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  1. Still had no joy. If anyone can tell me if it's possible this would be great
  2. Screenshot 1 is pitch one which is the view I dislike. Screenshot 2 is the view I like and wanna it to be in default if that's possible? It's the players rating in stats. It's like the old view in the game where I can see the players ratings whose assisted and scored etc. If there is anyway of keeping screenshot 2 view as default that would be great if you could tell me how. Thanks
  3. Here is the screenshots. Sorry for delay but we have had no internet until today to reply.
  4. Hi How can you set a default matchday screen? When I play I only like one screen and want to be able to auto default to there so I don't have to keep moving away from the pitch tab? Is this possible? All I want is the player ratings screen with commentary on the bottom like it is on the stats screen
  5. my advice and it has worked for me as i had this issue before is. locate the file on your hard drive right click on it and click on restore previos versions. this will take your game back to a previous save game that will load but will take it back a while depending on how often you save the file? i do this daily so anytime this might happen i only seem to lose a day or 2 and always best to auto 3 file save on fm
  6. i have tried the search button but can only find old threads from fm10 and fm08. i am playing fm15.1.4 and i cannot find how to loan out my youngsters to my affiliated feeder club. I have youngsters wanting games and i promised them loan moves so i want to know how to do this? thanks (playing normal not classic mode aswell)
  7. Hi, I have just picked up pretty cheap on ebay this laptop http://www.dell.com/uk/business/p/latitude-e5410/pd it has intel hd graphics and ill be upgrading the ram from 2gb to 8gb when it arrives. just checking if this would be find to play football manager on? Also i havent heard of intel hd grpahics and wondered if that was a decent enough card or not?
  8. so mines been downloading now for last half hour. all ready to go now. 99% have fun people
  9. sorry but my first thought was mourinho and wenger over xmas period. it happens quite often but this season not so much. i think this is partly down to fergie retiring.
  10. nice to see the patch is doing its sunday league problem fixed. still a shame that lb position ratings havent been sorted out. still getting my lb being the best player on the field and yet still struggling to get above a 6.9 rating.
  11. god i remember those days when the game wasnt as bugged and when stats actually reflected how players played. lol
  12. man city are mine with bristol city. no matter what cup i was being drawn in in the beginning it was always man city. now i have noticed its southampton in the last seasonj who have been taken over and are oil rich (im in 2022 and in the premier league)
  13. i got a pretty old laptop im running with 1/2 star rating but its running fine. i combine that with iobit gamebooster to turn off programs i dont need
  14. not quite sure exactly what your after but squad harmony is in the boardroom which is a good indicator along with private chat with your captain asking about mrale or issues etc.
  15. not saying it's correct but many managers in real life have quit either a few days into the job or after a couple of names. first one that springs to mind is steve coppell when he joined bristol city
  16. firstly i believe it was coded for either 10 or 20 years before a new stadium could be built. also just because you have money in the bank its no guarentee. you gotta be selling out every game no matter what for season upon season before it would be considered.
  17. gamebooster made my game speed up. more ram if you running a really low spec laptop/pc. mate was running 1gb and when we upgraded it to 3gb certainly ran faster.
  18. if you dont wanna mess around with the language pack method then go for this version on their site 2 euros more (so roughly £18) https://www.g2a.com/football-manager-2014-steam-cd-key-preorder-pl.html polish version with english language
  19. for me i dont care about the beta more about the price. beta always was buggy and never completed and i take the english language file from the demo and stick it in the russian language folder that way i get cheap cost and english language
  20. so browsing through the forums i have seen many threads asking for cheapest price seen. i ordered from here last year and have done again this year. cheapest fm price i have seen https://www.g2a.com/football-manager-2014-steam-cd-key-preorder-ru.html go for the voucher under for 19.79 euuro which came out on paypal as £16.76. never had an issue from the site and even though it says its for russian regionilisation i havent had an issue ever installing from steam.
  21. http://www.go2arena.com/football-manager-2014-steam-cd-key-preorder-pl.html?adid=ALLKEY&id=12 is where i have preordered mine. 19.79 euros which came out according to paypal as £16.76.
  22. Been discussed before that SI will not comment. I will make a comment that will not hopefully lead to a ban but a certain other game developer (not that one that releases pro evolution but the other big football game) has exclusive rights on certain countries and areas. this means that SI games cannot use the data. If you google about the japanese and outside businesses you will find out why they cannot release official names etc for the japanese leagues. It is the same deal with regards to why you cannot use FA cup, Benefica and other etc. Hope this clears something up and I do not get banned from posting because I see everyone asking. Hopefully this clears everything up
  23. HI, This has got to be said. FM14 is looking really good after FM13 has not really got me addicted as previous years. My wife and children thank you for this but I do not as feel i wasted £26 on it. What I have come to start a thread about is the blog of FM14. The person who wrote at this link really needs to check grammar and proof read it. It was really hard to read because of the lack of space bar useage. Sort it out SIgames as this does not look professional for a company of your stature. Link is this one http://www.sigames.com/news/14253/Social+Feature+Round+Up+Week+2
  24. im guessing no one here knows a lot about laws and coding aswell. they cannot replicate and make clubs go bust due to legal reasons (i believe sigames and sega have been threathend with legal action from different clubs and players in the past) and the coding for this would be extemely hard to do. take this from someone who knows a little about coding. i dont claim to be an expert but the coding on such an in depth stat based game is ridiculous.
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