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  1. Really ? I find these new leagues (especially NISA) and these new teams exciting and fun in FM. Do you think the NY Cosmos will go to NISA? Who would also go to NISA in the existing teams?
  2. The MLS represents hours of play for me... Usually, there are great updates for the USA... But right now, your job is absolutely fantastic...Do you think you’ll be doing an update shortly?I ask because I intend to change some team names, update the USL2 teams and add sponsors to the USL teams.This way I know when to start and I know I shouldn’t do it again; )Thank you:)
  3. Last year, I created the NPSL championship by using US Virgin Islands. I am going to do the same thing with the USL CH, the USL One, the NISA, the NPSL pro and the NPSL.The work will be long but:- All the clubs are going to generate regens.What is not the case in the USA.- Clubs will take advantage of their regens but also of regens arriving from US leagues of development.- The NPSL is playable and attracts players (not the case in the USA, hardcoded).- US Virgin Islands are not important for the game. No regens, no participation in a continental cup. (But, it will be necessary to make the double nationality impossible).That will work only if everybody plays US OPEN CUP. It is also going to need to remove the FC Cincinnati which will not play during one year before.
  4. Can you share the file here ? By my side, I'm working on the Canadian Premier League. For my next US file : i'll create all the new USL clubs (even Chicago and Oakland -> I've found good concept on Google )
  5. On FM18, I've created an USL system with a division of 18 in US LEVEL 2 and two series in US LEVEL 3 with Pro/rel. It also allowed me to create the NISA in US LEVEL 3 with Pro/rel towards a division NPSL in Level 4 (these clubs generated regens thanks to the codes of the game).There was also a regional tournament between the teams NISA and NPSL.
  6. The problem: the affiliated teams which can compete for play-offs never make it. The US level 2 US is strong hardcoded. I do not find the solution.
  7. General question : If I understand well, we can prepare FM19 database from FM18 Editor ? For the USA, there is also a lot of work. It is what you're doing for Australia, no ?
  8. Hello Have you a file with only the MLS and USL ? I would like to create something from this file. Do you think that this file can be reused on FM2019 ? Thank you
  9. What's the problem with Australian A-League ? -> "working in progress on the problem of salary cap for A-League" Is the current version playable? When you think of bringing out an update of the USA ? Thank's
  10. Edmonton and San Francisco leave the NASL... It begins to become too complicate to create an update. Personally, I will see an inversion USL (for D2) and ... NISA (D3 with the disappearance of the NASL). Indy Eleven and San Diego would go to USL ... Cosmos would continue in NISA (I think that they bluff when they tell to stop if they go to D3)...
  11. Once again, beautiful work to come. I'm preparing an update according to my preferences for the USA. Less detailed technically than yours. In D2, I'm going to put USL (with expansions clubs). Maybe, with three conferences. In D3, I'm going to organize a championship with NASL ans NISA team's. I'm also going to add clubs of NPSL, ASL, UPSL... (Boca Raton, Détroit, Virginia, Hartford, Arizona, New Orelans).
  12. Very good work! I think of having found the database which will liven up my summer holidays You even created all the missing clubs !!!
  13. A little update for the US soccer. It's made with the simple editor (simpler to make changes). MLS and its rules remain intact. The NASL and the USL are now called " US SOCCER DIVISION 2 AND 3 ". There is a system of promotion / relagation between both. Orange County, Oklahoma City Energy, Louisville and Rochester are promoted (according to the ranking from 2015). My shifts : - Squads up to date on May 26th. - Realized clubs affiliations (USL clubs). - New US Cup (to be certain that everybody participates). - Little more money for clubs (D2 and D3). - Highest reputation for clubs and competition (D2 and D3). - "B" teams can't be promoted in D2. - Awards, rules,.... (D2 and D3). Link : https://www.mediafire.com/?gi4s6za8ti8q7fx More clubs on the next version (HELP NEEDED for ADVICE) : Three or Four clubs needed for D3 East - Nashville SC - DC United B ???? - Detroit City ???? - Birmingham Hammers ??? - Baltimore ???? - ???? Five or Six clubs needed for D3 West (There is a lack of clubs on the West) - Fresno (Fresno FC ???) - New Orange County NASL (California United ??? LA Aztecs ??? LA Wolves ???) - San Diego ??? - Austin Aztex ??? - FC Dallas 2 ??? - Las Vegas ??? - ????
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