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  1. Hi No I’ve just got to the January window so managed to buy Almada for 4.8 mil and Onguene for 22mil plus a few bonuses. I have sold vestergaard for 17mil to Wolves and Shane Long for 2mil which has covered the cost in the main because I had only bought Dani Olmo and Bellingham in the summer and had sold a few so I’ve basically broke even. So the position and results so far have been without Almada and Onguene as they have only played one game which incidentally I’ve just lost to Wolves at home to drop down to 4th As for Danny Ings ye I’m sort of in the same boat he is hit and miss he actually has 13 goals for me but tends to score in bursts then goes missing for few games after. Tbh I’m actually hoping that he hits a few patches of form before the end of the season and I would possibly look to cash in if I could get a good bid. The dream would be to replace with Haaland as I’m trying to replicate Bielsa Athletic Bilbao team and think Haaland has a lot of the attributes a prime Fernando Llorente had back then. Tactically still seems to be working and must admit every time I’ve had a slight go at changing the wide men’s roles I lose a lot from the tactic and I honestly couldn’t say enough for me at least that to keep the wide men in the midfield strata rather than move them up one but give them individualised instructions to make them play like attackers How are you finding the current squad eg. Hojberg, Ward-prowse, Redmond etc I’m torn with the idea of sticking with them and trying through my training programmes to improve (they all have good attributes) and then the idea of encouraging offers and changing the squad in the summer (even though they are doing well I think I could improve)
  2. I dont want to take over the great thread from @crusadertsar but i thought id at least share the couple of tweaks ive gone for that seemed to have worked for me. As you can see the initial tactic with just the 1in possession instruction of be more expressive ive also added pass into space, low crosses, run at defence and work ball into box. Then the in transition phase ive added counter and distribute to centre backs to the instruction of counter press. Then lastly in the out of possession phase ive added get stuck in and prevent short gk distribution to what was already set and removed play offside trap (which i combat the through balls with tight marking and hard tackling and show onto weaker foot of any striker i come up against) As you can see in the screenshots im scoring quite freely and not conceding too much (ish). My average possession isnt the best but tbh the changes ive made are more to do with trying to recreate the all action style that Bielsa's Athletic team had and watching the games id say im definitely seeing a sort of organised chaos of players moving all over the place esp the IW on attack with the PI added roam from position and stay wider. Anyway back to the excellent work that @crusadertsar has dne with this tactic and im really looking forward to see how he improves it as he goes on
  3. Hi mate To be honest it’s the same as @crusadertsar tactic with a mez on support and bbm on support Im playing Southampton and have Ward-prowse in the mez position and I bought Jude Bellingham so he and Armstrong rotate in the bbm role I would say I haven’t found that they perform above average but they are part of the tactic rather than the key. Most of my goals come from the striker and the 2 wide men. After seeing a lot of people asking about 433 tactics this really does play like a 433 but also gives you solidity of a 5 man midfield The last game I played I won and actually went top of the league but have played a game in hand but the tactic is massively over achieving for me so far and also producing good football which gets commented on by the media almost every press conference so I couldn’t recommend highly enough tho I would strongly suggest the defensive tweaks I mentioned as it’s made a massive difference to me I have no idea how to take screenshots etc to add pics to show the league table etc but it really is working for me
  4. @crusadertsar yes definitely need to work at the tactics and tbh I don’t have much time to play so struggle with getting through games but I must admit it’s going really well. Im currently 3rd with Southampton after 17 games with the 2nd best defensive record and 2nd best attack. The football the tactic produces is fun to watch also Ive found the inverted winger tactic works really well and dropping the play offside has worked massively for me. As I say by tight marking and hard tackling any striker that I come up against it’s made a massive difference to the amount of goals I concede with through balls so I would recommend trying it
  5. Hi If you are looking for something that sort of looks like Guardiola/Arteta then you could try the base of Crusedtsar team he is doing with his young devils save From last seasons FM where I tried to emulate a Pep style the base formation of 4-1-4-1 can really work as it’s very easy for it to morph into a 4-3-3 or even 2-5-3 in attack and his tactics in his save really go along way to look like this I myself have gone with the 4-1-4-1 but changed a few player positions and added a few extra team instructions to be more like the style of play I’m going for but I’m currently in 4th place with Southampton and being praised in the media for the passing and attacking style the team plays. Plus I’m really enjoying watching the football it produces compared to the more plug and play styles that can obviously work
  6. Hey Fantastic read so far and something that has inspired me for this year. I’ve always had a fascination with Bielsa/total football and tried many times down the years to recreate it I went with 4-1-4-1 formation too As it’s what Bielsa favours (at least in terms or starting positions anyway) and initially copied your roles i have found with the current edition of the match engine and the laser long balls a way round this is I have removed the offside trap and I also tight mark whichever striker is playing and tackle hard which seems to cut down the amount of times he goes through one on one (has helped massively) I have also changed the rcb to a ball playing defender which is more out of preference but seems to have a nice effect on my team. The other change is I have changed the winger on the left to an inside winger on attack with a pi of stays wider and roams from position with the intention of him playing like Muniain for Bielsa Athletic team (again is working well so far) I would just like to say a massive well done to you for the base tactic as I was starting to think everything I touched was cursed this year but I am having good results so far and I’m currently in 4th with Southampton (admittedly only after 7 games) but I’ve won 5 lost 1 drawn 1 and something which I never usually see after every game I get a message from the press man that people are impressed with my passing and attacking style.
