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  1. I'm tryng to recreate the glory days of Serie A and I want to go back to 2 points for a win. Is this possible in the editor?
  2. Usain Bolt.....Plus for example Zlatan’s balance and agility irl is absolutely unrivaled imo, and his speed at his peak was very decent.
  3. Controversial topic I’m guessing, but with the ever changing demographics in nations as we move to being a global human community irl with far fewer ethic distinctions between nations, is it possible to edit a nations ethnicity ratio (which I’m guessing has been set by the developers?) to reflect changes in a long term save? If not, I think this would be an excellent addition to the game, especially for long term players. We can change a nations characteristics (which always seemed a bit generalization-y to me) why not ethnic profile, especially as a lot of us play saves for decades?
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