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  1. Yes, I think... create a new USL Championship and replace it... don’t erase the other one... try and see if it works Okay... I’ll contact you Thank's to you !!!
  2. Yes, I’m going to include some clubs from UPSL but also from more local championships. Do not hesitate to advise me in the choice of UPSL clubs (the best known, the most important, a personal envy). There should be a lot of NPSL clubs there. There’s already an Alaskan club, I can wear one from Hawai. I think it has to do with the fact that the USL Championship is very coded. You have to remake this championship by recreating it. I think this is it because, with the simple editor, il you add the USL CH and you put on playoffs, the affiliated teams are never qualified (even if they finish at the top). If I were you, I’d redo all the championships;) This is the point used by others in this case. I didn’t know what else to put. Clubs are classified from West to East. So I move to LA with Cleveland. But I think it’s not too bad. Right. I’ll have to solve this for V2. Figuring out how to do it;)
  3. I added my logo file in the first post All affiliations have been removed
  4. I don’t think my file is compatible with its CONCACAF. I had to recreate it from the new MLS ID that I recreated.Then I’ll take a test this week.For the rest, I think I’ll be fine.
  5. This will probably be for early March and the next Patch... Creating Level 6 will take time... Don’t hesitate to point out some things to improve...
  6. I have added future franchises, franchises that exist in small divisions and some clubs that have disappeared (Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco Deltas). This allows for a stronger, more complete championship. My goal is to cover the whole country
  7. I’m preparing a second version with :- Some details corrected on the first version.- a 6 level added with 128 clubs (NPSL, UPSL, regional clubs). The whole country must be covered.- 20 clubs in USL1 instead of 18. - add folder with missing logos.But it will only come out in a few weeks Promotion for the Brooklyn Italian in your game ?
  8. During the tests in the editor, he gave me an error message: "only 19 clubs in USL championship". The only way to stop getting that message was to recreate Nashville and Inter Miami. I think this is related to the fact that it is two clubs that must join the "real MLS" in 2020. Removing the real MLS did not solve the error. (hard coding in the game) But both clubs retain all their characteristics.
  9. Yeah, I know, I had to recreate Nashville and Miami because it’s super coded, so they were going to the real MLS... As a result, teams were missing at the beginning of 2020...
  10. Don’t hesitate to look for good young people in the club-free regens at the beginning of the game. Framed by a few old people, that should do it. Baltimore, Rhode Island and Wilmington will be strong.
  11. Thomas Partey, Ross Barkley and Michy Batshuyai join the MLS at the January 2020 Mercato in my current game. I think it’s complicated and impossible to be like the Premier League. But, as I play with the English and Italian championships at the same time, I observe that players with a CA of 120 or 130 or 140 join the MLS easily and those from 90 to 120 the USL. I created this championship because I enjoy having an American league with top players from all over the world, while allowing small teams to climb into the pyramid. Votre avis:-1A peine compréhensibleCompréhensible, mais avec des erreursPresque correctCorrect
  12. This is rectified I did a 10-year test... With the money injected, the championship looks a bit like this English one. Comfortable salaries, teams building a new stadium or renovating their facilities... Maybe I’ll drop the money a little bit in my next version, but in doing so, I think I can guarantee that small teams will quickly get to the top of the pyramid. I also think that it makes it possible to reduce the gap between the different championships and not have on one side the MLS teams and then the others
  13. Here is another version of a Pro/rel championship in the United States. I did it according to my personal desires. I have selected all MLS, USL and NISA clubs (with some NPSL and PDL clubs). Some clubs that are extinct have returned (SF Deltas, Fort Lauderdale Strikers), the future franchises are there (Austin FC, San Diego Loyal, Queensboro) and I have added clubs according to my wishes to cover the country or because I just wanted to see them in the system. Not to leave Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver alone, I added the CPL teams as well as London and Quebec City. Because the original game is very coded for the USA, I had to recreate all the divisions, the clubs of Nashville and Inter Miami as well as the Concacaf Champions League. The CONCACAF Champions League is remade with another system (maybe similar to the old one). Here is an overview of the pyramid : MLS (20 teams) USL Championship (20 teams) USL League One (18 teams) USL League Two (2 x 18 clubs) USL National (4 x 18 clubs) Budweiser Open Cup (National Cup with all teams) National Trophy (Cup for USL National) Some details of my game : I know it’s not the perfect version, but putting Detroit City and Cleveland in MLS was pretty fun. Some clubs don’t have much to start with, but with the money coming in, they grow pretty fast. There are enough players and young regens at the beginning of the game can agree in USL National (help yourself to the editor in game). I’ve seen some very interesting things in MLS. For example, Ross Barkley and Michy Batshuayi signed up at Atlanta United. Even if there is no Academy, young players are good. For the futur : This is just a first version. I started creating a 6 tier with 128 or 144 clubs. I will have to correct some other things (clubs not in leagues, Academy,...). But this version has already amused me a lot. Download : You must download both files USA http://www.mediafire.com/file/3o57q8m42nmo94x/000_USA_PRO_REL_ADVANCED_by_Niceman14.fmf/file CONCACAF http://www.mediafire.com/file/kp00q20vxmnc0p9/000_Concacaf_by_Niceman14.fmf/file Graphics This is a personal file with US logo of my different parts. Some logos are not used in my update. Queensboro and East Bay are missing that don’t have a logo to date. I have a problem with the big Alaska City logo. The Wyoming FC exists IRL but I took another logo. Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/fth6q8u23wyy3qc/JOJO_USA.rar/file I hope you will enjoy it and help me to improve it for its second version.(I apologize for the errors in English).
  14. I play a game with, for the moment, 4 different teams. They all play in 442beowolfP107. Very good results. The games are always interesting overall. Even if sometimes I lose points against teams that don’t shoot much on goal. A little frustrating, but not very important. I’ll try with two other teams, the 4231beowolfp51 which seems to be very good too. For this to work, it is important to apply the instructions given by Knap for training and matches. Having good preparers and an excellent assistant is essential. Knap’s tactics have allowed me to play FM correctly for four years. Without having to think too much. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but very often it works very well! For very old players, the era of sergoffver2 on FM01/02 is over
  15. Really ? I find these new leagues (especially NISA) and these new teams exciting and fun in FM. Do you think the NY Cosmos will go to NISA? Who would also go to NISA in the existing teams?
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