  7. Finally decided to attempt to understand and try the new training. A quick question for anyone who may be able to help, I have set up a few different schedules that I want to employ which basically are one a defensive schedule and the other an attacking schedule. is there any way I can separate players into 2 schedules in a week or is it fixed that you choose a schedule for a week and everyone in the squad follows that schedule thankyou
  8. Hi Im looking for my final save of this series having done a few lower league and random leagues such as Korea and Australia etc. After reading peoples stories of youth saves etc with Ajax and watching Ajax in Europe this season I have decided to go along that sort of route with an idea of trying to implement a total football style throughout the save. My question tho is I am conflicted over 3 teams to choose from either Ajax, Benfica or Leverkusen. I’m not sure if I could find longevity with Ajax or Benfica due to the league season potentially becoming too easy although both of their squads look to be great fun to take over. Which therefore leads me towards Leverkusen but again I wonder how easy that may become in time? Anyway sorry for the rambling and thanks for any input
  9. Hi Cleon thanks for the reply Yes I have already tried with the swap of one full back from inverted to complete but found it unstable I think more owing to my players rather than the actual idea of it. It’s something that I will keep trying throughout the save I think at times hopefully when I manage to train a few defenders or failed wingers into the role 😀 As for the idea of dropping the striker down a strata it purely comes from something I’ve always tried to replicate in previous versions that has then been abandanoned due to lack of defensive stability. But your thread and then me trying it has shown me it is possible to be stable defensively which has given me a new optimism I may be able to incorporate the rest of the tactic. I have attached a picture of the formation from the 1950s Hungary team I have been attempting to copy for years but I’m also of the opinion that it may lack a presence at the top of the formation that would cause it not to work fully though if I could get it working with the movement around it I would have got as close to the idea I’ve had for years and for that I’d like to thank you for your writing of this thread and showing that this formation is possible to pull off
  10. Hi Cleon Firstly I don’t think you should take any lack of posts in this topic as a way of people not having an interest etc, as if people are like me and I certainly speak for myself here, im a little nervous about asking something stupid or coming across as clueless. What I would say for me is I have been a big fan of reading your posts for the last 4-5 years and have attempted to garner as much information from your posts as possible and put them into my games. Where I have struggled in the past is I haven’t had the patience nor the ability to spot holes in my tactic and have then simply downloaded the best super tactic and then gone on to lose interest with the game due to the plug and play nature of doing this and not having to do any thinking whatsoever. Where your topic this year has given me real interest is the concept of the W-M formation as after reading Jonathan Wilson’s inverting the pyramid years ago I’ve always tried to insert the idea in FM mainly without any real success due mainly to being far too easy to play against and conceding goal after goal down the sides of the wide centre back/full back. After reading you topic and seeing that you had managed to have a stable defence even with this formation I simply copied the formation to see how the tactic played out in front of my eyes, and could see almost straight away a solidity due to having an almost box like grip on the game with the 2 halfbacks and then the 2 midfielders infront. This gave me real hope for being able to try this formation and I have since tried to move away from simply copying your tactic and instead use it a base for what I’d like to see. I actually moved one of the full backs from inverted to complete wingback before I had seen that you had so that gave me some solace in the fact you thought it could work but I have found that by doing this I have become more vulnerable to quick attacks which playing as Heerenveen in the Dutch league means I maybe haven’t quite got the right personnel to pull it off exactly as I’d like to see I am very interested to see your swap from AP to CM(a) due to the fact I actually went the other way as I tried to see an almost Kevin De Bruyne effect with that midfielder but am yet to be convinced either way tho we do keep the ball and play some good looking football at times. I am flip flopping from Attacking mentality and Balanced due to opposition and probably not quite seeing what benefit either is giving me in truth (more a general idea of surely I’m less stable playing Attacking) and I have to say I was happy to see your counter attacking video above as I’ve noticed when I counter I counter in big numbers even if my players don’t always make the right choice