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  1. slich

    Grassroots Tactics: Simplicity.

    Great read and also great timing for me. I've been using a similar 5-3-2 with a flat midfield 3 for a bit but was having problems with possession and pass completion dropping against teams willing to sit back against me after a few good seasons and rep increases. I didn't want to change my mentality/structure too much because I really like the balance that Standard - Fluid - higher tempo gave me, and I made the adjustment of dropping one of them to DM which helped somewhat, but I didn't really consider changing PIs to roam and move into channels in my midfield like you did. It's only been a few games I've tried it out but it seems to have opened things up a bit more against weaker sides so I'm really thankful for the thread. I had a question about the RPM role in the DM role when facing one of the narrow formations that you were talking about, the 4-2-3-1. As well as the problem of the lone striker vs the 3 defenders, I was wondering if you move the playmaker role because of the AMC interference if you keep the same formation, or leave it while relying on the playmaker finding open space regardless. What role would you switch the DM to if you did move it, because I noticed the DM - support role, one of the more similar roles without the playmaking part, cannot roam or move into channels to help create space.
  2. slich

    Homegrown Status

    To show you what I mean, here is a screenshot of the homegrown status screen on June 13th, where 2 of my 21 year old players have due dates, followed by a screenshot on June 30th after the date where both players only have club 0-21 HG status which doesn't count for Europe June 13th June 30th
  3. slich

    Homegrown Status

    As long as they only turn 21 on the 3rd season, the due date will still appear. However, when the due date passes they won't have club 15-21 HG status and they'll either get club 0-21 HG (which doesn't count for Europe HG rules) or just keep whatever HG status they already have. Like I mentioned in the previous post, they should be getting it according to RL rules, but the code/bug prevents them from getting it. Sorry to say that if your player is going to turn 21 before the due date, he won't be getting club 15-21 HG status. There's a bug post in the Other Issues Bug Forums that's talking about this if you want to go check it out.
  4. slich

    Homegrown Status

    This is not true, you have to sign the player so that he completes his first year with your team (generally on Jun 30th of that season) before he turns 19. If he turns 19 before his first year is finished, that means he'll already be 21 by the time his homegrown due date will be up. In real life the player is supposed to still get HG status even if he turns 21 during the season, but it still doesn't work like that in the game
  5. slich

    The #13

    I do use the number 13 and generally give it to my best backup fullback, but I tend to not use the number 12 for the 12th man stuff. Its kind of weird though with 13, its considered both unlucky in some countries and lucky in others right?
  6. slich

    Club Captain

    I think his reason was along the lines of "just because." He only posted one other time in the thread and didn't really say why he chose to do so unless he edited/deleted something (post #4), he just compared it to Athletic Bilbao playing only Basque players and made some random Turkish players remark. I am curious though as to what he thinks about what Nocuous said about Sunderland, or about the Welsh teams when they're playing in the English league.
  7. Hmm well, is the new chairman telling you to slash wages or something? As long as you're at the top of the league and make it to the Prem next year, its pretty much not going to matter is it?
  8. slich

    Club Captain

    Well, I only use the nationality as a tiebreaker essentially if I have multiple players capable of being captain in the team (part of preferred 11, good personality + influence, long-serving player, etc). The thing that's kind of amusing to me is that you choose to do this in the England, one of the more diverse leagues in the world in terms of having foreign players, but I suppose you can do whatever you want.
  9. slich

    home or away?

    The gate receipts are split 50-50 between the two teams regardless of where the game is played. I believe there are cases in real life where the small teams request the game to play at the prem team's grounds instead because of that reason. Being easier to win at home is I believe the only reason to want to play a game against the big guns at home rather than away, but of course, still pretty hard to win at home
  10. What are you talking about? The transfer budget is NOT some extra source of transfer money separate from your balance. The money used for transfers always comes out from your balance as that is your source of available funds, and the transfer budget is the amount of money from your balance that the board are willing to spend that year. The reason why some teams will have a transfer budget higher than their balance is because they're taking the amount of income you're going to make in the year when they set that budget. Also, as other people have already mentioned, just because the board is willing to let you spend some amount, does not mean you have to. Its how teams get into trouble both in the game and real life because if you spend all the money you're allowed to, you're most likely going to operate in the red. Teams with sugar daddies like Man City will be fine (I think the figures are they're losing about 100M per year since the sheikh took over or something like that), but teams that can't handle that kind of debt continuously will go into administration like Rangers. edit: To use a crude example, from your last post you're thinking that the board is essentially handing you a savings account of 9 mil (balance) and 22 mil (transfer budget), but that's not the case. The real situation is that you just have one account of 9 million, and they're willing to let you spend 22 million over the season on transfers because they believe that that's how much money they'll have availble for the year when taking into account all the income and expenses.
  11. For central defender roles, both stopper and cover has two extra attributes. Stopper has aggression and bravery, since hes going to push up farther and win balls higher up the pitch, while cover has anticipation and acceleration since he'll have to anticipate the danger coming to be able to sweep up loose balls and need the acceleration to get to top speed quickly to get there before the striker. Well, at least that's how I've interpreted it. Haven't used either of those roles myself but considering using a cover and a defend role, with the DM acting as the stopper, so my cover defender can try to stop those pesky through balls. Answering OP's question though, would definitely go with the faster CB as the cover, unless he has atrocious mental attributes.
  12. Well I say you're all correct, since you can change the rules before starting the game with the editor to get rid of work permits rule (which makes thomas and baba correct), but if he had already started the game, which his post seems to indicate with lines like "play this particular player" and "I manage Man United," it would mean that he can no longer do this through the editor, and needs a real time editor like FMRTE instead which is what milnerpoint said. Isn't it great when everyone's right?
  13. slich

    Tutoring Questions

    You can hover over the tutoring option to see why he can't tutor currently. Usually its going to be either "this has been done recently" or "there is no suitable players to tutor." From the time I cancelled tutoring for a person about a week after starting it, it seems like the cool down period isn't just a couple of weeks after the tutoring session finishes, but the expected time that the tutoring is supposed to last (180 days) + a couple weeks on top of that. Might be the same for failed tutoring sessions. For age, I don't know if somethings changed recently or not, but I have two player aged 23 tutoring people right now even though they are not captain or vice-captain. When I tried it with 22 year old's though, I got the "player is not old enough" message.
  14. I wish mistakes were recorded in the stats and analysis sections during the match, nothing really gamebreaking or anything, but it seems weird that its not already included
  15. Did you actually look at all the stats of the games you've played, or are you just guessing that they score every 1 out of 2 shots on target? I've looked through all the stats for the games I've played this year (43 games) and the AI's numbers are 34 goals, 114 shots on target, and 377 shots. That comes out to 3.35 shots on target per goal, and 11.09 shots per goal. The stats for my team are 62 goals, 160 shots on target and 466 shots, which is 2.58 shots on target per goal, and 7.52 shots per goal. I'm playing a pretty standard 4-5-1, balanced/standard, no change in team instructions and only minor changes to player instructions. Many people have already mentioned this but I'll say it again since echoing is fun, but you have to make sure you're not just suffering from perception bias. I had a 3 game stretch in the league where i gave up 4 goals on 6 shots on targets, which is rather unfortunate, but then again I also had a 4 game stretch where I had 0 goals on 11 shot on targets. Average the two, and I gave up 4 on 17 which seem pretty good to me. Every team will have games where the other team pretty much makes every shot on target, but forgetting about the good times while remembering all the bad times is not the right thing to do