and were the leagues highest goal scorers with Danny Ings finishing top goal scorer in the League Anyone strutting creating chances and scoring goals really should consider trying this as a base tactic and then choose your own instructions from there as I have found it creates a lot of chances and plays mostly attacking football
  9. @XuluBak To be completely honest and probably very amateurish the 2 midfield roles were basically a copy of the central 2 in my 4-1-4-1 which have worked really well but I take your point and I definitely don’t want to encourage a down the wing and cross tactic as it’s not what I’m looking for with the possible change in tactic @crusadertsar what you say about the 2 wingbacks again isn’t what I’m ideally looking for I guess was more my lack of knowledge on the game by thinking without a natural wide player in the team in midfield or attack then I had to go for the wingback attack route. M
  10. This is a rather poor attempt at some sort of follow up to @crusadertsar topic on his Young Devils save where initially he went down the route of a form of replication of Marcelo Bielsa. As i stated in his thread i had taken his initial idea then added a few different tweaks to how i saw Bielsa's Athletic Bilbao side set up (or at least an attempt). I stuck with the 4-1-4-1 formation as i felt it gave me a solid base to defend from then with a combination of roles, i managed to add an attacking spark to the tactic with a few added TI's also. Before the new patch i did tightly mark every s
  11. Hi No I’ve just got to the January window so managed to buy Almada for 4.8 mil and Onguene for 22mil plus a few bonuses. I have sold vestergaard for 17mil to Wolves and Shane Long for 2mil which has covered the cost in the main because I had only bought Dani Olmo and Bellingham in the summer and had sold a few so I’ve basically broke even. So the position and results so far have been without Almada and Onguene as they have only played one game which incidentally I’ve just lost to Wolves at home to drop down to 4th As for Danny Ings ye I’m sort of in the same boat he is hit and miss h
  12. I dont want to take over the great thread from @crusadertsar but i thought id at least share the couple of tweaks ive gone for that seemed to have worked for me. As you can see the initial tactic with just the 1in possession instruction of be more expressive ive also added pass into space, low crosses, run at defence and work ball into box. Then the in transition phase ive added counter and distribute to centre backs to the instruction of counter press. Then lastly in the out of possession phase ive added get stuck in and prevent short gk distribution to what was already set and removed
  13. Hi mate To be honest it’s the same as @crusadertsar tactic with a mez on support and bbm on support Im playing Southampton and have Ward-prowse in the mez position and I bought Jude Bellingham so he and Armstrong rotate in the bbm role I would say I haven’t found that they perform above average but they are part of the tactic rather than the key. Most of my goals come from the striker and the 2 wide men. After seeing a lot of people asking about 433 tactics this really does play like a 433 but also gives you solidity of a 5 man midfield The last game I played I won and actu
  14. @crusadertsar yes definitely need to work at the tactics and tbh I don’t have much time to play so struggle with getting through games but I must admit it’s going really well. Im currently 3rd with Southampton after 17 games with the 2nd best defensive record and 2nd best attack. The football the tactic produces is fun to watch also Ive found the inverted winger tactic works really well and dropping the play offside has worked massively for me. As I say by tight marking and hard tackling any striker that I come up against it’s made a massive difference to the amount of goals I concede
  15. Hi If you are looking for something that sort of looks like Guardiola/Arteta then you could try the base of Crusedtsar team he is doing with his young devils save From last seasons FM where I tried to emulate a Pep style the base formation of 4-1-4-1 can really work as it’s very easy for it to morph into a 4-3-3 or even 2-5-3 in attack and his tactics in his save really go along way to look like this I myself have gone with the 4-1-4-1 but changed a few player positions and added a few extra team instructions to be more like the style of play I’m going for but I’m currently in 4
  16. Hey Fantastic read so far and something that has inspired me for this year. I’ve always had a fascination with Bielsa/total football and tried many times down the years to recreate it I went with 4-1-4-1 formation too As it’s what Bielsa favours (at least in terms or starting positions anyway) and initially copied your roles i have found with the current edition of the match engine and the laser long balls a way round this is I have removed the offside trap and I also tight mark whichever striker is playing and tackle hard which seems to cut down the amount of times he goes thro
  17. Finally decided to attempt to understand and try the new training. A quick question for anyone who may be able to help, I have set up a few different schedules that I want to employ which basically are one a defensive schedule and the other an attacking schedule. is there any way I can separate players into 2 schedules in a week or is it fixed that you choose a schedule for a week and everyone in the squad follows that schedule thankyou
  18. Hi Im looking for my final save of this series having done a few lower league and random leagues such as Korea and Australia etc. After reading peoples stories of youth saves etc with Ajax and watching Ajax in Europe this season I have decided to go along that sort of route with an idea of trying to implement a total football style throughout the save. My question tho is I am conflicted over 3 teams to choose from either Ajax, Benfica or Leverkusen. I’m not sure if I could find longevity with Ajax or Benfica due to the league season potentially becoming too easy although both o
  19. Hi Cleon thanks for the reply Yes I have already tried with the swap of one full back from inverted to complete but found it unstable I think more owing to my players rather than the actual idea of it. It’s something that I will keep trying throughout the save I think at times hopefully when I manage to train a few defenders or failed wingers into the role 😀 As for the idea of dropping the striker down a strata it purely comes from something I’ve always tried to replicate in previous versions that has then been abandanoned due to lack of defensive stability. But your thread and then
  20. Hi Cleon Firstly I don’t think you should take any lack of posts in this topic as a way of people not having an interest etc, as if people are like me and I certainly speak for myself here, im a little nervous about asking something stupid or coming across as clueless. What I would say for me is I have been a big fan of reading your posts for the last 4-5 years and have attempted to garner as much information from your posts as possible and put them into my games. Where I have struggled in the past is I haven’t had the patience nor the ability to spot holes in my tactic and have then
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