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  1. I'm tryng to recreate the glory days of Serie A and I want to go back to 2 points for a win. Is this possible in the editor?
  2. Usain Bolt.....Plus for example Zlatan’s balance and agility irl is absolutely unrivaled imo, and his speed at his peak was very decent.
  3. Controversial topic I’m guessing, but with the ever changing demographics in nations as we move to being a global human community irl with far fewer ethic distinctions between nations, is it possible to edit a nations ethnicity ratio (which I’m guessing has been set by the developers?) to reflect changes in a long term save? If not, I think this would be an excellent addition to the game, especially for long term players. We can change a nations characteristics (which always seemed a bit generalization-y to me) why not ethnic profile, especially as a lot of us play saves for decades?
  4. Not trying to necessarily be contrarian.....but I always thought the 93-94 double winners were better than the Beckham, Scholes, Butt group, definitely more exciting to watch at least imo, with the insanely fast breaks they used to make on the wings especially. I know Giggs was in that team, I always thought he was tacked on to the ‘92 narrative to bolster it and just my opinion but I think he was never as good later as he was in those early years when he was out of this world good. The mid/late 80’s Arsenal group are always overlooking unfairly imo when talking about golden generations. Adams, Rocastle, Thomas, Merson, (also Keown and Niall Quinn) were outstanding in two title teams (including losing only 1 game in 90-91) until George Graham broke up that team.
  5. I did ask last year (sorry for another thread!) but wondered if anyone had any experience with the new Skylake core M series Macbooks and FM? Can it handle it? If so, does it get very hot - how are the graphics etc? Thanks for any advice. I need a new laptop, (only want an apple), like the idea of fanless and am not a heavy user but like to play FM!
  6. My biggest wish by far would be to be able to buy and play the game without Steam. Please could it be sold on the App store?
  7. I understand that point of view Danchinaski - I'd still like to be asked though...... plus you could always turn it down and have a small story about it in the game! I'd just like there to be more things that acknowledge the amazing achievements of a manager - for a management game it seems really really truly terrible at making you the manager feel special imo.
  8. Knighthoods. If Fergie got one for winning the UCL and Clive Woodward got one for winning the RWC, how come you can win 10 Champions Leagues and a few World Cups and still not at least be offered an honour? Plus if you are a massively successful manager - you should get money no object offers (both in terms of contract and resources) from ambitious owners around the world - I think the game could really improve on making you feel your success really means something.
  9. That's strange you should mention running in windowed mode Barside, because that's what I use and it is pausing for me if I say, click onto the internet whilst FM's running in the background. Interesting that it shouldn't - any ideas anyone what's going on or if any else has the same issue?
  10. Thank you very much for the detailed replies everyone, one of the reasons I love this forum so much is the level of help offered. Given the responses I will definitely have to give the Macbook a miss! Sorry your post got deleted Lobaeux4, thank you for offering your help - it's good to know that whilst the Macbook is no good for FM the pro is!
  11. Thanks for the reply pallet Do you or anyone else have any experience with the fanless Macbook - the one that comes in the different colours i.e not the Pro or Air. I was wondering how the Core M processor and fanless design managed to cope with matches, processing the data and how many leagues etc was possible to run on it.
  12. Thanks for the replies, have to say though imo that's a terrible feature!! I would love to be able to solve it somehow, I was kind of hoping it would just be me
  13. I am looking to upgrade my computer and was wondering how FM runs on the Macbook - the really small thin one with the Core M processor? I know there is a new one coming at some point this year, but was wondering how the current one handles the game. Many thanks for any help.
  14. I don't know if it's something i'm doing but since Steam, if I click away from the game, either during a match, or if holidaying - i.e I go on the internet, with the game in the background, the game pauses, until I click on it again and off it goes again. It's really annoying as often I like to holiday through parts of the season or just let a match run without watching it all the time. Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me! Thanks for any advice
  15. That's brilliant, thank you for the reply - I can order it now!!
  16. Hi please could anyone tell me if there is an official light skin option for FM16, my eyes aren't great at looking at white writing on the dark background Many thanks for any help.
  17. I definitely think it's ok to be around 200 CA at 22, look at Ronaldo (Fenomeno) he was never better than he was at about 20/21 and he would definitely have been up near 200 at that time. Michael Owen wouldn't have been 200, but at 18 he was certainly one of the best in the world. It's certainly not usual, but true genius is not usual and it should be possible in the game imo as it is in all walks of life - look at Mozart (the composer not the brazilian footballer...)
  18. Please could someone tell me if there is a white background option or is the dark skin from the demo the only official option? Thanks for any help.
  19. After you win the Champions league or the league, do the board still ask you (something like) to keep celebrations to a minimum so you can concentrate on upcoming challenges? That one always spoiled the realism a bit for me:(
  20. I know it seems like a small thing, but I'm new to '14 (didn't play '13) and I find it really irritating to my eyes (pathetically I know almost game brakingly so) to have that big box pop down and up every time i press continue and that's obviously ALL the time, is there anyway to (un)tick a preference to stop it? Why was it introduced? Is it popular/helpful to people?
  21. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. Sorry, got a little excited.... anyway i vote yes. Please
  22. Oh easy, being given full control over the club's transfer and wage budget, having hundreds of millions at my disposal and then not being able to sign the one superstar player that you want because his agent wants a 20 odd million agents fee, or signing on fee, or something else that for some reason I can't give. So you end up either failing to do a deal (and being hated, and so being charged even more when dealing with that agent in the future) or you have to offer ludicrously expensive appearance fees, release clauses or something, whereas a one off 20 million is a drop in the ocean compared to the clubs budget and the actual transfer fee involved, whilst helping to keep the wage budget under firm control. Either put me in charge and let me decide how to spend my budget (stunningly unrealistic in itself imo but anyway) or don't. And yet it seems I'm perfectly allowed to blow a couple of hundred million on a 38 year old reserve keeper from the vauxhall conference (or whatever it's called nowadays) if I wanted to. Bizarre imo. Also AI clubs can demand a sum over 200 million for a player, say 350 million and yet the user cannot go above 200, why? If they can, why can't we, and we're the one's who bought the game!! Grrrrrrr Anyway all this relates to FM12, if it's different in '13 please ignore! Oh and at Milan specifically, when you take over you have about 7 (ish) physio, yet the board only recommends/allows you to have 3. Why are they there at the start if the board don't want them - they are there in real life so why aren't the board in in the game happy about the number of physios? To much of a one size fits all approach to clubs imo. If i'm at Milan, I want my own Milanlab!!!
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