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  1. It’s the work I’m doing right now. I give myself time to do it to add players, logos and jerseys... For now, I am organizing the following divisions: MLS1 (20), MLS2 (20), Championship (18), League One (36), League Two (72) and National (???).
  2. They won’t all be there. Just the ones I need, that I appreciate. I do not understand. I tried, both files are downloaded. : (
  3. Hello, I need your advice. I am building the next database. Do you think that by simply making the editor simple, I could use it on the FM21. The idea being to add UPSL clubs and players.
  4. Normally, yes... The tests are ok!!! Thanks;) I’m still playing with my first version. I started to create the next tier but it takes time. I think for a next version, there will be two groups in League One instead of one.
  5. Yes, I think... create a new USL Championship and replace it... don’t erase the other one... try and see if it works Okay... I’ll contact you Thank's to you !!!
  6. Yes, I’m going to include some clubs from UPSL but also from more local championships. Do not hesitate to advise me in the choice of UPSL clubs (the best known, the most important, a personal envy). There should be a lot of NPSL clubs there. There’s already an Alaskan club, I can wear one from Hawai. I think it has to do with the fact that the USL Championship is very coded. You have to remake this championship by recreating it. I think this is it because, with the simple editor, il you add the USL CH and you put on playoffs, the affiliated teams are never qualified (even if they finis
  7. I added my logo file in the first post All affiliations have been removed
  8. I don’t think my file is compatible with its CONCACAF. I had to recreate it from the new MLS ID that I recreated.Then I’ll take a test this week.For the rest, I think I’ll be fine.
  9. This will probably be for early March and the next Patch... Creating Level 6 will take time... Don’t hesitate to point out some things to improve...
  10. I have added future franchises, franchises that exist in small divisions and some clubs that have disappeared (Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco Deltas). This allows for a stronger, more complete championship. My goal is to cover the whole country
  11. I’m preparing a second version with :- Some details corrected on the first version.- a 6 level added with 128 clubs (NPSL, UPSL, regional clubs). The whole country must be covered.- 20 clubs in USL1 instead of 18. - add folder with missing logos.But it will only come out in a few weeks Promotion for the Brooklyn Italian in your game ?
  12. During the tests in the editor, he gave me an error message: "only 19 clubs in USL championship". The only way to stop getting that message was to recreate Nashville and Inter Miami. I think this is related to the fact that it is two clubs that must join the "real MLS" in 2020. Removing the real MLS did not solve the error. (hard coding in the game) But both clubs retain all their characteristics.
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