I think in the long term playing this way my hope is to see something that I would pigeon hole under total football I guess as I’ve had a long held fascination with the Puskas Hungarian sides as well as the Dutch 70s sides and the idea of a all player can play anywhere idea (within reason on a computer game) as I have a desire to see good football as well as win rather than just win by any means. If I could ask any questions of what you see in your tactic or in general of the tactic they would be *Do you think it would be an overkill of middle third somethings to maybe drop the striker into a deeper position maybe SS or something similar to try to give him that interaction and feel of everyone does everything as I’ll admit I can’t seem to get any striker role working for me *Whats your opinion on mentality with this system is Attacking too much but then you have the middle block of 4 to cover some of that *Maybe for me with a lesser team one inverted wingback and one complete wingback could be a workable solution though I’m not entirely sure that would work in reality *Im also tempted to drop a halfback back a strata to centreback and move the full backs up a strata but then have misgivings that then would mean the tactic would play a complete different way Anyway sorry for rambling and thanks for any reply
  11. Hi Cleon great thread yet again you really do have an almost unrivalled eye for this game. I apologise for lack of screenshots with this as other than finding myself here and playing I am really a novice with computers. My question/observation maybe not what you had planned for this and if that is the case no worries. I have spent the last few years buying the fm series and without any luck finding my own ways to play I have basically downloaded other peoples tactics which has always proven to be less fun and worthwhile. So after being this version 2 weeks ago I did my usual open a save with a decent top level team and just throw any old tactic out there which obviously didn't work. So I took time to read through your constructing a team thread and the how to play thread and decided to try to pay attention to what I was actually doing and treat this like a simulation rather than a game. I took over Sassuolo in Italy and with a little bit of money managed to bring in a few players that I felt would fit. The way I chose to play was Sweeper keeper Bpd. Cd. Bpd Dm (on defensive) Winger(support). Roaming playmaker(support). Wide midfielder (support) Raudemeter(attack). Advanced playmaker(support) Deep lying forward (support) Mentality-attacking. Fluid Close down more often Short passing Pass into space Now I've just finished 3rd in serie a and won the Italian cup, and have enjoyed the success of at least creating something myself, and I managed to get my raudemeter to top score with 37 goals in all comps (Domenico berardi) and my deep lying forward to score 31 in all comps (simone zaza) and have just bought Kevin de bruyne in the summer and sold zaza as I felt I would get even more from berardi directly infront of goal. Anyway sorry for rambling and this isn't. A post about players in general just wanted to give some idea of who I was talking about at least. My question to you is after seeing my side perform great all year and batter quite a few of the top teams aswell as holding Juve 3-3 away and 1-1 home aswell as beating them in the cup it's very easy for me to think I have cracked it and stay the same but after reading through this thread it's got me wondering if change can also bring about more success and although only finished 9 points off juve in 1st maybe there are new ideas to gain that extra inch. Also playing in the champions league (if get through the qualifying round) maybe I'd be too open against the top sides although the apparent weakness I thought I may have in the wide areas didn't quite materialise as between the wide centre backs and dm I seemed to close down that space pretty well on the whole. I appreciate without screenshots it's difficult to really see what is going on but I wondered if you had any input into the balance of change of play either as a whole or between games as after reading your thread I can certainly appreciate the art of although not defensive in how we see the word at least setting that mentality to begin and feel I could possibly learn a new way that may help me find a level of success finally with an idea straight form my head rather than downloading someone's "super tactic". For no other purpose other than you seeing how I am currently set up I'll put my "new" team up set for the 2nd season Consigli (sk) Marquinhos (bpd) Balanta (cd). Mammana (bpd) Vrsajko (defensive mid-defend) Sansone (winger-support) Lucas Romero (roaming playmaker-support). Dockal (winger-support) De Bruyne (raudemeter-attack) jose Sosa (advanced playmaker-support) Berardi (deep lying forward-support) Attacking mentality fluid. The dm is deep slightly to right The roaming playmaker is inline with wide players slightly to left The raudemeter is from the right wing and the advanced playmaker is in one from the left Sorry for the long post and thank you for all your effort you put into all of this it has certainly given me some enjoyment
