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  1. I think this idea has been mentioned before, and there was even an April fools story run in 2014, but... this is an idea that really should have more legs than it currently does. Let me explain. I have a baseball game called Out of the Park. One aspect of this game is to start from the inaugural season of 1870, you can then take a team through the seasons all the way to the present day and beyond. The in-game stats are changed depending on what era you play in, for instance starting in 1870, the players rarely hit home runs. The starting pitchers are rarely relieved (and therefore have higher stamina), and there are a ton of fielding errors (compared to modern day players). Would this not be an amazing idea for the FM series? Imagine taking a team in 1888 and having to adapt to the style of football of the day, i.e. much less skill, pace and stamina. More serious and career ending injuries, more aggressive players with less punishment for crunching tackles, and players moving around clubs depending on their ability to get work in the local area. As a gamer, you might want to manager PNE and replicate the invincibles of the Victorian era, or you might want to start managing Dial Square and take them all the way through to 2003-2004 invincible era and beyond. Personally, I would take on New Brompton FC (now Gillingham FC) and try to make them a Victorian power house! Anyway, its just a thought that have been on my mind for a little while now and wanted to share it with the forum. I know the logistics of a historical data base and evolving game engine would be hard, but I'm sure it is possible.
  2. Hi is there any link to good tactics for the non leagues. I know the sensible advice woud be a 4-4-2 direct would could do with reading about successful lower league tactics in more detail. I rmember ther used to be many good tactics and guides to being sucessful in thelower leagues. Are there any for FM10
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