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  1. Still had no joy. If anyone can tell me if it's possible this would be great
  2. Screenshot 1 is pitch one which is the view I dislike. Screenshot 2 is the view I like and wanna it to be in default if that's possible? It's the players rating in stats. It's like the old view in the game where I can see the players ratings whose assisted and scored etc. If there is anyway of keeping screenshot 2 view as default that would be great if you could tell me how. Thanks
  3. Here is the screenshots. Sorry for delay but we have had no internet until today to reply.
  4. Hi How can you set a default matchday screen? When I play I only like one screen and want to be able to auto default to there so I don't have to keep moving away from the pitch tab? Is this possible? All I want is the player ratings screen with commentary on the bottom like it is on the stats screen
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