  12. Hi guys great thread about a very enjoyable team to play. I actually only bought this years version last week and after 2 attempts at playing in the premier league decided to go down my usual route of going abroad. I picked Sassuolo before I seen this page but have been hooked reading your stories since stumbling across last night. A little insight I to how I've gone so far though only 6 games in to the season I bought Lucas Romero and , Mammana, and Marquinhos for defence. These deals were done on the basis of quite a lot of add ins so will need to do well at some point to gain that bit more money. The rest of the squad is pretty much same as default. I decided to go with a 3-4-3 formation with Sweeper keeper 2 ball playing defenders and central defender A holding defensive mid Winger. Deep lying playmaker. And wide midfielder raudemeter advanced playmaker Deep lying forward I am playing attacking mentality with fluid I have got berardi in the raudemeter and Zaza as the forward and they have been electric so far with 7 and 5 goals in 6 games apiece and although I was worried about maybe getting done on the wings playing 3 at the back with no proper wing backs my extra pressing seems to stop most of that threat. I have only played 6 games in the league won 5 and drawn 1 which the draw was my last game at home to a ten man lazio which was a slight disappointment but they seemed very dangerous even with 10 men so maybe a point wasn't bad after all. I'm hoping to keep berardi in the summer and will take a look at some of the players you guys have been buying and hopefully I can continue the decent start to at least finish in a European spot. I'll keep you posted and check in here for all of your stories Great thread guys
  13. Yes I think job safety wise I'm really healthy as I don't think the board would sack me any time soon and having done well for 3 seasons I'm in a position that I would have wanted and part of me now wants to take this club to hopefully winning the league and maybe add the champions league to the Europa league I have own but I know if I stay and lose my best players it is going to be very difficult to maintain never mind achieve any more success
  14. Hi everyone I've been a member for a while and an avid reader of the forum but rarely get involved posting. A background into my question i started as a 27 yr old manager with Sunday league reputation and I started as Rayo Vallecano manager. i had the idea of maybe trying to keep the club up for a couple of years and maybe try to move around Europe leading me to bigger clubs maybe. I somehow managed to finish 5th in my first season using a range of tactics but mainly a counter attacking tactic I found on the tactics forum which was very efficient in scoring the odd goal and keeping clean sheets which was definitely the key to my good season. i decided to change the style going into the second season and went with a different tactic again which I found on the tactics forum and had a fantastic season finishing 3rd behind Barcelona and Real Madrid. i had bought a few good young players such as Gabriel Barbosa, angel correa, and Ever Balanta due to having sold most of the team and finishing in Europe. I also won the Europa league winning every game I played except one leg against arsenal which was a draw but my tactic was unbeatable in Europe. the 3rd season was another very good season and I finished 2nd 4 points behind Barcelona but I could have really won the league but for a couple of late goals in games against Barcelona and Real Madrid resulting in draws in the last 5 games. im now into my 4th summer of this game and my contract is up in a month with the club on a weekly basis trying to get me to sign a new contract, but I am now attracting offers from Monaco, Roma, Milan, Spurs, Arsenal, as well as interviews at other clubs. The idea going into the game was to hopefully get to this position but after 3 very good seasons at a smaller club it's hard to walk away but the players I mentioned earlier as well as a few others are wanting to move to bigger clubs or at least want much higher wages than I can offer at Rayo which would mean ripping my team apart and starting again as I would have a whole team of unhappy players. my question is when does everyone think the best time to move on is or would you stay where you were and try to go one better but with the likeliness of having to sell your better players and try to do it all again thanks
  15. Yes I am unsure I would be able to add the libero without making the team less secure on occasion. Yes I am very happy with the 8th place and obviously don't want to jeopardise that by changing too much, I just feel at times during the season I was quite weak in the wide areas and having only 3 at the back I think the wide midfielders are important. Its a difficult situation as the better player I get going forward the more risk I take at the back and vice versa. I think in the ideal world I would find the next Cafu and possibly Vincent Candela but I won't hold my breath
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